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Hi, this is Jimin. Long time no see! Hello~ It's been awhile! Finally I'm here! Smile! Hi, it's been a long time. Did you miss me a lot? Long time no see. I wanted to do this sooner but I wasn't feeling good for a while. I didn't want to show it, so I'm here with perfect condition. No, I wasn't really sick. My condition was just not great. I wanted to see you when I was feeling good. So here I am healthy. Nice to see you. I haven't done V Live for a while, recently... Now I've got some time. I'll come see you more often. I think I can do that, like in the past. Maybe in a few days. That's my plan for now. How are you guys doing? It's been a while since we last met. Right? "Hello from the UK". I guess you have a lot of things to say. I can see that since you're already asking many questions. "Any song recommendations"? "What did you eat"? "Have you had dinner"? "Please call my name". "I can't go to school so I'm bored". "What have you been up to"? "Tell us about how you've been doing". "Love you"! "You were in my dream last night". Let me tell you what I've been doing. To show you our different sides, we were preparing a lot of different content. And... Taking care of our health. Please take good care of yourselves too. You need to stay healthy so that we can meet again. These days, to stay healthy, I'm taking care of my body and having good meals. That's what I've been up to. You missed me a lot, right? I'm not supposed to do this, but... You know, Things are not really good outside. Not many people are on the streets. So... At my home, I just drink a glass of soju which makes me really emotional. The connection is not good. Can you hear me? Anyways, when I get emotional, I write posts at our cafe like I did before. I also posted on Weverse lately. Actually, I think I'll get so embarrassed later, but somehow when I get really emotional, I write something on Weverse saying that I miss you. That was my thing from few years ago. At our fan cafe... Hey! - Why did you take your shoes off? - Bro! - It's your room so... - What's that! - Hey, I'm leaving soon. - Okay. - So I'm just stopping by. I should go in 5 minutes. - You? - Yeah. - Say hi to our fans. - Hi! What's wrong with my hair? I just finished working out. - My hair's a mess. - He works out really hard lately. - Exercise... Today I did a full-body workout. Actually, I was watching your V Live next door. - You were? - Yeah. - That's a blooper. "I love you~ What did you eat~" "You are asking a lot of questions..." So what were you talking about? - Just what we've been up to lately. - Oh, I see. - I told them we were shooting... - We're preparing something. - Right. - Something. We can't just stay like this. - We must do something! - Wasn't there any connection error though? - Absolutely not. - Okay. - The video quality was so good. - Like, I couldn't believe it. - Let's move backward then. - As far as I know... This is Samsung's 100 million-pixel camera. It shows the pores of your skin from this far. Let's try on how much we can get closer, 1, 2, 3! It's a blooper. Whenever this happens, I always try to be calm. Sorry, Jimin. My bad. - I'm okay. - Jimin! Anyways, I should say a few words since I'm here, right? - It's nothing big. What you need to say here... - Yeah. Tell them when you'll come back. That's for the ending. - Is that? - If you just tell them when you're coming back, ARMY will be... Pretty soon. When I say it, I mean it. - I think I can see you again pretty soon. - Okay. How about you? Doing great? You're at a company now. - Yes. - Yeah. - We met this morning too. - True. - I mean, tell them when you're coming back. - You guys doing great? I'll be back pretty soon. Well... I've been working hard. I don't really have to, though. I mean, you just have to maintain the rhythm. Okay, I'll go. - Goodbye! I... - I didn't ask you to leave. Do you know that GIF? Goodbye! - Look it up. - Goodbye! This one? I'm leaving! Goodbye! - Are you really leaving? - Yeah. Adios! Ciao! I'm left alone. He came out of sudden. My hair grew a lot since last time. I've had a hair cut not so long ago. It's so chaotic. I didn't dye my hair. Remember it was blue during promotions? I didn't do anything. I haven't even dyed it. The flow is gone! Let's see. I was saying hello, talking what I've been up to asking how you've been doing. Are you guys doing good? Things are not so great, so I have many concerns. I hope nobody's sick anymore. I'm so worried. Frankly, I hope you can come see us soon. We miss you too and we hope to have fun together. But... if you come over and enjoy the show and get sick, that's not good. We talked about this a lot, really. We decided we can't do this. If somebody gets sick after our show, we would feel so bad. So... It's a tough time for us. But if you can keep waiting we'll prepare some cool stuff and show you soon. Don't worry, okay? I know all of you are waiting so much. And we're doing our best too. So please don't worry. I haven't had dinner yet. After this V Live, I'll go and eat. I'll eat ramen today. I was craving it. I love ramen. Of course, BTS has the plans! We're BTS! Huh? Let's see. What else should I say? Actually, I was planning this time with you today