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[Music] right perfect so glad I have this whatever literally whatever oh that was nothing please please who's that getting special this chat no nose three you guys know the courageous no that was special live come on come on chat Yahtzee why can't I see right now little Timmy went back in the queue oh my god what why why why are people such crackheads in this game right now I'm having to get warmed up right now I feel very off on the game at the moment I don't know what it is Oh chat oh my god can we get a courage L on the chat very stream oh my god this is of embarrassed no I'm literally embarrassed right now chat oh my god this is so funny if you guys could see this you me cracking up I'm accidentally sitting I'm sitting 28 inches from my monitor I'm sitting 28 inches from my monitor what I should be sitting 26 inches from my monitor oh my god hold on hold on up yep yep I'm so stupid dude I'm so dumb it's from green eggs and Sam says two inches makes a difference trust me I figured that out the hard way this thick woods I'm a legitimate father dude oh you are not the father chat he was good [Music] wait I actually spoke my headset yo this time I actually broke my headset dude I can't hear out of it oh my god I broke I actually broke my headset the sidewalk wait I need a headset I actually need a headset um oh my god I actually spoke my headset is anyone else witnessing me come to life right now think of how bad I was playing waitwhat come on kid what are you doing bro buy the only one right now that's just pissed off am I the only one right now that's just pissed off stream cuz I'm I'm angry I'm angry right now if I was a soccer mom at a local Italian deli and my kid got mail on the sandwich that I didn't want I would be asking to speak to a manager that's how pissed I am that's how pissed off I am okay if I was a local dad at my kids baseball game and he got called on a terrible strike I'd be showing up and I'd be pissed off [Music] [Music] [Music] that guy state me in the head bro I got my dog play oh I got back homie oh you really want this up you want the free smoke up why why why why why am i reloading in AR right there dude whoa my job might like my job is the best you didn't think that one through there Timmy watch a fast boom wait what what I'm up here who what's up Jimmy alright and by the way because you guys have been so patient here you've been live for an hour 33 minutes how about this if I lose this next game I'll gift 50 subs wait he didn't get hit by the trap he didn't get hit by the trap he didn't get hit by that trap he didn't get hit by that trap he did get hit by that trap he didn't get hit by that trap he didn't get hit by that trap he didn't get hit by that trap if they gifted subs but when did I say that if they gifted if he gifted by someone spamming that I didn't say that what it's a gift hmm if the gifted yeah guys give me one sec I'll uh I'll be right back double or nothing double or nothing I broke my head said earlier I'm so heated bro I gotta go buy a new one oh oh no it broke broke now oh yeah no that's not even staying in my head anymore oh yeah no my head says Oh crow yeah that's just floating in the air yeah oh thank you so much sham bam for the sub ei Vaughan DOM and sub- subscriptions welcome no my it's it's fine guys I'm fine actually my headsets fine uh BPH taking the eight months welcome back guys seriously my ass it's fine what's wrong look it's like brand-new dude but I'm fine dude guys please just stop please time to play with iPhone earbuds chat I can't hear anything well this is great Wow so if I lose this game it's a hundred gifted subs and Idol it I literally can't hear well and I'm landing late all right I'll take that to start sure oh why is there a banana in the middle of the field what what's that what what was that I had a hundred and eighty health he just hipfire headshot me I really need to see this I really need to see this bro look at my health look at my HP bro oh whoa I got a hundred gifted subs it's from me it's literally from me what a surprise my fat ass just gifted myself a hundred subs dude yo chat for those that weren't here earlier for those who weren't here earlier cloak see if you're still here Marcel just until I met Alexis Wren this weekend it was the peak of my life she's so nice I totally played it cool I was like this hey what's up yeah how you doing like we should like we should become friends you know that's what I said I lied I lied a little like this I was like good I'm Jack she was like security I'm just kidding [Music] got tried to burn through every Maddy just got is that what's happening here stop kid he's party to everything he got he's literally burning from everything he got mallamma oh come on oh dude no way I quit I quit forever I quit for life forever I literally quit forever bro [Music]