[IZ*One] [ENOZI CAM] IZ*one, We are in Japan. [Member are laughing thanks to Kura] [They are in Japan] - In Japan. How is it here? Good! It says the concept for the shooting is a cheer leader. [IZ*one with the pony tail for the concept] We have the same hair, pony tail. Minju hasn't yet? Not yet. There are many of us. What is yummy here? [The best food?] Of all things I ate, [Minju's pick is sukiyaki bento] Sukiyaki bento is the best. The bento was the best. After the schedule and you go back to the hotel. [Yujin's pick: food from convenient store] I think food from convenient store is the best. Right. - Amazing. - I ate a fish cake there. - Fish cake. - So good. Love it. [Where are you?] What are we doing? Shooting for 'ar' magazine. - What is a magazine? - Magazine. We are here to shoot for 'ar' magazine. It is really well known one here. - Really? - It is. I love it. Love the concept. - What is it? - Cute! - Cute girl. You look cute today. - I like your hair up like that. - Don't lie. Really! - Love it when you have your hair like that. - No, Minju is pretty. Fighting for today. [Fighting for the shooting] 1, 2, 3fighting. Hello. [The little ones with ribbon] - Ribbon. - So cute. - Couple ribbon. - Blue Eunbi, Pink Wonyoung. Are we ready for the cheer leader concept shooting? [Pro idol Eunbi] Sure! We are pro! We will rock like a pro. - Wonyoung fighting. - Fighting. [Chaewon and Wonyoung] - No, - No? - 2, 3. Hello. - We are... [Failed] - We, - Got it. [Failed] [As they were laughing] [3rd try] 2, 3! [Failed] [4th try] No. [Dizzy] [Camera is all over the place] Start. Hello. we are ssamjangz. [Captured Eunbi] You are watching her aegyo. Yujin. - Show it to me. - No. Look here. [Aegyo queen, Eunbi] Show it to me. It has been a while. Hitomi is here! - Yena. - V. What are you doing? - From now? - Until now, - Shooting. - We have been shooting for the magazine. - Shooting. - Who are you? Nako. [Guess who this is] - Who? - Whose nose? [Wonyoung's nose] Whose lips? Cute. [Hitomi's lips] [Ta da Sakura] [Nako's smile] Cute. Whose eyes? Ta ta! Hyewon! [Yuri, what are you doing?] - Where is Minju? - We are in Japan . 'ar' studio. Why are we here? For ar magazine shooting. The concept is a cheer leader. Did you know it? Of course! We need to study the pose? [Minju's one] [Like this?] Right on! This is not... [Suddenly turned into La Vie En Rose] [Yuri's pose] [Active] Yup, failed. Cute. [pinching] [Minju is pinching Yuri's cheek] Start. 'ar' shooting fighting!