ITZY Not Shy Dance Practice Villain Ver




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(CHAERYEONG) (LIA) (RYUJIN) (YUNA) (YEJI) [NOT SHY] [NOT SHY : VILLAIN VER] (Welcome, never seen this combination before, have you?) (Already funny) MIDZY is calling for ITZY (Hwang Sparrow was abandoned in the practice room hahaha) (Oh, HWANG YEJI hahaha) (CHAERYEONG is 100% Ravenna) This is mine~ That is mine~ All mine~ (Ariel has transformed into YUrsula) (It's all mine) (Can't hold back laughter) (Totally into it) (Villains are first time working together but they're in sync) Oh, my hat! (Stands out as much as possible in the center) (Struggling because of YEJI) What can I possibly do with YEJI in center? (Destroys concentration) (↓) (Laughs a lot for a witch hahaha) (ㅠㅠ) (a.k.a Cotton queen) ITZY! (Can't deal with this) (Villains with positivity) ITZY, we can do it! (Recovers confidence) (Leading her squad) Stay dignified! (Villains have no dignity hahaha) (Never seen such a powerful bride of Chucky before...★) (HIP) (Such a hip pirate) Watch out for Chucky I'm going to cut the witch (Concept pros who can take on any concept) Let's go (Confusing identity) Is the sea calling for us We are villains (Korea's first in-sync villain choreography) (Cuteness+10) (Cuteness+20) (Throw it away) Thank you for watching, MIDZY! If you watched it... till the end...! Thanks! (CHAEvanna is weak at things like this) (The villain world shows no mercy) Let's move on (x4) - Let's move on - That's it Did you watch us? (lol) Good^^* Thank you! (lol) (Most powerful words in the world hahaha) RYUJIN, your turn Come back hahahaha (Can't take it) (I can't win over that ㅠㅠ) Thank you for watch...! (For all her worries, she did well hahaha) Watch! - MIDZY! - Here's the narration We hope you enjoyed it - Thank you, we're going, the end (We're going back to our worlds) (- THE END -) (WICKED WITCH - LIA) (BRIDE OF CHUCKY - RYUJIN) Where is Chucky? I said he needs to get here quick? We've been married for years And he's still this late? (QUEEN RAVENNA - CHAERYEONG) No one is more beautiful than I Because I gave them all poison apples (URSULA - YUNA) All the voices in the world are mine! (JACK SPARROW - YEJI) MIDZY is calling for ITZY! (ITZY)