I think Gustafsson may be hiding something…


Chael Sonnen


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it's really funny you know Anthony Smith the two best performances he's ever had are his last two performances and before you how can you say that he lost three rounds today and he lost five rounds and the one before I understand that but it's very true in life that your greatest triumphs will come out of defeat many many times and as athletes it's got no matter what your level of athletics were you'll know that I'm right some day you go out you just play a great game your feet are moving your heads in it your reactions are that you look at the scoreboard one time from that you didn't have as many points as the other guy but you go mint that was a good performance that's the way I want to perform it also goes the other way where you'll get your hand raised and go in the bank would be disgusted but what happened I was slow I was sluggish things just weren't firing Anthony Smith for me just had his two best performances and he got a mixed review he's of those two guys he lost eight straight rounds but he looked fantastic and you can understand this guy Anthony has not fought anybody that wasn't a world champion a-sitting world champion or a former number one contender in three and a half years he is not not been the main event in three years to two years at eight months that is remarkable and of his last two fights he did huge box offices on top of that for some reason what is a huge gate against John Jonesy it all gets credited John Jones and when he does a huge gate against Gus because it was in sweet it'll all it all get credited sweet to do Gustafson I'm going man I don't know about all that you got a guy that's fun nothing but gold medalist for three years in nothing but main events and he's selling out arenas you got to give him a little bit of shine and I really thought that he he fought well against Gus even in the matches that he lost look Gus is a really hard recipe particularly if you're planning to stand up with him you can't train the stuff that Gus can do you can train all the punches and kicks you can't take an athlete and just make him four inches taller than everybody else you can't take an athlete and just make his arms five inches longer than everybody else you can't take an athlete this is bit light heavyweight all these different things like Gus and get him to move laterally the way gustas does brings things to the table that you simply cannot prepare for and Smith went out there and dealt with it whenever you got a long guy and you got a guy with movement you only have one options which is to go straight forward have you ever back up if you let him control the dance it's going to go from bad to worse right you're starting out at bad but it's going to go from bad to worse so he comes out he's charging him he's marching him down Smith doing a pretty good job of slipping and Gus is right on point I mean Gus is throwing punches and kicks and the thing about Gus that's so troublesome if you ever had to face him is he's not really looking to knock you out he's a lot like Michael Bisping in that way he is going he's looking to hurt you for 25 minutes he's not looking to step in and throw that big power shot open that door but and give you a weight out of that contest he's going to beat you up for 25 minutes so this is what's happening to Anthony man he's good he's getting kicked he's getting punched but then he starts slipping a couple shots then he starts landing a couple kicks of his own you can tell he was what they call the feeling out process but you could tell he was starting to feel it out there just wasn't enough time left Gus is just chalking these off and Gus isn't slowing down then we watched that fight there ends up being a big scramble Anthony gets a take down and then Gus doesn't move and I have to tell you I do have a big concern here about Gus i I think that he's hiding something I think that Gus is hiding something from the audience that he's dealing with something and I worried that it's something I think he's either got a broken rib I think maybe he's got a slipped disc I think it's something big the only reason I say I'm talking way out of school here speculating but if you go look at his last two fights Gus does everything great does everything well in the John Jones fight when he got taken down he offered very little defense very little defense from the bottom and he's a guy that can take care of himself from the bottom okay ask John Jones in the first my ask Daniel Cormier Gus can take care of himself and he didn't offer anything once he got put in that position and the same thing happened today against Smith when he got put in that position Smith was heavy and he had the legs and he did a good job getting behind the arms I've seen Gus deal with that before I've seen him deal with that and be able to come back and push through he handled he behaved himself like an athlete that was exhausted and fatigued but he wasn't if you went back and you just watched the moments leading into that he was and Gus was moving well he's a cardio machine he's but everything was firing until he gets put in that down position and I I really think that he's that he's dealing with something and maybe he didn't take maybe he took the Jones fight when he would I mean that's the way it goes right you got a world title fight you got to step out there and do the work but maybe he jumped back into something if I think I think it's a rib I've kissed I've gone through a rib injury I'm purely guessing guys but it will it will paralyze you in certain spots it's very hard to move it's very hard to get up and it looked like that's what happened with Gus but I mean you saw two guys go out there they fought they fought hard I really enjoyed the contest and I don't really fault either one of them Gus want a whole bunch of rounds Smith won a big moment fair fight good fight