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(June 22nd, the day of KCON:TACT!) (Hi~) (Today) I'm wearing something that reveals my shoulders Good luck! We will smash the KCON:TACT (Smash) I think we'll well at the pre-recording I feel more energized, ENOZI, before I was a bit sleepy But I'm not sleepy now at all I had my dose of sugar This is my second cup of watermelon juice, I had one in the morning I'm going to have it at night too Minju~ Hi! How is the watermelon juice? I think Chaeyeon really likes this place Say it already~ Tell me already~ - This is the place Chaeyeon said is really good - Hold on - I finally got to try it - It's not owned by Chaeyeon's family member, right? Chaeyeon, be honest - No, no - She kept talking about it all day She kept saying the watermelon juice here is so good She said it since 3 days ago We finally got to try it, and it's so good She had a good reason for telling us so much about it I should drink it after performing Yes Good luck~ - Why did you cross your legs? Your legs aren't in the video - No~ Twinkle★ Bboing bboing♥ (Shy) (What is Yena the photographer shooting?) (Too much pressure) I feel too much pressure (It does put much pressure, but Yena still takes a picture of Yujin) I'm such a good photographer (Looking afar...) Awesome, I'm so good (Taking a picture of Wonyoung while she's at it) Do one more~ (Please look at Yujin) She's strange Seriously Why do you take such close up shots? Why does she.. It's just a face Why do you take it so close up? ENOZI Cam will edit this out(?) (ENOZI laptop) Wow I'm such a good photographer! Don't be surprised I did such a good job (Yena the photographer is a rising star) Right, we are a bit It feels like we time traveled for about 20 years? Wait no I think we came 40 years into the future Even the stage feels futuristic Look at the place for our MEET&GREET There's a picture drawn with a phone (You can hear her from far away) Please use this photo! Let me see - What is it? - What's that? Look how it captures the mood The image quality is nice Isn't that a high quality image? (Let's go and do MEET&GREET) Hi~ No X3 I'm going to sit~ IZ*ONE is happy♥ (Happily Yena goes to the waiting room) Since we are last, we will rest now and go at the end Right We have to do our best (Yena and Yujin are looking at the Polaroid pictures) Let me see~ Let's see I'll keep this one It's because I'm the oldest! Why? I want it too I'm younger I'm younger~ I'm sorry but I suggested we take this picture~ But I took it with you though~ Right, then you can keep it If we weren't here, this picture of us three wasn't possible You know that, right? I just wish that you know that - I'm older so just give it to me.. - I'm younger though - Stop fighting - I'm older.. So Yujin, whose are you? Mom, dad, grandam, sister, aunt, uncle - aunts, I love you♥ - Mention me as one of them She could have me among them Yena as mom? (What about me?) Did you see that? What is it? Minju as your brother? You don't have a brother I don't have a brother but I don't want one You don't feel like a brother Right, for a brother.. I don't like having a brother.. Brothers are.. Please don't edit this out, show this to her brother Do a video letter for your brother Hey brother, I'm sorry~ I don't like having a brother~ Why not? I like having a brother! Talking about brothers I miss my brother now You are lying, you never mentioned your brother She never mentioned her brother ever I did a lot though honestly, right? - No, I really like my brother - I talked about him so much - Right, you talked about him so much - I don't show much love to my brother But I do love him a lot You never show your love to your brother or to us That's similar I love you both, so I can't express my love Liar Liar.. Look at this, someone made a pair of eyes Not cute~ Eyes! Not cute~ Cheeks! Not cute Ears! Not cute Front teeth! Cute Nostrils! Cute - Eyes! - Cute Not cute Cute~ Cute~ Cute Cute! (Hyewon thinks Princess Eunbi is always cute) (Hop hop hop) You can pass by I can pass by? Yes Excuse me Hi WIZ*ONE Finally, it's our turn soon Right now What time is it? It's 12:56, we will perform soon! For the live show, , , Those are what will perform I think it will be so much fun Did you see the stage, guys? The stage is really cool With augmented reality technology, it looks like an outerspace.. outside the stage It's very cool (Minju joins her casually) Oh right It really feels like we are at an outerspace There are so many spaceships and it feels like we are standing in the middle We are among the stars We are the stars Right, we are the 12 stars among them Right, right Right Guys, please stay excited for KCON:TACT Let's KCON:TACT The end - KCON:TACT - It's over Do it again Let's KCON:TACT Thumbnail, one, two, three Let's KCON:TACT I can copy Eunbi Do it please What was it? Oh that, that You have to look the saddest in the world Right, you have to look sad Like you had a sad time (Hahaha) (Looking saddest in the world) Solemn I mean this is not a sad song isn't a sad song You don't go like that I get very happy in this part You're cute, I want to keep seeing you like that You go like this for your part How does it go? (Stay with me) You looked so cute when you did that Aww~♥ Aww~♥ Eunbi, copy Minju now I think I know what they will do, don't do that (Stop it) Elegant Pale like milk, Kwon Eunbi I love you, Kwon Eunbi We got this Americano, americano Americano..^^ (We'll perform live at KCON:TACT) We'll be back (We'll perform live at KCON:TACT) (On June 23rd, IZ*ONE's happy time at THE SHOW) 2nd week, 2nd week of our performances We will do our best today Right, we will give our best Please enjoy our performance Please do that Please watch us Please watch us Okay? We are nominated for the 1st place That's right Wow What did you say? Shush What did you say? We are nominated for the 1st place This is all thanks to WIZ*ONE♥ Bye, bye Hi We are here at THE SHOW, it's before the live show We're at the waiting room We will go and perform live soon We are nominated for the 1st place today We are nominated for the 1st place thanks to WIZ*ONE who supported us I'm so nervous whether we could be 1st place If we become 1st place, we said we will perform a cute version of So I hope we get to show you that I'm wearing a yellow dress right now It has many flowers on it, I love today's outfit Anyway, please stay excited for our live show~ Bye~ Bye, bye~ (At THE SHOW, IZ*ONE became 1st place with ) Congratulations, congratulations Congratulations to IZ*ONE for becoming 1st place Thank you Bye I miss you, WIZ*ONE Eya eya yo! (See you at the next episode of ENOZI Cam) Thank you (See you at the next episode of ENOZI Cam)