ICU Nurse Donates Liver to 8YearOld Boy

eight-year-old Brayden was the picture of health he loved wrestling a week after competing in the state championships he felt sick at school he has never second healthiest person I know his worried parents Ruth and James Auton rushed him to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee I wasn't scared doctors believed an aggressive virus was attacking his liver it was absolutely terrifying to not know how much time you have off your child my firstborn you made me a mom like I could imagine losing my child Brayden urgently needed a liver transplant but the odds of finding a donor in time were astronomical word spread to the hospital next door ICU nurse cami Lawrence knew the clock was ticking he would've died I don't think that's fair for any yield she was so moved that cami offered to donate a part of her own liver to save Braden's life amazingly cami was a perfect match the transplant was a huge success at a recent checkup Brayden got more great news breeding you can do whatever you want the sky's the limit for you so you can go back to wrestling Brayden thanked all the ICU nurses but there was one special nurse he was anxious to see negative big hug an emotional reunion filled with happy tears you don't have any makeup on oh they're bonded forever in so many ways including matching surgical scars she saved my child's life you [Music]