INDO REACTION TERSIMPAN DI HATI Eka Gustiwana ft Prince Husein Sara Fajira

[Music] been here for days just me and you don't even care no matter what they say i gotta leave you know what your eyes is telling me to say shout out to the moments i'm going to when i do all i want hello everybody epic bar for all our beautiful beautiful indonesian viewers we love you so much um don't worry man sorry man sorry don't interrupt my intro we're back with another reaction for all you indonesian pop fans and this week's artist is gonna be eka gustiwana featuring sarah fajira prince hussein and the song is called tirsimpan dihati well done on memorizing all that thank you that's very impressive i know i'm fluent in in japanese indonesia and all them i don't think fluent is the right word for you flew with me guys let's do this yeah let's go is a 30 year old composer based in jakarta man yeah yeah he's been around quite a while actually oh look at that landscape man so beautiful we should go there we will go there we will go there we will go there i love the song already man i love the subtitles in the background [Music] oh [Music] oh man this is such a beautifully shot video um it's one of those videos it's a great advertisement for tourism [Music] this video is so mystical he's putting me to sleep life really so relaxing so he's something with the indonesian lion king lathy was black magic this is white magic white white power [Music] he has a very nice voice beautiful oh man [Music] oh yeah [Music] she knows black magic guys stay away from her she can kill you without touching you start saute started or something she can block you at the touch of a button she can block you on on instagram she lets you unblock you at the same time so she's more more of a rapper here yeah in this case [Music] is this film shot by the national geographic or something [Music] that's probably like unesco protected by unesco or something this makes you want to make love man right now no no no no no oh yeah [Music] oh my goodness traditional dancing [Music] [Applause] oh man what did you make of that my friend this is what we're talking about man like this is the sound we're always keep like looking and looking this was more like soothing than lathy yeah was very very hard like black magic and all that was like that was like voodoo like that was like dark as hell but this is like the more more like allegra it's more like a chill this is more relaxing soothing uh watching like the i think it's talking like uh um the life they're showing the life more on the countryside in this video they're not showing really like the the life in the cities which we love we love to see more of the countryside not just the big cities because that's where you see the real culture of the country like the small villages not just the big cities where everything is becoming the same nowadays i agree that the video is is so beautifully shot and it shows several sides of indonesian culture from the music to the dancing to even the fishing and the cooking and also you saw some traditional um i'm not sure what you would call them i would call him a ladyboy but a man in women's makeup and he was doing a performance i said in the video he it looks like it was shot by the national geographic because it shows just so many beautiful sides to the indonesian countryside and also its culture and i want to say there's this element in the back i'm going to say like an electric xylophone yeah or something like that yeah maybe the viewers can correct us also correct me on that ladyboy what's the actual name for him that's what i would refer to him as but i'm sure there's a probably a correct name uh let us know in the comments guys but they have that i'm gonna say it's an electric xylophone thing in the back and um and it really really gives the song a really really great dimension yeah it's like imagine like just it's just so great because i imagine myself just waking up to that to that music and to that to that like view like you wake up it's just like countryside smell i mean it's just so refreshing so so refreshing not like these uh crap like megalopoly crab that we're living in all the fumes from the cars man yeah man the fumes from the junkies in the street junkies having mohicans and all and they're smelling like they're they're breathing fresh air and we're smelling peace and we're looking at the tarzin pandahati why are you bringing up junkies this is hardly the spot for junkie i know they're lovely hopefully them junkies don't arrive there don't let them in guys don't let them in don't let them don't listen and by the way that woman in the job she was so beautiful yeah really really beautiful traditional garb yeah and really classy such a classy video i was expecting because i saw it was electronic dance i was expecting something much more along the lines of waka waka land yeah but this is oh my god in the same genre of music but uh totally different and we love different i'm gonna say my catchphrase my catchphrase on the show you know what it is tell me what's going on watch it again and by the way she was a rapper in this song we thought she was more like a like a normal singer boxing's soundcloud rapper usually like a sweet wrapper a wrapper for your bum bum just wanna wrap it up and put it in your mouth and shoe on it sorry sorry no no anyway uh paul intended should we wrap it up i'll wrap it up like my sweet rapper huh for watching us for sticking with us and for supporting us please subscribe like and comment and share we love you guys and see you within the next reaction maybe i love you i love you even more than he does maybe even more no i love you more than he goes okay see you next time [Music] you