TOMORROW X TOGETHER, - Yes! - Hello. Who pushed it again? [Pushed...what?] What is it? [In a theme park] Isn't this space remind you of a game? - Hide-and-seek. - Hide... - Hide-and-seek. - Hide-and-seek! - Red Light, Green Light. - That, too. - Soccer. - Here? Cops and Robbers. - A chase? - Freeze Tag. [What is it?] Last time YEONJUN mentioned a chase. [Excited] [Today's TO DO is a chase game] - We'll be doing a chase game. - Sounds fun. We're doing a chase game at this large space? That's what makes it fun. [Dream come true] It was my dream. What do you have in your hand? - Our light stick. - It's our light stick. It's our official light stick. Our first light stick. It's the first time in Korea, no, in the world... [TXT's light stick is released for the first time] - We got to use it first. - to release it for the first time. Before MOA get this light stick, we'd like to play a game with the light stick. Good. Today's TO DO is a chase for light stick. A chase for light stick? [What is it?] A chase game you wanted so much [Can't wait] will start soon. - So excited. - Rules are very simple. Push the plus button on the bottom of the stick. [Plus ON] - Just one person. - What is it? [Lighting] Wow... - It flickers... - It happens when one person pushes the button? It's the "Find MOA" function. Find MOA. Are you MOA? So are you? - We are MOA. - Let's be MOA. [Round 1: Find a real light stick] - Let's go. - Okay. [Find a real light stick, hidden in the theme park,] Do you have any idea where it would be? [using the "Find MOA" function] I found a fake one. [Once one of the members find the real one,] I should pretend I have the real one. [the chase begins] SOOBIN found it! [A fake stick has a hint for the real one] [Round 2: A chase for light stick] [Find the member with the real stick, and win a game,] Rock paper scissors. [and take one of the sticks] Cham cham cham! [Remember the stick you take may be a fake one] - When do I do? - I got the route wrong. [When the time is over,] How many seconds left? [the member who set the real stick on wins!] [The winning members gets 3 grape stickers] I can fake it with a real one, too? [Rule to find a real light stick] - Pretend you have a real one. - Fake others. [You can fake others with imitations] Can I bring fake sticks on purpose? Can I bring 5 sticks? [Filled with fake sticks] What would he look to the one with the real one? - Take any one. - Wait a minute. I have a question. Let's say HUENINGKAI has 5 sticks. I touch him and win the game. Can I take all 5 sticks? [No. Just one] No. Pick one of the 5 sticks. - Then, I have to bring 5 sticks. - You can pick one stick. - Pick one of the five? - Yes, you can pick one. [Understood] HUENINGKAI can do that. He can take 5 sticks. [Caution for chase game beginners] Make sure you don't lose your camera man. [Move with your camera man and crew member] Yes. And crew members, don't lose your artist. [Remember] Let's start the game. [Excited] Then, [Round 1: Find a real light stick] - Round 1, go! - Okay. I'll take my time. I'm okay. Wow, I'm so excited. It's like I'm on "Running Men". Am I not allowed to say that? [BEOMGYU found something] I'll take my time. [Run] [TAEHYUN's view] [SOOBIN's thought] I don't think they hid it around the starting point. [SOOBIN's wrong] [Got a stick near the starting point] [BEOMGYU's view] [Found a stick on his way] [BEOMGYU has 2 sticks] ["Find MOA" function] [Checking out the sticks] Okay. These are fake. I should pretend I have a real one. [Who are you talking to?] Do you have any idea where it would be? [Flickering] Don't push it. Why am I so nervous? [Looking around] [HUENINGKAI starts searching first] Let me search first. [Where are you, light stick?] There's none here. Let me run around here, too. [YEONJUN is thinking] It's a light stick, so it should be around here. [He's right] [Found it] [Looking around] [YEONJUN found one fake stick] I found one. A fake one. [Finding a light stick is as hard as dancing] It's as hard as dancing. [Where is the light stick?] [Is it here?] [Turning around] I think it's near the merry-go-round. [Run, TAEHYUN] Am I too passionate? [TAEHYUN is passionate] [SOOBIN][YEONJUN] [YEONJUN