and thinking about what to say, but I get lost every time. When I get here, I don't know what to say. This machine translation is so funny. "I'm an ARMY from Italy". "I'm an ARMY from Turkey". "What's your dream"? My dream was always the same. Working as long as possible. We often get the questions on press conference or TV shows asking our next goal and our dream. We get those questions a lot. Honestly, working in this field as long as I can is my dream. I want to do this longer. You also like singing with us and dancing with us. You really like having fun time together. I also love that so working as long as I can is my dream. As an idol singer. It's my dream to do that for a long time. Many people outside. "What's your favorite song in BTS album"? I told you that we finished recording around late last year, around October. Since then, I listened to "Zero O'Clock" a lot. RM wrote the lyrics and I loved it. I mean, how... When the minute and second hands overlap The world holds its breath for a little while. How did he think of that? I... Living the same life is so... How can you think of something like that? When they overlap... When... It goes.... That one second! That's when it happens. How can anyone think of that? It's so moving every time I listen to it. It's so... Yeah, and I said I'll talk about "Friends". To be honest... It's a great honor for me. But it was something that I worked on alone and recorded. There were about 3 songs that I had been working on at the same time. But... We brought this one song and played it for the producer. I told him that I had been working on a song. And I wanted to hear his opinion. And then... It was too hard to keep going with the 3rd song. The 3rd song that I had been working on was hard to continue so I played two other songs and I wanted him to give me some direction. And I played the 1st and 2nd song for him then when I played the 3rd song, I explained, "There's another song that I had been working on" "and I wasn't sure what direction I should go". "So I'd really love your input and help". And at the time, there were drums sounds. And I wanted to make something really exciting. Kind of like a "wow"~ song. The existing melody of "Friends". I gave him the melody and the producer said, "This is pretty good". But that was the song that I was least prepared for. So I was least confident about it. But he said it was OK and when I was sitting for 3 hours next to him, the producer kept adding elements to the song that I brought. Instrument sounds. He tried this and that. And it turned into a real song. In about an hour and a half, it turned into music. It was so moving. And I said that it was so amazing. I was so amazed that a song that wasn't that special to begin with became such a special piece of music. And then when I was next to the producer, the... If you listen closely to "Friends", there are sounds like this. There are sounds that I made with my mouth. Sounds like this. He said he made it into the image he got of me when he looked at me. He said it was a melancholy mood. I think he wanted to make a cute song for me. So that's how it was made. And then I said, I'll work on the ending melody. So when we were on tour, we kept discussing the song. And then one day, he called me. And he told me that my song was selected as a track for our album. And he asked me what I thought. Yes? Really? Out of the blue like that? It wasn't that I didn't want it to go in the album, I was just so surprised. I wasn't sure if it was good enough to go in our album or not. That's what I had on my mind. My song? So after a while, we were discussing the possibility of units. And while we were discussing that, j-hope, Jung Kook and Jin already had a unit song, me and... V, RM and SUGA were left. At first, there was a lot of ideas. Talk of me and SUGA. Me and RM. Me and V. There were a lot of different possibilities thrown around. And we decided that we should try a mix of members that hadn't been tried before. So we decided on doing my song with V. So that's how "Friends" came to be. Stories of me and V together. Stories from the past. So that's how it was made. It was so much fun and I was so thankful. And V did such a good job of singing the song. So I think that's how it turned out so well. It's the most emotional song in the entire album for me. The song "Friends". I had a lot of fun recording it but it's the most emotional song for me. When we ever get to perform this song on stage, if that day comes... I think I would get really emotional. We had a lot of fun recording it but when I listened to it with earphones later, it made me really emotional. Because when V and I start talking about us, we can go non stop. We have so many... We have so many stories. The list is endless. We used to fight and argue all the time. And we talked all the time. We sidetracked a lot too. And drank. When we were in school... It was so funny. I'd always wake him up and tell him that it was time to go to school. Jung Kook and I used to wake him up all the time but V would always be in bed. Jung Kook would always be in front of the mirror... A long time ago, Jung Kook's hair style was asymmetric as a student. It was diagonal like this. He'd be in front of the mirror for an