I spent £6614 on Fifa 20 and got

[Music] less than 1% getting there no no chance so we're gonna start off with a over the top for grabs tacos maker this a long time ago inside basically how it works is Harry's got open ten hundred k-pax I'm going to ten we then take the high price range of the best player at each bar packs total those up that whoever has the lowest total at the end discards every player they got but what we're gonna do before we open them is basically tape five of the other person's packs for so then you take five of me and I take five of you and we say basically what you get in like your third pack you'll feel that counts as mine on your first pack what sinker I want your last pack a wandering pack number seven number four I'm gonna leave your first five then take your and take your last [ __ ] oh these both your vices [Music] [Applause] I think whoa honey those are stop old cousin are only cos øx kiss myself surely we get one Oh [Music] Wow two million player I can't believe this I'm actually human 50k right 10k no no no was it by lose ten case thank okay fraud yes [Music] I'll just think with always hope twelve gay you're all in 18 cave record it okay so the last two packs Wow all right so totals are just sitting on 384 K and I'm sitting on two mil yeah but if I'm gonna set them for their lowest possible price so at least modern-day Robin Hood some would say and you know well my pleasure discarded me are you happy now yeah cheers Ari if I'm right all players are now in packs so what people paid back six to five thousand let's get I do believe all the ten years or packs attracting to again innovate there in fact for five days they've room worked out like in previous years they used to purple the whole team of the impact something like two or three days I really know how to rinse my back then whilst you've been people must inform English CDM skip come on yes blue right I'm not gonna get [Music] Wow get in there boys everybody 400k thank you moving on so last year I got 40 min the years so that's you know what I be looking to beat this time oh no no don't get excited don't get excited no no issues with the store you love to see it oh no honor the 50k packs are gone one team in so 80,000 100k packs that is good and bad as usual join in the pack of Ning quite bid Pepe a simple Pepe I knew my vomit or nitrate to stay here that's sucking too many impacts or unintelligible Madison Madison or less sulla that's a decent factor which is salawah up these days nice nice nice nice as we complain it about packs hello don't get excited don't get excited don't get excited don't get excited I got yes he's not fully bored right for the hundred K packs are halfway through I have used this phrase a few times on the channel but brought in the cavalry Olly is based on with me and he's on the web app because we couldn't manage to get a no gas or anything working in time so we're gonna give it a go on the web app see what we got I think I'll just open mine and I've got a blue Mandzukic looks like I'm gonna be able to pay rent this month no that's Mike on Camp resilient who's that it's okay despite you that's gonna damage your potential recording with him that reaction johner we do that one oh it's a blue come on VT with you it's not a team of the earth I've been I've been fisting an 87 massive stinker bring back coin sponsors yeah right one few months of that and I'd even never had to work again I mean you hardly do at the moment though so uh silver so that's not bad they called winning of the old pack battle this isn't a pack but blue penuche another one this got no real purpose meaning would you mind giving me a cheeky top-up my love let me open two more okay I'll just sit here and look snacky yes come on right we can go on a skiing holiday after all pause and he came to borrow in there as well yes come on while we say [Music] sorry like [Music] is is five men five males that Phil I think that they might be the most expensive player messi is four point five mil I think we've got the best I think we've got the best team of the year generally could end the pack opening right now but we'll soldier through because I'll put it down to doing it French team of my viewers but really it's because it's a disease at this point how many more packs we oh yeah oh absolutely I think the scientific term is a metric I can't believe we sat through 24 hours of 7.5 k-pax like we're absolute troopers they are going to have us on the front lines of World War 3 such troopers Marco Royce what does he go for okay that kid uh I could help to put a roof over my head after this I've got some good cards in here you know that I'm back they obviously pick up a bunch caki got I got him who else did we get it could have been worse it could have been worse you know that little no Florrie um I definitely gotta open some more tomorrow as well so we'll see how it goes but I'm happier than map it's buoyed by FSI I was then flying to London for the weekend as we were scheduled to fly from Gatwick to Geneva for a snowboarding holiday on Sunday the last day of lightning rounds nightmare I promised myself that I would not be Santa Chalet on Sunday opening packs instead of enjoying my life so I thought this year I would take Sunday's pack expenses and spend them on a nicer