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it's not a phage yes not a fit again why do i keep having these nightmares david yes is that you yes this got me a nightmare no just a dream jesse it was just david when i was a young boy i said it was just a phase [Music] what is going on everybody jesse james west here hope you're having a great day i must have spilled literal all of my coffee so never mind about that it's a day of my life i'm gonna be doing everything that makes me happy everything that makes me feel good i'm gonna take you guys along for the entire journey now if you're new to the channel hit that subscribe button kendra you're not subscribed i don't wanna hear it anyways don't be like kendra and make sure that subscribe button turn on post notifications because we're on the road to a million we will get there this year i promise you that but only with your help i love all of you let's get inside for meal number one so ladies and gentlemen for breakfast we're gonna be cooking up not just that we got rice cakes we've got eggs egg whites in spanish i know i cheated in spanish too you need mustard and you need ketchup baby never forget your la seasonings now my question to you guys is do you know i'm crazy or do you think i'm crazy comment below let's get cooking i'm on the scene billie jean had to let him know put my demons in that cage then i let him go mama told me just to chill but it's still still when that ill will got me turning in the kill bill y'all taking shots but your aim is money i give you the business like a family came for money your chain is funny if you paying rent on a real estate it's time for you to re-evaluate and innovate i broke that door okay so one thing i really do every single day and i really truly enjoy it as i eat my breakfast outside in the sun and i drink my coffee just kind of gets my mind right gets my day going and i feel a lot better if i do this we are rocking three rice cakes about 300 grams of egg whites coffee number two because i'm literally just being cracked out so first thing in the morning i really try to not do too much work right away as i wake up i tend to dive into work immediately and not do anything for the remainder of the day until i'm done with that said we are gonna have ourselves our breakfast though i was storing this somewhere else for later normally i have french toast but honestly i'm trying to not have french toast right away it kind of makes my cravings work that's my best buy baby so i have not given you guys a honest physique update forever we're gonna check my weight and then i'm gonna show you guys what i'm looking like 188 i don't know where that came from maybe i'm holding on to something and i need to let it go if you know what i'm saying honest physique update pants are always off i've been dieting a little bit and i feel pretty good i think we're seeing some good lines abs still feel pretty tight [Music] honestly we're not looking too bad i was off diet for i'd say a good two months we're getting back on diets about 2500 calories and cardio every day so for the next thing on the agenda no it's not what you're thinking it is not to go hunt some single moms we actually have work to do in the morning i wake up i eat my breakfast i do my work and i'm gonna manifest the entire month of march because it is the second of march so i am one day behind i have a board that i manifest everything that i do i try to be as realistic as possible but realistic in a way of reaching my goals and making sure that i'm pushing boundaries the way i section it is by life financial gym youtube instagram and tick tock it's like basically goal setting for the entire month of march if you guys are not into manifesting there's no problem about that but i do recommend that you try to be a goal setter write down all of your goals and try to hit them every single month because you will see progress in your life and you will notice the biggest difference by the end of the month when you can kind of compare everything i literally have the bottom of this right here is all the months leading up from when i started doing this and my life has drastically changed ever [Music] since so my manifestation board is complete i'm going to keep it to myself i like to keep this kind of personal as it means a lot to me but i did want to share it to you so that way you guys can try it and make some progress on your life i promise you try it okay so we're gonna be headed to the gym it's not like i really need any more pre-workout than i already got in my system i actually just my blood is full of pre-workout transparent labs we're gonna be doing a custom pre-workout we have rocket pop and then we have pink lemonade but i have a genius idea i'm going to combine half and half and make a pink rocket no red rock let's go baby all right the moment of truth let's see how this tastes oh that's fuego anyways code jesse save yourself 10 percent off and support me and keep anthony and grant off the streets okay i have to house them here somehow code jesse link down below and anthony on alphagroom and go to anthony on alphagroom it literally works i'm not kidding it literally honestly i woke up this morning and looked out there and i thought you were the girl from last night in auntie's room okay oh we gotta cut it cut it cut it [Music] ladies and gentlemen daddy's home daddy's home baby it's back in biceps day but we have to do some calves but of course i'm not gonna show you because why would i show you what i don't