INJURED World Champion David Taylor


Chael Sonnen


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I gotta tell you guys one piece of news from amateur wrestling David Taylor the world champion the defending world champion sits in the way the process works to now make this year's World Team which is the exact same team for the exact same term as an Olympic team it just happens in non Olympic year right so you have three World Championships and every fourth year they hold the Olympic Games very prestigious but the way that it works because he is the world champion as he will sit into the very finals so USA Wrestling will go through an entire process a season a national tournament another tournament called the World Team Trials and then eventually whoever comes out of that in this case a guy named Pat Downey will then go meet David Taylor they'll wrestle for the best-of-three David Taylor wrestled and beat the streets hurt his knee matching it up getting stopped everybody knew he hurt his knee but you couldn't really tell on the replay what happened and any time from my experience when there is a knee injury when a athlete hurts his knee and you watch it you know I can't I can't see what happened I didn't see the twist I didn't see the bend anytime you don't see any time it looks like nothing it's always something really major ever I never see a guy hurt his knee on that something you can't see and then it turns out to be a strain or he's got some swelling or some inflammation just never works that way sure enough David Taylor's case same deal I believe in ACL something more severe happened where he's gonna need seven or eight months and he's gonna be out so listen to what he did first off here's what he had the right to do okay his big two out of three series with Pat Downey supposed to go down on June 9th so David Taylor had the right to wait until June 9th and then simply not register not show up not get on the scale and that's how Danny down he finds out the series it was gonna happen he's gonna be the guy he needs to go get ready for the World Championships David Taylor also had the right to get ahold of us aw and say as world champion I wanted postponement of the two out of three and they would have granted that to him likely that would have culminated at the Junior Nationals at the very end of July okay he did another neither of those things he went to a third option which is he came out he said my knee my knees hurt I've tested it I've worked on it I'm not gonna have it ready in time and I'm going to tell you now Pat Downey as the representative of the United States go get ready for the World Championships I'm not gonna delay this six weeks I'm not even gonna delay this two more weeks I've tested my knee I've worked with my doctors Pat Downey go get ready for the World Championships it was a very stand-up move and I imagine it would be a very difficult thing for the number one guy in the world who's looking to go out there and collect some titles to do but he did it and he deserves a lot of credit for it