hotel for the six-hour recording stints on Friday [Music] oh wow although varèse the 99 renown oh okay I'm not splitting that I'm obviously a huge fan of Cristiano after meeting him he was such a nice guy both times but I prefer not to speak right come on come on yes it's a blue is a blue come on give their fees please there's gonna be a few more of these going in this way 89 where I'm also that's quite good oh it's two in a row is two blues in a row is this one actually it is it is it is 38 is the worst one it's too young he's 9 [Music] so plume Cohen come no Christian Eriksen 88 of a generous is here bloom come on come on [Music] it's throw a look at the comments as usual not be a really obvious way of checking how it's likely I get it's a blue that's a team the air or if it's a blue that's a champ easily convert which is not intelligent enough to spot it at this point [Music] my piano quadrille you mug [Music] could be my corner it was it was bad I knew that could have been done on a cut-down I'm skipped an icon he's a fool though 89 rated I was playing the reason the owner i-71 behave as a great [Music] my sweat to pause we swallow flew back to pause skip most of us get both hands watch for bugs but heading down please I must have missed that one [Music] not bothered right it is 8 o'clock I think we have 1 2 5 k-pax yet again Friday night let's go through these thumb five mil I got from buffets look in a non-existent I think is the right word about now it's a blue it's a blue is it the team of the air it is coffee but again this Alison is Alison again he is 97 which always happens in a packer thing I have to stop pointing the camera down as I like Salaam lower and lower in my chair is he saw you know deliver yes blue come on come on come on it's another tip I'm not gonna look I won't go up best to I don't think we've heard of you between whoo that's actually quite good packs me fair inform Gabrielle hey Zeus and been smart you know Justin be complaining I think I've worked out the team in the air quads are a slightly lighter shade of blue not that it's not that say say all right with a bit of blood there's one more by 10:00 okay packs or they'll be like another lightning round so with a bit of luck we'll have a we'll have more more tonight for more chance to fun someone's new Ferrari at EA Sports one to five case all right we got nine okay so we've got nine left zooming around for 12 hours so let's give them a go well I think it's fairly certain you'll never actually have to see this pax right last part of the evening are we gonna end off with a good one could be a name off could not a little bit late again I don't come out I've seen this 50 days again right yes yeah 50 packs I think what we get I swear now it is I'm actually he's the one but it's another team of the air no you know you can't complain about at least getting more but anything else there we got an intern you crew so that you're bringing up for the lease down them so you know how I like to show you my transfer list stories at the end of the video I know I'm slightly on this way from dammit I just got rid of my back pay for my transfer list that's so heartbreaking these packs are going down so slowly because you know why except one else is out doing things in their life on a Saturday night then give me enough of between 80 and [Music] eight [Music] eighty-eight but you actually go there the most excited I've been this evening says a lot about my baby I knew that like I knew it I'm honestly so bad at finding like every time I look at that I think the baby decided on speaker react message from Harry saying oh that's an icon I swear that's my clock come on please I'm at least gonna let one play out Leopard but it's not an icon it's not that was not the message marry 91 agent Herzog that's not bad at all why would Harry Louis won FaceTime [Music] Timothy come on descent back please cause it's young its doom dragon controller being dropped from the 49th floor The Shard would kill someone yeah I'm just gonna face on Harry tell someone hello Harry how you did having a good evening I just got someone in a back room kill me kill me I swear there's another team in the air yes it is please please be good right Microsoft and Amazon are blocking all of my credit cards at this point I can't spend another penny on free four points it's almost like this is my own intervention I'm actually trying to get my money too so I'm going to have to make this my last account okay so nine one five k-pax to end it don't say it three packs left in the back of me all right come on then let's open the last two let's get it done with oh that's not the right blue you know you're not getting me today not today here we go last ones wife Kay pack have they saved the best till last one of the odds after spending over 6000 pounds for your entertainment this is what I had until I see two bands to be fair last year I spent twice that and uh I think I got 14 of the years and like four legends so you know actually been really well to bust that limber feet obviously I hope you have enjoyed the video thank you so much for watching these taken up to the age to record and edit so please do give me a like and subscribe if you have enjoyed it thanks so much for watching and I might see you next year a resource