focuses on bright flower bed] [Looking around] [YEONJUN's view] [Found another stick in the flower bed] [Fake stick] Found one more. [Oh my god] [Feeling at a loss] There's one more. [Watching out] [No one's around?] [Get the stick] [TAEHYUN's view][YEONJUN] [Checking out the stick] [Fake again] [Roaming] There's no path. [Retreat] Let me retreat. [HUENINGKAI's view] [I know] I saw a place called magic island. [Bump into SOOBIN] Where did you go? I don't know. You don't have to go in there. Why are you following me? I am? [HUENINGKAI's view] Real light stick... Fake... I want to find fake ones first. I have no idea. Can't find anymore. [Is it here?] [Or there?] [Searching everywhere] You did a good job hiding. [Members have such hard time finding] [We decided to give out a hint] Is a fake one glowing, too? [SOOBIN's view] A hint? Do I have it now? [Find a light stick, the first hint!] Where did we get this? [Run] At the beginning. [Remember, BEOMGYU] Is it the beginning? [At the same moment, YEONJUN] Seriously? [I think I know] [Wait for me, light stick] [HUENINGKAI got it and run] [First hint] [Find me] How can I get from that? [Light stick in a box] If it's inside the box, we couldn't see it. It doesn't mean it's here. It means it's inside a box. [YEONJUN figured out the hint first] It didn't say it's here. It means it's in a box. I have to find the red box. [Where is the red box?] [Found something] [HUENINGKAI's view] It's not it. [Oops] I'm sorry. [Everything that glows looks like a light stick] It glows. I want a fake one, too. [Please] [Passing through the way HUENINGKAI passed] [What?] [TAEHYUN's view] [I think something's here] [I know] This isn't it, is it? [TAEHYUN's view] [That's right. It's a fake stick] [Disappointed] [I have a stick anyway] [The excitement doesn't lasts long] [Found something] [Found SOOBIN] [Running fast] [Stop there] Hey, it's not glowing, is it? No, it's not that. No, that's a fake one. [Catch me] I was a soccer player. Where is it? Where did he find it? [Can't see anything] I couldn't see it. Where would it be? Where is it? Seriously, where is it? I want to win this so bad. But this sticks out too much. [YEONJUN] [Light stick that glows as brightly as YEONJUN] [Hide it for now] [BEOMGYU found nothing yet] Where would it be? [Notice][Not hidden on the 2nd floor] We wouldn't go there. Did you find it? [No] Do you have it? You seem to have one only. [Lying] I have one. I have one only. [Real stick] It's not been found yet, is it? [Find a light stick. The 2nd hint!] [TAEHYUN, look at the hint] Yes. 45? What is it? [Watching it closely] [What is it?] 45... [Where is 45?] 45? [Find 45] 45? 45, 45. [When everyone is calling out 45, he's saying 25] 25. [He thought it's 45 at first] 45? [Forgot][It turned into 25] 25, 25, 25. [TAEHYUN's view] 25. [It's 45. Not 25] 25. [Out of pity] TAEHYUN, it's forty... 45! That's okay. 45. Why did they show that to me? [BEOMGYU has no idea even with the 2nd hint] I don't think it's here. Not here. It may turn out to be here later. [Where would the light stick in this spacious theme park?] [Please find me] It's not easy to find a fake one, either. Can't find it. [Is it here?] [SOOBIN's view] [Trying to find a light stick like finding a vein of water] [Here?] [Watching out] [SOOBIN's view] [SOOBIN found a light stick in a box] [Checking out the "Find MOA" function] [I'm fake] [Oh well] [SOOBIN's view] [Save SOOBIN] [Where is 45?] 45, 45. [YEONJUN][SOOBIN] [Found SOOBIN] [Wait there] [Run first] [YEONJUN found the red box from the 1st hint] [Stop there] Found SOOBIN. [SOOBIN tricked YEONJUN] It's fun. [I got you] What is it? [Misunderstood] Round 2 has started? It starts when we find the real one. - No one's found the real one yet. - What is it, then? Everyone, the fake ones have hints. [Just realized] Fake sticks have hints in it? [Running away to find the hint] [Just realized] That's right! [SOOBIN is looking for hints in the fake stick] This is the one. [Watching] [Something's going on] [SOOBIN found a hint, "Garden"] Garden? I don't have a hint here. I have two sticks, but no hint. [Found a friend] Hello. Hello. Where did you find it? Me? In