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(Here is the shooting site of IZ*ONE's Oneiric Diary jacket) Today, we are In the album jacket shooting site I need to take a selfie for you, wait a sec (The ring) It is so cute And it's Really Oh, this is I don't know if I can reveal this But there was a music box next to me It is an item containing one meaning So if you find those little hidden key points While you're looking at the album, I think you will know what we really mean We had a meeting before we worked on this album And they prepared a set based on what we said I hope it is fun for you to look for it I told you I like ice cream I held it during my personal shoot I haven't had much time To shoot with ice cream So it was amazing and fun I think my style came out perfectly It was somehow Difficult to express various facial expressions But I think it was fun I put this on my face I have never put a sticker like this before (ENOZI wondering if Chaewon is writing a diary) I wrote in my diary and didn't write it, I always did this So I was going to write it this time But I tried writing it for a week only You can't do this, everyone You should keep writing I will try to keep writing From tomorrow (Yena) You did something on AR Me? You were doing like this I didn't do this I didn't do it at all Uh? It wasn't me Isn't it you? Who did you see? Hey, tell me who you saw I didn't do this (Someone who wore a pink clothes) was doing something like this - I didn't do it, who did you see - What have you been doing I just had a staring match (Peaceful IZ*ONE's today) I can sit down and shoot I think I'm silly I can sit down and shoot (Chaeyeon was standing and filming while looking for a well-lit angle) I should've done this before Hello, I'm a silly (Our Chaeyeon isn't silly but a cutie) Hello What should I have for lunch tomorrow Spicy beef soup? And Gimbap? Perfect (Completed a perfect convenience store combination) Wonyoung came out really well But I think this is Wonyoung's favorite atmosphere What (Wonyoung) is good at She is cool I think it's totally different from The one I shoot a while ago It wasn't A bright feeling? This time What should I say I didn't laugh much I think it came out in a cool way (Chaeyeon is Minju's daily selfie director) Wow, you should send them something like this Wow, you should send them something like this Wow, Minju, you have to send this Do you know how awkward our legs are now? (Director Chaeyeon has an unwavering professional spirit) They styled my hair so beautifully too I bleached my hair I have never had this white hair before I came here in the morning because I was in the advance party So I was so sleepy in the morning But when I saw my friends sleeping next to me, I envied them then came out However, we heard that We were leaving a little earlier, I felt good Thinking of getting off work quickly And eating delicious food first I have to order tteokbokki If I want to dip hot dogs In the tteokbokki soup, right? So I am going to order tteokbokki and Hot dogs and dip them in I did hair extension below As my (hair) designer recommended I didn't know but it is called an Ombre That's why my two-tone hair has been completed What do you think about it My face might be a little puffy in the morning But I'll try to shoot well with my best But I think the color is prettier than I thought When I first came here with my new hair, the members were very surprised But I think they're a little used to it now Actually, I'm still not used to it I didn't get used to it during the photo shoot But I think it will be pretty on stage That's right I had (my hair) cut as a short style It's been a while so I feel a little awkward But I personally think dark colors look better on me The picture of yesterday came out well, too I will do my best today (Wonyoung is taking sugar, while Eunbi is taking protein) I heard eating two eggs a day is so good for our (health), right? Since it is good for brain development and health, I am going to eat two eggs a day from today (Wow) What I like is What's it? I've finally become The 'Re' of 'Doremi' Am I Me? I feel good I became 'Re' Nako is so cute - I am going crazy because of Nako - She is cute It is the first time we've had three of us together Right I used to be in a unit with Nako in promotion What about you two (Minju and Chaeyeon)? We have been doing a lot of things.. What were we doing? We have been doing a lot of things I have never worked with Minju Right, I don't think I have really ever worked with you But, we don't have any pictures of the two of us in our album We don't have any pictures of the two of us in our album They're not in the album but we have taken a lot of pictures Right, we did a lot of things together We did a lot of things together We both did a lot of work and Nako and I did Necotip When we were active in Japan Oh, oh But I don't think We have never done this together And I don't think there were many pictures taken by the three of us this time To me, who has no one to hold hands to walk together It is kind of like that Many singers rent studios And sing without music Don't I look like that? (In the meantime, Yuri's voice is amazing... right?) If not, whatever (Yujin) likes a lot when someone thinks she's cute Right She asks for more of that She is cute Tell me more In a detailed and specific way Please convince everyone why I'm cute (Yujin becomes more and more persistent) First of all, you cut your hair So you look so pretty like the heroine of the drama And? And.. Do you think I am cute for only one reason? No, I am a very careful person (Hitomi helps her quietly because she feels sorry for Chaewon) You are so cute because you lost so much weight Tell me more You were cute when you didn't lose weight but you got cuter It is time to say goodbye to this outfit I think I have a lot of Sky blue clothes these days Nabuki's sky blue? right It is been a long time since I spoke.. Because it is the sky of Nabuki, there seem to be a lot of sky blue outfits these days Now the outfit I am going to wear is Where is it? Because our group has so many members (A lot of members and lots of clothes) The dress is.. I think it is over there (Nako, let's change to a new outfit) (An Yujin is called dancing machine of waiting room) (Just found ENOZI Cam) Chaewon went to shoot My turn is after Chaewon and Yena Hyewon is bothering me these days Nope You are the only one wearing shoes Chaewon shouted that It is not true Her picture came out great And ran from 500 meters ahead, and I saw her picture But the picture came out really well The picture looks so pretty It is just awesome - I am looking forward to it - Provocative (Minju falls down under Chaewon's provocative pose) I provoked her to look cool WIZ*ONE, don't be surprised Don't be surprised Actually, I was getting ready to go in after Sakura's shoot, But Yujin stole it from me It is so hard for me to be cute, what should I do? I pretended to be cute yesterday But I sat down and stood up like this But if you get there, it would be all embarrassing We were so embarrassed I did like this Let's fill (Chaewon) the fun, doomchit, doomchit I also have one Noonnu Nana, Minju Nana (Aren't you both so cute, lol) Minju's always doing great But she is full of worries by herself I don't like it It is not, Chaewon I don't like myself I will do my best for the next shoot with Chaewon's energy (Chaewon, Minju, good luck with the rest of the shoot, fighting) ENOZI, come here Ta-da, who is this? (Aren't they 12 goddesses?) This is IZ*ONE (IZ*ONE is so pretty at a close distance) Does it make sense that this is uncorrected, everyone? Here is Wonyoung It came out so well I think Yuri looks so good with red hair (Simulating WIZ*ONE's expected response) (IZ*ONE successfully finished their jacket shoot) Bye