hour with hair spray. And it would get on my nerves so later on, I stopped waking him up and leave to go to school by myself. It was so funny. We used to take the bus together. When we were singing the song, and recording together it brought back so many memories. It was so much fun. And when V goes, "Jimin, why don't we"... At that part, towards the end when we were all done with the recording. So during recording... V and I had different recording schedules, so we left certain messages. During the middle. In the beginning, there's a part after "We". I'd go, "V, how are you doing"? "Hello". And V would go, "Bring it together". We'd say certain thing to each other. And whisper each other names. "Jimin". It was so much fun every single day when we were recording "Friends". That was pretty much it. I wish we got some of that on camera. Yes, well... Yes, so that's how the song was made. That was the behind the scenes story of "Friends". And it was a great honor for me to have my song be included in our album. It made me so happy and I was so thankful. I always listen to the same songs these days. Wasn't this album really great? I loved it. They're all great. Really. Something new... I love them all. I love all the solo songs. And this one too. I cried a lot while listening to "Respect". Aren't the two hilarious? It's so funny towards the end. What did they say? Something like... "Older bro". "What's respect"? "Respect and honor, isn't it? I'm not sure". It was so funny. I laughed so much listening to this. I bet "Bulletproof" would be a really new style for you to listen to. It's a great song. "Is it hard once you go to middle school"? Are you an elementary school student? Personally, I had so much fun in middle school. "Are you in Seoul now"? I'm at our company right now. You're playing "Friends" on your piano? This is... This on piano? I'm so curious. "Does ARMY get an entertainment award"... "at the year-end entertainment award ceremony"... Entertainment... When I get bored... I don't have much to do. I've been watching movies lately. The movies that I've been watching lately... I can't remember the titles. "Please give us tips on making new friends in the beginning of the semester". Making new friends at school... I'm not sure. I can't remember that far back. I really can't. My school wasn't that big so I knew all the friends in school. So even if it was a new school year, it wasn't awkward. It was like, "Hey, is it you this time"? Hey yo! Kind of like this. It wasn't that awkward or new. All the friends were nice. I was close with a lot of kids. The new semester... It wasn't that... I don't have any special tips. It's just... Make good friends. That's the best. With your close friends. You can just be with them. "Filter"? "Filter" is... "Filter"... I really enjoyed recording "Filter". It's a style I've never done before, so I had a lot of fun. Something... There's nothing special. I tried to show something I've never shown before. That's how I recorded it. "Tell us about the dumpling incident". The dumpling incident... I can't tell you everything about it. I can't. "Tell us everything"... Only thing I can tell you is that, we fought because of dumplings. It was... Looking back, it's not a big thing but for me it was back then. It was... How should I tell you thin? Back then... I'm too embarrassed to talk about this. It's really nothing. There was this dumpling. And we fought over whether to eat it now or later. I'm so embarrassed. Looking back, I'm feel embarrassed. It was just between that we eat it now or later. We're here to practice. Let's eat after practice. No, I'm hungry. Let's eat and practice. It was nothing. Either one was fine. Why were we so stubborn? I claimed to eat after practice. V was so hungry that he wanted to eat and practice. But... As we didn't eat it all at that moment, and for practice, it's about only 30 or 40 minute long, I asked him to practice first and then eat. Because it would take more time if we eat before practice. But, V was really hungry. So we fought. We fought and, Other members asked us to leave. So we left the practice room and kept arguing. "If we did as what I said, we would not have fought each other like this", I said. "No, you're so mean to say like that", he said. So we kept on fighting. We kept on fighting over the same thing. So other members asked us to came in. And we started arguing again while sitting. I got so upset. I got so mad like this. Other members tried to reconcile us. In the end, the fight was over. And... I even drank alcohol because of this. How many years ago? How many years ago? I think it was about 4 or 5 years ago. I drank and met again with V then we finally settled. That's it. There's nothing special. How long did it last? Even though I told you briefly, it took about 5 or 6 hours back then. No, 4 or 5 hours. 