a garbage bin. [Passing through] Round 2 hasn't started yet, has it? [HUENINGKAI has no light stick and lost his way] I don't know the way around. Can't find it. I haven't found one. Can't even find a fake one. [Hiding to check out a hint] Wait a moment. [Where is the hint?] Hint... Where is it... [YEONJUN found a hint, "Stage"] [Okay. Got it] [It's not the time] I don't have time for this. [Looking around] I'll focus on the chase. [BEOMGYU has no idea] I don't think I can find it. [No stick] You've done a great job hiding sticks. [HUENINGKAI][Running] Can't find anything. Where are you going? [YEONJUN tricks HUENINGKAI] Where is it? [Going in the opposite direction] I've gone that way. I'll go in a different direction. [YEONJUN came back to the stage after HUENINGKAI is gone] YEONJUN, you have a plan] [YEONJUN] [Last hint for members] It's the last hint. Really? Already? It's on the opposite side. [Scanning fast] [Running as fast as he can] [Find a light stick. The 3rd hint] [Oh my god] I was there, and said it won't be there. [5 minutes ago] I don't think it's here. [It's the place in the last hint] [Turning away] [HUENINGKAI?] Wait, where is this? [SOOBIN appears] Get out of my way. It's mine. [I'll find it] Get out of my way. [HUENINGKAI arrives] The real stick's been found. Someone found it? [Round 1: Find the real light stick is over] [Wait for one minute where you are] The real light stick has been found. Game's been suspended for 1 minutes. - Someone found it? - Already? [Out of breath] [What's going on?] Why? Round 2 will start? [Who found the stick?] Who is it? [He looks at a loss] I can't turn the light off, can I? [Nervous] What should I do? [YEONJUN got the hint, 45, when he was around the stage] 45...stage... [YEONJUN] [Smiling] [Wow] I found it. [Got the red box] [Running away fast] [The location of the real light stick: YEONJUN] Can I turn the light off? [You glow so brightly] What should I do? [Anyone can see it's here] I can't hide it. [Found it now] It's this number. [HUENINGKAI found 45, too] It's 45. [It's not here now] It should be here. I saw one passing through. [Correct] I think it was YEONJUN. [How about BEOMGYU?] Look at the stick, reacting. [Hello, MOA] [Testing the "Find MOA" function] [MOA!] Hey! Hey, friend! [Loud] You are MOA, too. They said don't push it. Really? [Trying hard] [Help me] Can you put this back in? - How do I put it back in? - Round 2. [1 minute over][Round 2: A chase start now] We'll resume. Can I start? [SOOBIN is running away] What? Why is he running? [SOOBIN just runs] [YEONJUN, I'm going for you] It must be YEONJUN. - Where's CHOI YEONJUN? - YEONJUN? [Nervous] How can I do this for 30 minutes? [Too nervous] I can't do this. Too scared. Let's cheer up. It's getting closer to the end. [With his thinking cap on] TAEHYUN's team will... - I'll check inside. - SOOBIN, [I saw him over there] YEONJUN was staying there. [Running] [Where are you, YEONJUN?] [Found YEONJUN] What? [Touched] Hey. Why? - Let's play a game. - Okay. What kind of games? [Cham Cham Cham!] - Cham Cham Cham. - Okay. [Turning his head in the opposite direction] Cham Cham Cham! [Succeeded in defending] Okay. - You lost. - Yes. - Bye. Wait for a minute. [Going away] [BEOMGYU found the prey] [Somebody help YEONJUN!] [So enthusiastic] Let's go somewhere else. [YEONJUN got caught] - Touch. - Okay. What will you play? [Looking at him] [Here] I'll be waiting and catch him. [Baby beast waiting for a chance] [Cham Cham Cham] - This only. - Okay. [The end] - Cham Cham Cham. - Okay. 1 minute. [Angry] What are you doing? [My turn] What are you doing here? [No break] [Next game, start!] - Why are you here? - Sorry but... Hurry up. Hurry up. [Success] Cham Cham Cham. [YEONJUN needs to give a light] Anything? [Puzzled] Anything. [YEONJUN's view] [Which one is a real one?] I'll choose. [Done] Run away. I have to wait for 3 minutes. [Not knowing about the light stick] - Many are aiming to catch you. - Wait. [Trying to find MOAs] - You have to wait. - Winner needs to run. [Real light stick: YEONJUN - HUENINGKAI] [That's the real one! [Chasing HUENINGKAI] It's me! [Real light stick: HUENINGKAI] I finally found