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what this qcy t5 might be the best through wireless earbuds ever oh my god hey let's talk about it sorry good evening everyone Kenneth here and today we are gonna be discussing the gaming mode in the qcy t5 when something is called gaming it's gonna get good right this video is by no means a full review of the qcy t5 this is an in-depth look of the latency in the qcy t5 and the results are oh I don't know how to express it smash the thumbs up button if you're excited click the subscribe button to see more like this and follow me on Instagram and Twitter there are a lot of useful stuff there let's take a look at the latency test that I just recorded so the way I'm gonna do it is I have recorded and edited the latency test I have my computer right here I'm gonna play it with you so you can see it with me and we are going to react to the results and of course I'm gonna explain to you how I do the testing so the basic stuff that you have to know first is I am recording with my camera at 60 frames per second and edited it to a 24 P timeline so that 60 p footage is gonna be slowed down 40% to match the 24 P that way we can see each and every frame in more detail you know I could go higher but this is currently what I'm comfortable to do and now let's take a look at the baseline numbers off each year but I test them one by one to give you you know the performance of each ear butts starting now okay so this is the qcy t5 the right side and in 40% speed you can see there see it has 250 milliseconds that's not bad that's actually better than average which is 300 with gaming mode off and also this is the left side you know we slow it down again to 40% and again we can see here there you go 283 milliseconds so it's a little bit slower than the right side but it's still very good okay so that was the baseline and we're gonna turn on game mode on now and going forward we'll be using both earbuds pointing to the microphone because gaming mode can only be turned on when you're using both earbuds so when you're using one ear about three taps it's gonna be Siri but when you're using both earbuds three taps on the right will turn on gaming mode and three taps on the left will activate voice assistance so that's how it works three beeps means gaming mode is off and two beeps means gaming mode is on and as you can see we'll still be using pop G here to test because it's the most latency you know of fragile I don't know how to describe it but when you hear some footstep and then it's a couple of milliseconds behind you can die anywhere anytime in a game so I think pop G mobile is the best game to test out latency on through our ear buds and we're gonna start right now gaming mode off pub G using a WM this is some normal number you can see here two hundred eighty three milliseconds gaming motor still off that's in normal speed and now we're gonna go to gaming mode on and as you can see a hundred sixty seven and a second try that's 133 this is the normal speed okay so that was sniper 133 milliseconds that's a number I've never seen before the best number I've seen is the T so I X is around 200 milliseconds so this is already a massive improvement the qcy claim it can go as low as 60 millisecond but do keep in mind that I'm connecting to a Bluetooth 4.2 device so this numbers could go lower if your device is Bluetooth 5.0 so now let's see how machinegun am 245 performs in this test okay so that's usual for true wires here but you get 300 nearly a second and now let's turn gaming mode on there you go eighty-three milliseconds that is some insane number I've never I don't know eighty-three milliseconds that's crazy that's crazy this is over bluetooth and you know it still fluctuates over time as you can see the second test it was 167 but still oh my god so now we've covered single tap latency burst latency and the final one I'm gonna test these are eagle and eagle will perform if you just tap it subsequent like tap tap tap tap something like that let's start right now okay game mode off no okay okay so 234 millisecond that is one of the lowest number that we get in this testing actually but still it is an improvement compared to when gaming mode is off so that's it for pop G I try to play with it a little while well and training ground it felt different compared to when I was playing with Halo with the halo I expect a delay but here really nice to have very very little delay that it's just basically I don't feel the need to plug in any wired earphones anymore this is easily my go-to gaming two hours earbuds but the test has not ended yet to our snare boats are not only for gaming let's go to YouTube and we'll see how it performs there okay so this is some audio/video sync test someone gave me in a comment before oh oh my holy oh my god okay I even forgot that that number was there but you know with gaming mode off a hundred 60 milliseconds that is the lowest number I've ever seen and with gaming mode on that is insane okay now I remember I remember this was shocking this was shocking when I was editing usually when like my finger hits the screen or when the ball hits the button and there will be some like significant delay you know like 14 frames 19 frames when the audio starts showing up but this here the audio is already there while the ball is moving down so it's basically zero lag that's 17 lag it's just you know because that was one frame there and I don't know if I can even count that as one frame YouTube is insanely good with gaming mode on later we'll see how it performs in some real talking scene but oh my god yeah that alone could be a really major major selling point now I'm just curious is there any battery hit that's gonna be on the qcy t5 but anyways this is the final test let's take a look as much clarity vocals are not as present as the other ones that are reviewed so you have to know that before picking any of the space heavy here okay that's it if you haven't seen enough if you if you don't realize that I'm so so very excited right now because the gaming mode is even better than what you see why claims to be 60 milliseconds in games it may or may not hit that number but in video it absolutely crushes that number it's insane good how low latency is on the qcy t5 and I hope you get something good from here I hope you know that this is possible with two wires earbuds I have to give props to QC why that's so Chinese by the way I've been living here for so long props to QC why you are doing such a good job and for other companies I would love to see bring this kind of performance to your ear buds you bring dual-mode bluetooth you bring good battery life and that's it I'm gonna check your earbuds if they sound any good so yeah that's still a very important factor so by the way I have been doing battery tests on my Twitter I've been tweeting the results like you know after two hours up to four hours and so on I think it's very insightful and go check out my Twitter go follow me see if the earbuds you want is there and so I'm gonna be testing if gaming mode really have any impact in battery life and I surely do hope the impact is not that much because I'm gonna be activating the gaming mode all the time that is it pretty much it for the video thank you very much again for watching I'm Kenneth and I will see you in the next one savage you're back [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sorry is like good evening everyone okay