I had a deep dish pizza from Chicago shipped to West Linn


Chael Sonnen


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I've been a hard week I've been on the grind and job training trainings going very well I think I mean I feel as though it's going better I put a lot of my training by the way this actually wasn't my story but I'll digress here just for a moment I put a lot of my hope and my beliefs into preparing for Machida into the basket of getting weight off and one of the things that have happened to me over the last 14 months is I got put into the Bellator Grand Prix and heavy weight never in my life have I really thought of myself I need to lose weight I've never really thought that nervous I am slowed down or my Energy's a little affected or mullet you know whatever it may be because of weight what I learned about being in the heavyweight Grand Prix is that's because I was never faced with that situation I have always had a level of discipline on me since I was nine years old and I have to make a weight class and I was never a big weight cutter I did that for about two years in high school my freshman and sophomore year and then I stopped doing it never cut a pound in college but you know you work it so hard and you're at that age and you you can't gain weight if you wanted to it was in one of these spots where later in my life as an adult moving into the heavyweight Grand Prix and losing that piece of the discipline that was built in not having to get that extra run at night sometimes meant not getting that extra run not having to make a healthy choice at the table sometimes led to not making a healthy choice so all that I'm saying is as I'm going back to 205 pounds I was having a very hard time at the beginning of this process and I don't like to use the word camp I do do camps in that I mark a specific date starting and end date on my calendar and that becomes camp but I go to practice every single day no matter what I'm also always within striking distance of being ready and I'm proud of that and I attribute a lot of the longevity to my career I'm just coming in my stride I'll tell you I am just coming I'm learning new things I'm doing better now I'm getting better results now my last 11 fights were all against world champions in three different weight classes I want eight of them I'm very proud of that I'm bragging to you guys right now but I'm also telling you I'm just coming into it getting this whole thing figured out I just got my jiu-jitsu blackbelt I fought for three World Championships in the UFC two World Championships in the WEC was a purple belt so when I argue for you that I'm getting better I think it's real I think it's a real thing but I also need to tell you as I was having struggles preparing for this fight and I would leave the gym not quite getting the workout or the rounder of the results that I wanted I was very resigned to the fact jail be patient and stay with the process because as the weight comes off you're just gonna do better your speed will just be a little better your timing will just be a little better your condition will just be a little better stay with the process and I'm staying with it and I'm not there and I'm not done but I am down to 224 pounds I'd like to get down to 214 pounds before I pull the weight off that isn't gonna go completely hand-in-hand with the story I'm getting ready to tell you because here's what happened I'm taking the night off everybody gets if any diet you're on Dolce diet everything every diet we'll call it a cheat meal Mike Dolce will call it an earned meal you have to earn it you have to get all your workouts in you have to maintain your calories throughout the week but then you get one earned meal and when Dolce does that by the way it's not just a meal where you sit down at the table whenever that food is gone now you're done what Dolce does for the earned meal is you have three hours whatever in the hell happens in those three hours however much you can go whatever you do in those three hours that is the earned meal the earned time of the week and then you go right back to it so tie this in when I was in Chicago last week I could not get luminaries to deliver to my hotel even though they have delivery and I was only 2.4 miles away they want to do it there's another pizza restaurant that is in fierce competition with luminaries for deep-dish number one pizza in all of Chicago it's called jarred Donnie's I don't think I said that totally right Geor Donnie's it's called your Donnie's I was unsatisfied that I did not scratch the itch of having deep-dish okay I went online I went online and I looked up Jared Anees they happen to for a nominal fee overnight pizzas I ordered to my wife got a babysitter we're coming back here to this studio because this studio has a kitchen attached and I happen to have the key we're breaking into the studio after hours date night Gerry Donnie's pizza I'm gonna let you guys know how it is