it... [Disappointed] He took it away from me. [HUENINGKAI, wait!] [Surprised] HUENINGKAI runs so fast! [Amazed by his new aspect] He runs so fast! He doesn't run so fast, usually. [Chasing] [Running so fast] Catch him! Nice! Catch him! [SOOBIN & BEOMGYU caught BEOMGYU] Nice! [SOOBIN's view] [Out of breath] Both are real. I can't help. Let's play CHAM CHAM CHAM. It's going to be scary if I have this. I'm already tired. - Left or right. - But... [Let's start the game] - Left or right. - Anything. Cham Cham Cham. [Happy] Give me that! [Sad] Cham Cham Cham! Give me that! - It's yours. - This is it. [Real light stick: HUENINGKAI - SOOBIN] Hang on. [Announcement] [TXT members got immersed in the game and became too competitive] [Let's adjust rules for safety reasons] [After playing the game to get a light stick, the winner can move only] [Four members needs to wait for a minute] [SOOBIN's view] Bye. [Real light stick: SOOBIN] [Let's run away!] [To. Production team] Please cheer up a bit for me. [I will catch him in return for your support] I'm going to catch him. Okay, let's hang in there. [Breathing heavily] [SOOBIN, don't run too fast...] Oops! It's a dead-end. [Running so fast] [Found SOOBIN] When can I move? [Right next to SOOBIN] - When can I move? - Wow, I chose a wrong course! [In a hurry] How long should I wait? [Where should I hide?] Oh, my! I blew it. [What?] That's too shiny and I can see it here. [After a minute] Did he lose it? Oh, you're... [Someone who hasn't chased at all] I didn't join the chase. [The youngest members] We're going to take a walk. He will lose it to somebody. We'll catch the one then. [Hiding] [Looking around] Did you check if it's real? If it's real? [Gasp] It might not be a real one? [No way] Hang on. Did HUENINGKAI lie? [Checking it out] He won't do that. [Gladly, it was a real one] [Surprised] Oh, please be quiet. [Good to go now] May I move? [SOOBIN, wait for me] [Running to catch SOOBIN] [1, 2, 1, 2] Where's SOOBIN? [Surprised] Where is he? [BEOMGYU goes to the pirate ship] Over there! [What?] I thought he was here. No? [BEOMGYU goes straight] [SOOBIN's view] [Perfectly hiding] Wow, where is he? HUENING. Why did you take it from me, if you couldn't keep it? Are you playing a game? [No] - No, no. - No? [Hmm] I guess BEOMGYU has caught him now. No. [I can't see him] [SOOBIN has disappeared] Where's SOOBIN? [Looking for the same place over and over again] [Frustrated] Where is he? I saw him here. [To. Production team] Let me share my plan. If I find him, I'm going to lie down on the grass. You can lie down over there, filming us. [Let's hide well] [Even though today's mission is not hide-and-seek] [Found something] [Going back] [Striding] [I'm not here] No? [I found you!] [Peek-a-boo] What are you doing here? What are you doing here? [1 minute ago] [SOOBIN hid in a safe place] [Compressing himself] [Director is hiding together] [How did you find me?] Hang on. Hang on. - How... - Give me a second. [Relaxed] - Will you negotiate? - Hang on. [YEONJUN joins] Hey, hey! Game. [Saying whatever] Tap me, tap me. Hey, hey. Game! Who will you play a game with? You can choose. [SOOBIN's choice] - I'll play with HUENINGKAI. - Okay. - If I give it to YEONJUN, I might fail to get it back. - But... [New rules] Even though I lose, [Everyone except for the winner needs to stand still for a minute] You have to wait here. Including me? [Watching in a distance] Let's watch here. [Smiling] Hey! Where's SOOBIN? [Over there] I think it's better not to carry this. [Feeling the same way] - Right? I was too scared when I found it. - It's better to take it afterward. Right. [Surprised by light from the stick] - I was told to check it out. - Hurry up. I did it and it blinked here.... What's the game? - Cham Cham Cham or rock paper scissors. - Cham Cham Cham. [Players can choose a game] - You can choose. - Between the two. - Okay. [Let's play rock paper scissors] Rock paper scissors. [Please] I wish I would lose. [To take the real light stick away] Rock paper scissors! [Lost] [Won] Rock paper scissors! [SOOBIN still holds the real light stick] - We have to wait for a minute. - See you! I am leaving. [SOOBIN's view] [Let's run