Iceland Holds Funeral for a Glacier

funerals are usually reserved for people or beloved pets but Iceland just held a funeral for a glacier the country's prime minister an environmental minister helped mourn the loss of the glacier which was declared dead in 2014 it's aged 700 years old a memorial plaque was drilled into a rock honoring it as the first glacier lost to climate change it read in part this monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done only you know if we did it Iceland is home to more than 200 glaciers including Europe's largest but at their present rate of decline all of Iceland's glaciers will be gone within 200 years elsewhere in Iceland another natural phenomenon has been declared a protected area the waterfall of the Gods is a stunning cascade that's popular with tourists it's part of Icelandic history and the country wants to make sure it lasts a long time amidst the environmental changes gripping the island nation this is inside addition calm [Music]