have it's like me showing your girlfriend it makes no sense this workout is gonna be fueled by not only some caffeine but some dopamine as well you guys already know the deal shoes off now my dad used to make fun of me and say jesse are those your sisters socks yes they are i mean they're sick practice safe sets baby [Music] get a little milly now we can zoom with it man jesse j west man jj jersey l.a baby my god next up we got dumbo roads we're gonna go nice and heavy this is actually one of my heavier back days i don't always deadlift but i'm trying to get back into it you guys really enjoy the powerlifting content if you enjoy any content i love you so much literally like oh dumbo rose back to it three sets eight reps each arm start out with your weaker arm for most people it's their left arm for me i'm a lefty [Music] so what are we going to do oh jesus christ hold on buddy what up baby what up baby i just got your sweat and i was going to go into my bloodstream in the trenches you're looking lean actually do you ready listen to this ready what's up that is weird it sounds like one of those bracelets they slap on your bracelet as a kid you know those things a little i'm not like crack today man i'm cracked out shut up you shut up i wasn't talking to you what are you saying he thinks he owns the show jesse nice to meet you aisha nice to meet you audrin aisha why i don't know i feel like if i were to train with you i wouldn't be able to walk for four days so they're not training you hard number one through ten one two three seven oh they're just planned color color one two three purple song song oh oh okay oh oh yeah got it okay one two three hall of fame very nice to meet you nice to meet you too we'll train some time i'll put i'll put them through a leg day all right next up we're gonna be doing a single arm lat pulldown focusing on one side at a time again i've been really trying to do a lot of unilateral stuff just to kind of keep everything in symmetry because when the gym is packed i can't really do cable work but now that no one's here i'm gonna take advantage of this and do a lot of cable so let's go baby tarps off for all the boys and the occasional girl ah that's like a once a month thing though are you the are you the one what are you the exception for what it's for tarp's off yes so many times we got two more back exercises we're gonna be doing some rows and some lap pull downs actually three we're gonna be doing a cable press down we're gonna super set those two exercises right after this one so let's just dive right into it kill this so we can get on the biceps and keep the day rolling baby there's a lot in store for today let's go me oh shut it down how's it going guys it's gone all right so we're gonna be doing some bicep curls what other than the joe andrews barbell curls baby are you ready for this i'm ready he killed me last time so i gotta get back to it let's go came in the game of the lesson nothing hardly nothing no support put it from the ground up 10 years that a guy gave me everything that i asked for ten thousand hours into my crap by the time i done that i put a hundred thousand more if you don't think that i work for this keep my name at your mouth people in my emboss asking me if i can put them on i don't know exactly what they think that i can put them on to work out be yourself and make sure not to take your eyes off good build off criticism and be well when people say they got you real as far as i better spit gotta take my pride and then swallow it as i remind myself just what i started with before anybody gave me compliments and all the years it took to manifest is getting to something i could praise my savior with it now andy trapp is the conglomerate we're trying to shine this light so you can follow it up people from the last class of exercise is going to be some underhand curls superset overhand curls i always always include this you go underhand for 10 overhand for eight 18 reps total four sets absolutely kill your biceps and then you are finished and finishing it is always the best part people from that console can't believe it we had come this far same people never thought the boy would go this hard people from back home so can't believe [Music] that is it that is the workout we must go refuel and get some lunch because your boy needs protein i need meat in my mouth so we are back in the kitchen my mom texts me and i literally get a photo of me and my childhood best friend alan this is us as kids literally nothing's changed i've always been crazy if you guys question if this is an act it's clearly not up next you know i was gonna do a cool trick and then i was like i'm gonna lose a finger these are some special magic mushrooms from california in the ground onion we got lettuce we have my post workout stack creatine bcaa and some posts go jesse and we're gonna add some chicken and then some ham and make a giant salad and then we're gonna have some literal ice cream halo top i haven't had this in forever and it's gonna be throwback to back in the summer when i basically first started youtube so if you're an og you know i'm obsessed with dinosaurs ladies and gentlemen we have finished making la lucha i am literally just making up languages at this point so we got a little salad for the boys and a little ice cream normally i would eat this in the sun but you know what i wanted to sit on the casting couch so i'll give you a little taste test we got a whole bunch of chicken a little bit of ham in there a little