INDIAN MEGA FOOD Record breaking Dosa 250 Egg Omelette and more in Mumbai India

he's cooked down the onion and tomato and he's gonna kind of push them out and then he's going to crack it just tons and tons of eggs in here I mean if you're gonna cook for a lot of people at once this is the way to do it today I'm the best ever full review show we are going on another fun food adventure this time we are in Mumbai India [Music] this city is home to some of the most gigantic Indian food I have ever seen today we are hunting down some food on a scale like you have never seen before let's do it today we're doing it big in Mumbai India starting off with the world's biggest dosa it's a little unwieldy then India's most gigantic non-veg thali platter featuring over 45 items Oh jeepers and finally we'll witness the creation of an omelet using 250 eggs we are here in Mumbai India looking for the biggest baddest food which is brought us now to Dakshina jaan where they're making the world-famous world-record-breaking dosa but let's go eat it [Music] we're headed into the kitchen to see how this thing is made let's check it out right this way oh it is busy in here right now I'm in the kitchen with the chef it's our bun nice to meet you thank you so much today he's making this giant dosa here known as the family dosa but today it's gonna be made for our family of one right here this guy let's do this [Music] this is freaking massive that's like a meter long I just realize some of you might not even know what a dosa is so we're gonna jump to a different location and I'm gonna show you we are at this street side dosa stand when we're making just a huge crazy variety of dosa one of which I'm about to get a dosa is like a kind of crepe but made with finely ground rice and lentil flour batter it can be served plain like the giant dosa we're about to try or with an endless variety of topping combinations do you want shredded beet root go ahead how about potato we can do that too or how about American chop suey dosa let's see what that is so right away he's gonna come with the batter then some cabbage spring onion onion oh this thing is loaded up but so far so good and then the nudes we're dropping some noodles tomato sauce Szechuan sauce red chili powder garam masala salt tomato chutney and a heaping scoop of butter and that's what I like to see a lot of butter on almost everything I've seen here it's amazing all this random stuff that hopefully together he's gonna taste amazing let's ask these guys over there buddy yeah yeah all right it's bubbling up you can see the little bubbles in slow motion right now it's making you hungry you're salivating you're clicking the like button you're subscribing if this is the most important part here yeah ah a flip and a chop and he's gonna toss that right here and from there a couple of sauces we've got a coconut chutney and some bog and just like that thank you sir [Music] I'm cutting it up with a spoon getting a nice big scoop I'm gonna put it in our coconut chutney here one of my favourite chutneys of all the chutneys try it out [Applause] yo buddy uh yeah buddy buddy uh very nice but that is a storm of a heartburn I could actually top this with some pepto-bismol and then it would be a perfect balance the flavors are outstanding tomatoey peppery and that dosa is it like nice and kind of soft ready little bretty little crunchy on the outside so now that we know what a dosa is we're gonna go back and see the giant dosa and now we're back so that's what a don't say is and this is a huge version of that right here he's gonna be curling this now he's just slathering it with a bunch of butter that's my favorite ingredient okay so now he's rolling it up oh what a move this thing is like a meter long he's just rolled up the whole thing kid this is the really sensitive part it requires two plates I'm following that guy [Music] the moment has arrived here finally this gigantic dosa this is just the plain dosa but we've had some nice different assorted dipping sauces here tomato chutney a coconut chutni onion chutney and then here this is kind of a stew sambar oh maybe I could dip the whole thing this is probably the most practical way you got to put it in a little bit of sauce if this is right way that you did mmm that is terrific I got some in my eye it's like a giant creep but more crispy super buttery oh he was given some butter love to this thing I just wish it's a little unwieldy it's kind of hard to hold perfect there's no good mmm there's so flaky and crispy and buttery and it just turns into nothing you have to be careful to chutney once in a while you'll get one that's just like pure garlic and it'll it'll choke you out it's very nice light refreshing creamy coconut in this one I could eat with a spoon it's so delicious I'm gonna keep working on this but let's go check out some more giant food I'm next up the biggest thali you will find in Mumbai our mission continues looking for the hugest food here in Mumbai India which brings us now to mini Punjab's lakeside restaurant where they are making a gigantic tally tally literally means platter but when you order the thali here you get a gigantic assembly of different cups bowls plates of all kinds of different foods all together let's go inside and learn more about it this place has food bloggers knocking down their doors but I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes look with the man who created this magnificent beast right now we are in the kitchen with Nashawn the creator