IELTS Speaking Band 9 Vietnam Team Work with Subtitles




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speaking portion of the IELTS exam my name is Adrian I will be your examiner for this part of the test and I will give you instructions for each of the three parts firstly I will record this for marking purposes for part 1 I will ask you a few questions to get to know you better and some questions on a general topic what is your full name my surname is zoom and my given names are Ming Val please just call me by my English nickname it's Brandon okay Brendon may I your identification please yes of course here's my passport please have a look thank you okay here's your passport back how are you feeling today I'm feeling a bit nervous and excited as well it is my first time to take this test and I'm hoping to do well how are you I'm doing good thank you for asking what helps you to relax going for an hour to the gym or taking a stroll in the park near my home or the two ways either compress when I'm feeling tense let's talk about paper and computer how often do you write on paper I frequently write on paper whether it's notice and 'post it to remind me of an important thought or a schedule or notes for English I'm constantly jotting down ideas at least three four times a day what is better about writing on a computer there are survey advantages when using a computer for composition firstly typing is much faster than writing longhand also spelling and grammar check software greatly help to reduce mistakes these are the reasons why I prefer to write all of my school assignments on computer when is paper more useful than a computer for writing using paper can be better than using a PC both for prominence and portability I mean it's just that much easier to write down a shopping list than a piece of paper and put it into my pocket or like I said to write down an important schedule of a meeting and put it on the fridge do you like to read from paper or from computer I prefer to read paperback books most of the time I like that it is easier in my eyes and I also enjoy the field flipping through the pages with my hand if you had to write a book would you choose to do it on paper or with the computer if I were to author a book I would definitely do it using my PC simply because as I mentioned it is faster and more accurate have the way people write changed because of the computer that's an interesting question I think that that computers have had a significant impact on literature in what way instead of using one hand with fluid motion two hands are used and this affects the way the brain works for example okay okay that's the end of part one now we will continue with part two for part two here is a card with some questions on it here is some note paper and the pencil don't turn over the card yet please you will have one minute to look at the questions on the card you can take notes in the one minute if you wish and then you will have two minutes to speak I will tell you when to start when to stop are you ready to begin yes okay go ahead and turn over the card and your one-minute preparation time begins now okay Brendan your one-minute preparation time is up please begin speaking last year in my business management class I needed to complete a project with another team member way to set up a budgeting strategy for major advertising firm weight is very hardworking and dedicated she's about a hundred fifty five centimetres tall long dark hair and usually a stern look we were partnered together randomly by our professor the goal of the project was to establish a clear financial strategy for blue marketing we will both work together where was responsible for researching the overhead costs as well as liability risks and she did an exceptional job not only on the research element but also wrote a very impressive report as well as several respects sheets she is an admirer business student with a very clear goal to become a successful business woman in the future we discussed her and my ambitions a bit during the project and I got to know that she plans on becoming an executive level manager at an international firm we got a 97 percent grade on the project and the professor was very pleased needless to say he would not have turned out as well if either of us hadn't pulled our weight if I had the chance to work with way again in the future either in school or the professional context I would gladly do so okay your time is up there Brendan so I'm going to stop you and I will take back the note paper the pencil the questions thank you and now we will continue with part three for part three I'm going to ask you some more questions related to the topic of part two let's talk about project management which personality traits are the most important for successful project completion as I mentioned in regards to what it is now hard work and dedication are absolutely key also time management and creativity are certainly assets can you elaborate on that a bit yes definitely most projects need careful planning and a deadline such as the budgeting plan that I did with way more so some oh go ahead also some projects need unique solutions like a viral facebook ad campaign what are some of the most important steps when starting a project the critical stages when beginning a project are assessment planning and execution these are important to reach optimal results how about after finishing a project after project completion feedback and reassessment are important so that if we encounter future similar projects they could deal even better results this was the final step in ways in my budgeting plan that I discussed in part 2 how has technology helped people and companies manage their projects more efficiently technology has greatly aided entities of all kind either in organization or execution this technology always helpful technologists helpful 99% of the time but of course it can be negative for example in brainstorming or creativity traditional pen and paper may still hold the advantages let's talk about working with others why is it a good idea to work together with other people on difficult assignments as the saying goes two heads are better than one in all seriousness different people bring different perspectives to the challenges we face so it is definitely a good idea to collaborate with others so just when I did when can this be a problem instead of a benefit some teams lack cohesion and this may lead to a diffusion of responsibility and incompetence what are good ways to create effective teamwork to kick off a team project efficiently first the members strengths and weaknesses should be assessed so that in that way tasks can be divided that based on those to exploit each member's strengths and compensate for their weaknesses which of these is the most important and why an understanding of each member's capacities is definitely the starting point to success that is the end of part three that concludes the speaking portion of the IELTS exam you will have your mark in about two weeks time with the other sections and please do remember to take your identification with you have a great rest of your day Brendon thank you very much thank you bye - why does Brendon get an amazing band 9 for his performance on the speaking interview well clearly Brendon meets all of the requirements of this band score firstly his fluency and coherence is top-notch although Brendon takes some pauses during his speech it is clear to see that these pauses are only to think of good ideas for his answers Brendon does not pause to think of vocabulary or grammar instead things to give complete and clear answers using the questions furthermore Brendon has excellent grammatical range and accuracy he reflects the conditional forms in his answers present perfect as well as adjective clauses and many other kinds of complex English grammar in addition Brendan's lexical resource is outstanding he is definitely at a native english-speaking university level he uses a broad range of words to paraphrase not only elements of questions but even his own answers in parts 1 2 & 3 he uses idiomatic language like to decompress to kick off two heads are better than one and many many more in addition Brendan's pronunciation is 99% that of a Native American or Canadian English speaker now what else does Brendan do well furthermore Brendan makes sure to answer all questions clearly and completely he never over speaks or goes off topic instead he focuses on giving an answer explanation and an example for part 2 he speaks clearly giving new information throughout the two minutes he does not repeat himself he makes sure to answer all of the questions on the cue card this is what you need to do to get those high band scores the next time you say your IELTS exam to see many more amazing videos like this one including six original practice exams and a fully interactive course visit and join our Premium Package at AE help comm also download and linked via academic IELTS help from your Google Play and Apple 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