away] Oh, my. [BEOMGYU needs to wait for a minute] 1 minute rule. [Murmuring] It's better to give it to someone else and take it away at the end. I don't know. [Running away from members] [BEOMGYU is curious] YEONJUN, where was he hiding? [Here] Here. - Inside? - Yes. [Misunderstood he hid in the building] - Can he do that? In the building? - The same? [Ningning is studying about the stick] Can I spread it? How? [Doing his best to look small] [I can see you] Is he hiding now? [SOOBIN's view] [Hiding somewhere] Really.... [After a minute] [Members are running again] CHOI SOOBIN! Come here! [SOOBIN's view] CHOI SOOBIN! [Scary voice, a.k.a CHOI YEONJUN] Come here! [I'm so scared] [Are you here?] [SOOBIN hiding there] [Looking around] [Trying to compress his body] [SOOBIN is not here] [SOOBIN's view] [In a hurry] Hang on! Hang on! [Finally got caught] [Who caught SOOBIN?] [Hyena BEOMGYU] Hang on. Hang on. [Finally succeeded catching the SOOBunny] [Running after smelling the prey] Did you play the game? [It's not fair] There's no place to hide. - It's better to take it away at the end. - Hurry up. [Tang Soo Yuk game] - Let's play Tang Soo Yuk. - Okay. [BEOMGYU starts] - May I start? - Sure. [That's how they played an endless game] What are they doing? [Watching here] [Giving up] Shall we play another game? It's endless. [Let's skip it] - Play rock paper scissors. - We're so good at this. [Decided to play Cham Cham Cham] - Cham Cham Cham. - Rock paper scissors. [Left or right] Only left or right. Cham Cham Cham. Cham Cham Cham. [Oh] [I won again...] [Too tired] - Stay here for a minute. - I don't know. I want to take it away from him. [Real light stick is with] It's SOOBIN. - Oh, SOOBIN. - It's still CHOI SOOBIN. It's okay. [Murmuring] Where should I go? There's no place to hide. [It's too hard to run away] [Trying to hide behind a dark stage] [Out of breath] [I don't know] [Trying to hide under a chair] [No willing to hide] [SOOBIN's transparent hide-and-seek] [Pathetic] [Please pretend as if you had seen nothing] Can I catch him now? [YEONJUN starts to go!] SOOBIN! SOOBIN! Touch. [Frustrated] After I lost it, I can't take it back! [Unique concept] [HUENINGKAI is hiding and watching] [Tired] Take it from me. Take it. What will you play? [TAEHYUN's pick] Let's play Muk Chi Pa. Rock paper scissors. [Going first] Chi Chi Muk! Pa Pa Pa! Pa Pa Chi! Muk Muk Chi! [Real light stick: SOOBIN - TAEHYUN] [Won] Take it. [Feeling empty] [Running fast] [Real light stick: TAEHYUN] Did TAEHYUN take it away from him? [Watching the next prey] But we're too crowded... Why is he running in a circle? [Wandering baby lamb] You can see the light over there. [Disappointed] I should take it away. The timing was terrible. [After 1 minute] - You can move now! - Let's go! [We're coming to catch KANG TAEHYUN] Backwards! [BEOMGYU changed the direction] Let's catch him from behind! [SOOBIN goes straight] [Where are you, TAEHYUN?] [YEONJUN is running ahead of SOOBIN] [Run!] [Ningning is chasing him, too] [TAEHYUN found HUENINGKAI] [Going backwards] [I'm going to catch you!] [Right before catching TAEHYUN] [SOOBIN joins] [The one who is being chased] Slippery! [Trying to catch TAEHYUN] Catch him! [BEOMGYU gave up] I can't. [Tired] Let me take a break. [Too tired] I can't go further. [YEONJUN is still chasing] [I never give up] [Endless chase] [Touch] [I got you!] [TAEHYUN's view] Shall we take a break? [Let me catch my breath] Even if you win, you need to run away. [Tired] Are you tired? Me, too. Someone is driving him into a corner. [Smart-GYU] I should go the other way around. [Game, start!] Cham Cham Cham! [Game over] Okay. May I choose o This one? [Real light stick: TAEHYUN - YEONJUN] [TAEHYUN didn't have a false stick] [Back to the starting point] [YEONJUN has the real light stick] [Real light stick: YEONJUN] [It's YEONJUN] Everything came back to the starting point. [Curious] Who is it? [YEONJUN is running] Oh, what are they doing there? [No place to hide] [Can't avoid them] Where should I go? [Passing by] How long should we wait further? [To YEONJUN] Hi. [YEONJUN's view] [Struggling so hard] Don't come to me! Don't! [Production team lost YEONJUN] [After