of the giant thali which is actually called the Nevada Singh Patti for you ice can you talk to me about this awesome platter definitely a giant artisan Carly 26 to 28 inch sorry okay which comes with more than 40 items qualified to be precise we've covered different cities okay from the northern region which is like I'm rich Delhi Rajasthan and we've get the favorite dishes from those cities a head chef here is preparing the more Musallam rice it's basically steamed rice with a particular gravy which is called as more Muslim so he's just added the chicken pieces as you see along with the spices this basically comes on a plate of steamed rice along with the Muru Musallam has a gravy with chicken pieces served on top this is all portion will be on the pattern yes like this by itself already looks like it could be a homey oh definitely if you can finish the entire platter the poly then no one will start essentially it's filling if I could eat the whole thing yes it's gonna be free exceptionally how many normal people can this feed I don't we'll be late for can I take down the whole platter stick around to find out can we try this one no definitely definitely this is made fresh before our eyes I cannot wait so we're gonna try something right now right here in the kitchen a lot of pressure there's about 20 people watching me right now are you those guys over there let's try it out [Music] that is ridiculous I mean just taste the skill like the number of spices I hear today that worked so well together just a great like a singular flavor so amazing and you can see right here India just has such beautiful vibrant spices flavors aromas everywhere you go and especially right now in this kitchen from here we're going to see them assemble this giant thali [Music] Assembly has begun but you think what it's done you think I'll be able to take down the whole thing I feel yes let's hope for the best okay and see how great your appetite this all right let's see at first glance and with an empty stomach taking down this platter in 20 minutes seems pretty doable I mean it's just some different breads a bunch of curries and they're all served in these tiny bowls and there's the chicken and rice and this and this I'm not feeling so sure anymore they are right now putting the final touches on the dolly downstairs in the kitchen we are waiting for its entrance oh my god right here it requires two people do you guys need a hand you got it oh sure yeah yeah let me let me get out of your way Oh jeepers look at this thank you thank you Wow guys good work the main reason I came here was just to be able to sample a ton of different stuff but it turns out this is also a food challenge it's sixteen hundred rupees so it's coming in just under 25 dollars that seems like a pretty good value to me if you can eat the whole thing it's free the only catch is you have to do it in under 20 minutes easy the rice here the rice is the main issue and then here there's like another clay pot full of rice that's not for decoration we need to eat that a couple other standout items here we have a lamb curry yogurt I love lamb I love curry I love yogurt I've never had all those things together but it's about dang time so we're gonna see how much damage I can do in 20 minutes starting right now so here we have a mutton kabob and if you're like me I didn't even know what mutton was until I came here and so that meat is called lamb and an adult lamb it's called a sheep and it's meat it's called mutton and it's gonna go in my mouth [Music] that's delicious it's been a minute 30 already I haven't done anything so here we have a mint chutney with coriander - we're gonna put our mutton in there hmm oh wow as powerful fresh salty and then this is um this is like drinking yogurt oh my god how could anybody rush this meal I can't I just want to enjoy everybody I do want to try it my favourite kind of yogurt here of course it is the lamb curry yogurt try that out oh it's tremendous it's like a little lamb meatball in there am I almost done oh here we have some fried fish it's looking a little spicy on the outside but let's find out mmm now to wash it down with some yogurt we've got some delicious bread here you have every kind of curry here except for Steph Curry is this what is this what is this a hotdog curry just kidding if I made Curry's I'd make a hotdog curry mmm five minutes have gone by while we're getting there we're really we're almost done what is that somebody made a drink out of cucumber oh okay some chicken that huge cast-iron pot he wasn't only cooking the bread in there but he put also inside the chicken we're gonna put some of the chicken in this chutney now move all the powerful I need to chase it cut it with some rice okay this is a soup but it's in a cup so you can drink it that's the best soup drink I've ever had here they have white butter I just wanna try the butter it's so creamy it's almost like cheese flavored butter we're gonna put some of this green curry on there slap it all together just get it all nice and sloppy on there we're gonna roll it up like a little Indian burrito mmm dip that into the yogurt or raw butter chicken onion green chutney we got to combine it all together Oh almost done chicken budyonny here we go amazing it's so fragrant we got it we got to pick up speed oh and here they have pickled chicken guys they pickled the chicken this is bread stuffed with potato okay let's try this pickled chicken well it's delicious you got to drink some yogurt though look at this