special sauce mmm now that is a secret sauce is jesse on the secret sauce is this the secret sauce is that a click bait and title oh my god so guys this is the secret sauce of how to make gains have yourself a salad put the secret sauce on it aka sriracha sauce creamy sriracha so yeah we're going to dive into this hot so i've been dieting for the past like i'd say good week my weight hasn't changed much but i can easily see that i'm leaner it's really hard as a natural to actually diet down really really lean just because you don't have that edge but i do think it is 100 doable and that's why i stay natural not for myself but also you guys to prove to you that you can do it if you're feeling down or unmotivated just know that it is possible just give it time and be consistent and we can be shredded together for now let's dive in cheers good afternoon sir [Music] so the next part of my day is gonna be to go get inside of chelsea my man let's go chelsea my car get your head out of the gutter we got a photo shoot to go do i love you justin bieber so much i just want to say i don't want to just be friends with any girl i want to actually form a relationship and get a bonding like no other and then you say no because you just want to be friends and this then you play this song and it's over literally this is the most beautiful thing this is kind of like manifesting i want to live here one day look at this you walk outside and that's your backyard are you kidding me i wouldn't be in the position without you guys so i do want to say thank you seriously bottom of my heart i love each and every one of you watching this single grandmas and single grandmas we are at pirates cove in malibu check it out actually don't check it out cause then it's no longer secret phil you see that giant rock yeah we're climbing it brother man i'll see you on the other side okay so i have officially taken the camera phil feels like he's going to die at any moment as you see we're on rigid sharp jagged rocks there's seals over there i want to see seals keep it moving see you later buddy oh god oh that was dangerous look at this beauty the number one thing that i struggle with especially when it comes to a work or b just life in general i get super attached to progress which is why i'm in the position i am because i work really really hard i had it with lacrosse i have it with workouts i have it with literally everything when numbers are involved it makes me work 10 times harder because you can see them improve so it's kind of like an addicting aspect to life that i have i'm super grateful for it and i'm happy that i use it to my advantage definitely have to take a little bit more time to chill i'm in literally malibu right now and it's beautiful so my message to you is to work extremely hard but of course no one to chill out and take it all in you earned this you worked hard take it [Music] follow your dreams don't let anyone tell you not to listen to your heart and listen to miley cyrus in malibu you already know the caffeine addiction at least the coffee we're gonna get decaf i'm not that crazy we'll see and we're gonna be getting some coffee from stars starts for the boys but i'm gonna order a little bit different i'm not ordering normal when do i do anything normal never come on hold on sorry sorry my freaking stereo wouldn't go down that sounded like the root standstone it was you want to hear more okay can i get a medium iced coffee decaf can i get two splenda and a little almond milk made with extra love does that come with it oh extra love yeah love like valentine's day at the window love you hi are you the sandstorm person i sure am hey it's people like that that make the world go round literally extra love ladies and gentlemen it is time for some french toast now listen french toast is different than french toast it's time we have our sweet tooth fulfilled so let's cook this bad boy up no one's home so i don't really know why i'm even wearing these let's cook so for one of my last meals we're gonna be having some french toast you guys already know the rules first bite is not the best bite it's the last by best buy i don't care what anyone ever says and listen if she ain't dripping i ain't drowning i missed you i don't know if there's one thing better in this world than french toast i swear i just did that old man video when i'm that old i will still be eating french toast regardless of anything anything if i'm on my deathbed i will have french toast by my side it's literally so good comment down below your favorite food that way i can go out and try them i try my best not to overdo the syrup but i literally there's just no limit i'm not kidding i can realistically go through one of these like this is one day [Music] you guys know the rules last fight best buy [Music] let's go and lastly so for the french toast we had 34 proteins 74 carb and only three fat perfect so one of the last things i'm going to be doing is washing my face of course using alpha groom coat jesse saves 10 off or you can use coat anthony i'm not kidding it actually works but before we do that i'm going to finish off my last meal of the night eight ounces of grilled chicken keeping it nice and super duper clean i want to say i really appreciate you guys watching this video this far and if you are still watching comment down below hashtag grilledchicken to let me know you made it to the end now do not forget stay relentless turn our post notifications and i'll catch you guys in the next one peace [Music]