a minute] [Let's go to find him!] [HUENINGKAI is here] Hello. [Running so fast] [Entering to a dead end] [Chasing YEONJUN] Go over there! To the left! [YEONJUN's view] [Let's run away] [YEONJUN met SOOBIN] [Touch] Come here. [Without a break] Game? [SOOBIN's view] Cham Cham Cham. [Favorite game in a chase] Left or right. Cham Cham Cham. [Returning the light stick] Stay still for a minute. [See you later!] [Here we go! [Bye, my light stick!] [Running to find a place to hide] Run! Further away! [See you later] [I'll catch up with you] [SOOBIN's view] [Omniscient view by] The perfect picture will be... he runs in a circle and he comes to here. [I'll get the light stick!] I will touch him and... [Smart TAEHYUN] [You have plans, TAEHYUN] Right, someone is coming as I expected. [SOOBIN is coming up as TAEHYUN expected] [Help me] I'm too tired. [Amazing physical strength] [SOOB-nergizer can run forever!] [Tired now] [BEOMGYU-ena is coming to catch SOOB-bunny] [Not much time is left] [Please] Please give me 1 minute! [Going straight to the place where SOOBIN is hiding] [I found you] Haha. Hey, hang on. [SOOBunny is running away] Wait, move! [BEOMGYU-ena is chasing] Get out of my way! [I'm sorry] [Please get out of my way] Please! [YEONJUN was walking from the other side] Nice. Come to me. Come here. [SOOBINs' view] Hey, I can't run anymore. [BEOMGYU caught him after a wild chase] [Too tired to talk] Cham Cham... Cham Cham Cham! [Argh] Cham Cham Cham! [Lucky guy] [SOOBIN successfully defended!] [Frustrated] [Help me] Tell me the final destination. [Disappointed-GYU] [Failed in every round] I'm so terrible at playing games. [He lost the chance again] [The final destination was announced a minute before the end of the game] [Looking around] [Found it] It's there. [Oh] It's right in front of me. [The final destination] - Where? - The place with a tree. [Final destination for TO DO mission] [Sure about his victory] I won. - Did you check out the final destination? - Not yet. [SOOBIN is still wandering] I don't know where it is. [BEOMGYU is confused] Where is it? I guess it's down there. [After a minute] [Slowly] Is he moving now? [Running away] He's moving? Oh, no! [Last chance] [All members are running after him] I can't believe it! He's there! There! [Someone who has been waiting for this] [SOOBunny] [SOOBIN is so good at running away] Here! Here! [HUENING touched him] [Right before the final destination] Nice. - Here... - I almost caught him. It will determine our fate. [Risktaker HUENINGKAI] If I lose... [Denying the reality] [It was so close] It's over there! [Smiling] I was waiting for you. [Last game to decide their fate] - It will be decided here. - Right. [I don't want to give it!] I almost won... You did a great job. I didn't sweat a lot. [So satisfied] I love it. I'm going to catch him while waiting here. [HUENINGKAI has been waiting for the last hit] [Nobody knows] You haven't lost yet. [Amazed by himself] It's amazing that I ran from there to here. [Members trying to hamper] What if he can't put the light stick here? [Favorite game] We're going to play Cham Cham Cham. [Winner will be decided] This is going to be the last game. If he takes it away, I will be so disappointed. I can't sleep. I did my best today. Hey, I ran from there to here. Hey, everyone did his best. [Time to decide the winner] - Here we go. - Left? - Yes. Cham Cham Cham. [Who will win?] Cham Cham Cham. [Jumping bunny out of joy] All members, stay still for a minute. [Ceremony to celebrate] [SOOBIN, where are you going?] Don't say anything. [SOOBIN's view] - Don't tell him. - Let's sit down. Let's sit down. [Embarrassed] I wanted to go in a circle but it's the end road. Finally, I arrived here! Don't say. [Light stick] You have to put it on the table. [Surprised] [Protecting the table] Get out of it. 20 seconds are left. You have to put it on the table. [How dare] Can he do that? They need to stand still. You can put it on the table. [SOOBIN's view] They need to stay still. - 1 minute is over. - I can't believe it. [Making a fuss] Okay, my turn. You can't do this to me! [Merciless] Let's play the game. Here we go. [Pathetic] I'm sorry for