this bread there's stuff with potato this is already like half a kilogram itself there's so much I haven't even tried yet put it with the bread what is this oh man I'm full 17:30 it's almost over hey thank God they have a time limit cuz I want to die already so here we have khichadi a mix of lentil rice and vegetables this and a little rice is already a meal oh it's like savory that's like comfort food this comfort food is making me feel uncomfortable I'm very full we have one minute remaining we're still in the game guys hope I can do this there's a lot of food I'm gonna try some with the rice here mm-hmm that's very filling - I tried almost everything now I have some more fish bread little bit soggy that's it I can't do it 20 minutes has gone by now listen I thought this was maybe possible what I just saw these little bowls of stuff Oh what is this is this more food yes but I want to say thanks but I also want to die right now is this part of the challenge they brought in the extra six tits I like that they thought I would even get close to finishing this well listen um we gave it our best try and so always remember chase your dreams next time you are in Mumbai why don't you come to mini Punjab lakeside to try this whole feast for yourself it's sixteen hundred rupees it's under 25 bucks so even if you fail you still have enough food to bring home and eat for the rest of the week that's not bad the end [Music] the three-day trip let's do it anyway for today's last stop were hunting down in Indian mega omelet we've came to our final location and here they're making a gigantic basically like an Indian scrambled eggs okay we've got eggs tomato onion and it's like well what's so special about this oh I don't know that there's gonna be over 250 eggs cooked at one time on the skillet right here behind me the prep is underway they're cutting onions they're cutting Tomatoes we're gonna go inside and see exactly how it's done [Music] my man right here cutting onions no baubles no productive anything and no tears this is a real man how do you do it sir how do you do it with no tears can you ask him ha ha he's just like EEE no tears not since 1984 we asked him why is he dog crying he said it's destiny I like this guy tons of onions like baskets of onions are gonna be cooked and put into the eggs let's see what else is going on here so here we have the tomato cutting in this room in the kitchen they have two giant skillets and it's somewhere between like a walk and a flattop it's called a tawa and there's two of them here as you can see this is no small cooking operation like they go big here so this is like 20 kilograms like almost 40 pounds of onion and around 10 pounds of tomato that's what I'm told and this whole thing is gonna cook down they've just put in all these spices chili powder he continues to just mix it all together there's some parts of the onion that hasn't even touched the grill thank you for having us here nice to meet you this is the owner of the shop what is this one called on gg ehhhhh go G he's cooked down the onion and tomato and then he's going to crack it just tons and tons of eggs in here that is some mad egg cracking skills one-handed oh oh oh no oh no can you get it can you get it ah that egg was tricky I know the first like maybe 30% of the eggs are in here and he has started scrambling them together with some of the onions and tomatoes there's still that like ring on the outside keeping everything in he's created this natural bowl and I believe he's gonna put in even more egg stone yeah round 2 can I crack one egg I just want to say that I helped that's all I basically made it myself tada Oh again we got to try one hand what get Arthur BAM yes look at this it looks ridiculous time to destroy the beauty after the first step is done he starts mashing smaller portions of eggs he then adds more butter spring onion and spices you can just smell the fumes coming off here at singeing die nostrils then more mashing with fresh cilantro finally it's a moment I've been waiting for oh thank you sir but the eggs aren't complete without some buttered buns we were just in that kitchen for about thirty minutes during that whole preparation I should my eyes are still watering a little bit from all the spices and onion but it was all worth it because we have this complex yet simple wonderfully executed scrambled eggs I've ever seen I'm gonna try it with just the eggs first oh that is that makes me happy in my mouth super salty it's spicy these are some of the spiciest scrambled eggs I have ever had he fried and butter this bread for me that's really how you're supposed to eat this you just scoop up some of these pieces of egg look at that you can see the chilies in there from the oil the butter all of it coming together let's try it out that is amazing that's you know it's kind of a simple thing you know it's simple Whole Foods its eggs that scrambled eggs and bread but the seasoning that in the carrot love and skill that went into it it makes it super special I'm crazy delicious all I can say is but yeah oh so good it's so good thank you thank you so much for watching this video this video was made possible by one trip to Vietnam one trip is a company putting on amazing tours in Saigon janae and Hoi An I'm proud to say one trip is the highest-rated tour company in Vietnam and I especially love their food tour you cannot go wrong for more information on one trip check out the links in the description down below I will see you next time a peace [Music]