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Chael Sonnen


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so guys I like to come to you as many times a week as I can cuz I feel like this is a place where we hang out quite frankly I mean we try to go over some news and we've got like minds with the MMA and some of the other stuff but for the most part this is a chance to say what's up to you guys I'll go through the comment section that they're hilarious right I mean I've got viewers that come here just to go to the comments section sometimes guys will post I have not read his video yet I just wanted to be the first to leave a comment I mean that's funny but that also creates a community for us right I mean in fairness we all come here to hang out so I do my part which is to throw a topic out and then you guys do your part which is to weigh in on the topic we all sit there and read ok that's just what this is sometimes I feel like there's nothing to talk about right so this past week I go to Vegas for the US Open I have an incredible time I mean this is the finest wrestling amateur wrestling that takes place in America on a yearly basis it is the best of the best the great time I leave there and go right to San Jose San Jose Fitch and McDonald fight all hell breaks loose I predicted this by the way that John Fitch could come in and ruin the party of which he did two judges call it a draw one judge who actually could make a decision that night gave it to Fitch the administrative rules it goes to whoever had the mutt which is a majority draw so no judges picked Rory one judge picked Fitch but fish doesn't leave with the championship now that isn't to recap that fight or knock Rory or really even to compliment fish just real quick vision of what happened there I go back to the hotel open up my app to ESPN go to plus go watch Jacques ray get upset by the way Jack the Joker upset Jacques rim that's that's a huge deal and really just outworked him I mean Jacare Sosa is a tough night out any way you want to slice it that's a tough night out Jack got the jump on him and is that this is a very meaningful thing you guys know all of this you'll watch the Fitch fight you'll watch the Lee Millay defend you watched Jacare get beat you don't give a damn about the US Open I had a blast but you guys don't give a damn I've covered wrestling on here before it bombs you guys just you just know what you want to see so I go to the airport this morning and I'm completely jammed up and I don't really know what happened and it actually had to do with me going to Vegas somewhere because I went to Vegas okay on my own I booked that myself when bellator booked me to go to San Jose it was a round-trip ticket well because I was already in Vegas I then had to make my own reservations to get into San Jose but now I'm gonna use the second leg of that roundtrip ticket to get home at the counter this morning I find out it doesn't work that way if you do not board the flight for one of the legs it voids out your entire itinerary so I have no way to get home fine pay the money buy my own ticket right there race through security it is a mad dash through security the ticket gal who did a fantastic job she actually showed care in me escorts me to security so I can go right up and and show my ID and my ticket in and slide it well as soon as she turns around somehow her escorting me offended TSA I know that because - at TSA officials have that conversation right in front of me so to stick it in her ass for escorting me to the front for us being late they then move my wife and I to the back okay we get through we're not running we're running to the gate they're paging us over the intercom Jay Glazer is calling me because he's at the airport he wants to let me know that they're looking for I'm headed to the plane I make the plane they informed me my bags will not make it figure that out when you get home this whole big thing I get on the plane okay my partner Ryan Ryan is a great guy and Ryan is a great partner Ryan is a stone-cold dick when it comes to making these videos for you guys I love to make them I got a great I feel like we have a community here like we all get together and hang out I really mean that very sincerely but he's I mean he cracks the whip so hard to get out and make these videos so this is a Sunday okay I don't have a whole lot to talk about and I have this fight with Ryan all the time where I tell him Ryan I have no problem going to the studio I have no problem doing my job and adding to our community the problem is the topics have to be out there I'm not a news creator I never had I know guys that are I respect him but that's a skill I really think they were born with I don't have that skill somebody else creates the news I come and share an opinion on what was great that's what I do and I think I might have had a skill for that in fairness but it's not the other way around and this just wasn't one of these meaningful week it right Connors not throwing dollies at buses and Ron does not you know get ready to do whatever Rhonda's doing whatever it might be but I mean you guys know the difference right Mayweather's do out there do a summer it wasn't one of those weekends everybody saw the shot great fight everybody watched the Bellator fight it was packed it was Craig fans everywhere radiant so there were everybody side there was there was no drama there was nothing for me to talk about psoriasis will tell you you're underselling yourself people people just love to hear you talk which I don't think is true by the way I'm not saying that about myself he says it's about mature people just that they would they want to hear from you they want to know what's going on in Tim all the time Ryan sometimes there's just nothing to talk about I need a story to break and I'll happily share my opinion with you once it breaks the Eagles will know you need to steer the conversation people look to you in the spit go out and create a dialogue share an opinion so it's like man I hear what you're saying and I don't disagree with you and that would be really cool and I've seen other guys do it I think Joe Rogan deserves some credit I think Joe Rogan is good at getting a conversation on it's just not what I do I share opinions on the topics that have already happened Ryan says the numbers are gonna be great people are gonna want to see it you guys have to understand too if you do business with YouTube if you're in that business you now essentially work for a computer it's all an algorithm like by example if I had a dispute or a problem or a question what are the rules of YouTube I wanted to figure out there's nobody I can call there's nobody that hey Steve yeah it's jail over here I'm and I'm one of your content providers I got a pretty big channel and but I was like did you give me some advice on it doesn't work that way it's a computer and if you start doing low numbers because you don't have a topic the computer picks up on that and all of a sudden your views don't go up all of a sudden you don't get pushed it's a really big deal that when you put out content you put out content that people want to see in that you get a good number it's a major Domino affect when you're doing the YouTube thing it's a major Domino affect if your previous video just did great your next one it's gonna do well it's like a lead-in and TV there's some huge show right Seinfeld leads and whatever the next show is whether it's worth million people are watching it or not they are because you're stuck around from Seinfeld it's called a lead-in and the business when you have days that you never need to talk about in my opinion your best to just not sit down and record Ryan says that you are I don't know who's right so here's the video about nothing I guess similar to Seinfeld you guys tell me what's this worth you watching