6 hours is too much. I think it took 4 hours until I settled with V. So, for us, the dumpling incident is a funny episode. That's what it is. It's really funny. It's ridiculous, right? But at the time, it was very important. For both V and me, it was a so important matter. A funny thing is... It's a friends thing. You'll relate to this as you also have friends. Sometimes, you get stubborn to your friends. And, it gets hard to say things like, "Okay", "I'm sorry", or "Thank you". It's hard to say those things. I thought I was doing well. But I was not. I said to V in a strange way like, "Why don't you do this for you"? It makes you feel bad when heard. My expression was even like this. My words were not friendly. So how would you expect him to say yes to me? So, V also said to me like, "Why don't you do it first"? That's how another fight begins. So we fought a lot over such things everyday. During practices, we pointed out each other's mistakes. When I was on a diet, I fought with him because he was eating next to me. We fought over everything like, "Why do you wake up so late"? Or, "Why are you talking so mean"? We confronted a lot like this. But the funny thing is... Once in a while after those fights, we talked very deeply. It's probably when we were on Japan tour. We talked much time to time, so the situation got better. Our fights didn't last long. We rather went to get away together. As some of you remember, a long time ago, we... Without telling to managers and other members, during a tour, 2 of us went out... It's probably when we're at the Jeff stadium. During our tour, 2 of us were standing in front of the dome and I said like, "We should perform there", then V said, "Of course". There were such times when we went around secretly. And... There were a lot of good moments. It was fun when we were drinking. And when we have a hard time, we talked a lot with each other. It took a long time for us to change maybe about 4 and a half years since our debut. Since then, at some point, when when we say something like... For example, when we asked to each other like, "Why don't you rather do like this"? Then we started responding like, "Okay". At some point, we started doing that so naturally. We started saying sorry or thank you to each other. Sometimes, we do facetime in the evening. If I'm at work, he call me via facetime. I think we got over it. "I gave up". No, it's different. There's a saying like, arguing makes people get closer. So now, me and him in the same age... To be honest... In a way, I came to Seoul to work. And V is my first and the only friend I met after I came to Seoul. Because other friends are all older than me. That's right. I might find more friends in the future. Anyways. He's my only same-age friend. I don't have anyone else, sharing such memories. V might be the only one in the future as well. "Do you have anything fun these days"? Fun things? I like eating these days. I love eating. I love eating. "A friend in the same age is the best". To be honest, I know I'm not that old, nor have I lived for long. So I'm not talking as your senior right now. But my point is that age doesn't matter. Age is not important. What I feel these days is that even for people who are older than me, their mindsets are much younger than their actual ages. What should I say? I can relate to them so well. There's a friend who is 10 years older than me. But we just talk casually. Yes, I do have such a friend. I call him anytime and ask him to get early, and be quiet. I do have such a friend. So I don't think age matters. Good night. Yeah. Which ramen am I going to eat? I... I will think about it later at the convenient store. How did I lose my weight? Don't go on a diet. I don't want to call it a diet. I feel bad if I call it a diet. Don't you? It's to build a healthy body. Let's call it a body care. You need to take care of your health. But don't go on a diet. "It went up..." "Can you celebrate my birthday with calling my name"? Hyeyoon... Since you call me oppa... Hyeyoon, happy birthday. Eat a lot, whatever it is. Hello, Serin. Hello, Serin. Huh? I got something on my forehead. Serin. I'm not sure if I'm making some sense or not. Let me do this way. For all ARMYs who have a birthday today, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. My dear everyone. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. Today, you're the stars. Please say thank you to your parents. Because they are the real stars. Please say thank you to your parents. I do this with my friends. You know... It was a J-HOPE's birthday recently. On that day, I sent a video to his parents, in which I said like, "J-HOPE's mom, you're the best! Thank you"! Be grateful to your parents. I wear masks well so don't worry. Everyone, these days... I don't know how to tell you this but, take care of your health. I'm really worried about you. Take care of your health. Did you hear it? I'm hungry. I am hungry. Are you okay? I'll feed you some ramen later. "I'm 5 years younger than you, but I feel like being your mom". Okay. It's so much fun now. What should I do? It's already been 50 minutes. It might be really funny. Everyone, it could be really funny. It could be really ridiculous. This is really embarrassing. I'm really sorry but let me go to the bathroom. I want to go to the bathroom. I'll be back. How come I... I felt so thirsty that I drank too much water. I'm sorry, everyone. Nothing happened. Okay, everyone? Nothing happened. Right? Don't say things like, "Are you happy now"? Nothing happened. For those who just joined, let's not say such things. Everyone, everyone. Let's not say such things. Nothing happened.