him. This one, right? [Hang on] Didn't SOOBIN touch the table? He didn't. [Right] - I did it. With the light stick. - I caught him before he did it. [Not fair] - They needed to stay still. - Oh, my. It was over. [Last chance please] Director, don't we have any more chance? Don't we have any more chance? [Honest HUENING] I think he touched it. I saw it. - He did, right? - Yes, he did. [Great job, my buddy!] - Really... - He touched it with a light stick. [BEOMGYU's view] [When SOOBIN was about to put it on the table] You need to stay still! You can't do this to me... [Touched the table] [HUENING saw it in front of them] [HUENINGKAI saw it] - Okay, my turn. - You can't do this to me! Here we go. [Yay! I Let's admit that. [SOOBIN carried the game really hard] - Let's admit it. - He did really well. He did his best. Really. [I saw it] He ran the farthest distance. Everyone did his best. Let me check out if SOOBIN's light stick is a fake or not. Let me check. [Surprised] - Which one is it? - Which one? [Today's quote: It ain't over till it's over] Hang on. [BEOMGYU's view] These are not his. [Nice younger brothers trying to help him] These four. SOOBIN, which one did you put on the table? [No idea] - I don't know. - We don't know. [YEONJUN's view] Which did I leave on the table? Anyone? - This is it. - This? [Returning the light stick to the producer] I'm so sure. Lie. [Their chase will turn into a big failure] What if it's not a real one? [Checking it's real] [Oh?] - What? - It's the real light stick. [Cant' believe] We marked it here. Why didn't it blink? [Members changed the light stick mode] You pressed the button and changed the mode. [BEOMGYU is still suspicious] [Mine doesn't have that sticker] There's no hint on mine. What was the hint? [Hints were on fake light sticks] It was on the stick, here. Mine was "Garden". [Disappointed] I didn't have any. [Everyone worked so hard] - Really? - We did our best today. [Worried] I may have looked like a fool in the beginning. I went to the stage and said, "Well, I don't think you hid it here". I thought the light stick wasn't there. I found two light sticks on my way to here. Then, I heard the game started and tried to stop YEONJUN from going there. [BEOMGYU gave a hint to YEONJUN] "It might be around the stage". And I went there. [Nope] - I didn't go there because of that. - Really? [He got the hint from his fake light stick] I had... what was that? [Stage] I saw the hint from a fake light stick. So I went there. [Got another hint from the production team] - The 2nd hint was 45. - Under the 45th. [YEONJUN luckily found a real one] - There were numbers on chairs. - Right, 45. I haven't found any fake stick. [Master of finding light sticks] I guess I have found the biggest number of fake ones. I found four. So I just walked around. TO DO light stick chase was over now. The winner of 3 grape stickers is... [Kudos to SOOBIN] SOOBIN! - You did a great job. - Congratulations. [Grape stickers + 3] - I did my best, really. - Congratulations. Everyone, you worked so hard. Thank you very much. Let's press the button to find MOAs. [Feature to find MOAs] Please shout your slogan and say bye to fans. [Shall we say bye with light sticks?] - Let's wrap it up. - Winner. [Button to find MOAs] Winner, please press the button. Okay. Let's say bye to fans. One dream! We're TOMORROW X TOGETHER! TO DO! [Blinking] [MOA, see you next week!] So pretty. [Today's grape stickers] [Next episode] [Let's go outside!] TO DO! I've never been to a camping site. [What are they going to do during the camping outside?] We can... [So cheerful] Mom! [Stamping his feet] [Started with Zero game full of thrill] So thrilled while playing the game. [TOMORROW X TOGETHER's choice] I'll be Cabbage Master. - I like him. - I will do that. - Hang on. - Radish is not delicious. [will decide their dinner menu] - Shall we play basketball? We did it on Golden Disc. - Let's do it. - Let's not betray basketball. - Basketball. [Will they be able to have dinner?] Black Bean Noodles. I like it. I like it, too. [Another mission] YEONJUN! I'm crying now. [See you in the next episode! TO DO] - I don't like to laugh. - YEONJUN is amazing!