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[Music] hey everybody marcus crawford here with the idaho quadcopter channel hey i had not done a channel update for a while and there's a lot of news out now so i thought i'd just talk a little bit about what's going on i'm making this video on monday april 12th uh and i guess probably the elephant in the room is the fact that on thursday the 15th uh dji is going to release the dji air 2s no longer the mavic air 2s just simply the air 2s now of course uh i'll be hitting that buy button uh first thing in the morning so that introduction is at 9 00 a.m eastern time that's 7 a.m my time i'll be i'll be right there trying to get on that dji website first thing uh so i can get my order in and i am gonna order direct from dji i don't you know i suppose i could probably go down to best buy and just pick one up that day but i'm not that worried about it so i'm just gonna order it and uh yeah we're gonna those next few days we're gonna see a ton of reviews by some of our friends that we know that have it already and uh and other big drone related channels that will give us a lot of good insights into the product uh i i always enjoy uh watching those introduction videos from some of those guys because they can be very meticulous about the capabilities of the product and all the specifications and really good at showing us how they work so a little bit about the the air 2s i just have the specs up on my computer screen in front of me here so if you see me looking up that's what i'm uh talking about uh probably uh the biggest uh surprise i think for a lot of people is the fact that it's gonna have uh a 5.4 k video capability uh at 30 frames per second and of course be able to shoot 60 frames per second in 4k and then on up to uh in uh 1080p or some people call it 2k whatever 120 frames per second which i think is the same as the current uh mavic air 2. uh you know the the the a couple of things to note is like we know that the uh battery life is going to be a little less they're claiming 31 minutes and i think they claim 34 minutes on the current mavic air too so clearly the thing is drawing more power and i kind of like that because uh honestly if i have a drone up in the air for 20 minutes or something that's plenty for me so you know there's a lot of guys that you know they tout these big long flying times i don't know i guess if you're going long distance or something that might make a difference we'll see how far dustin dunhill flies it won't we but uh but other than that i you know it works uh that typically works pretty well for me and if it's drawing more current that tells me that it might be a little bit faster and that could be fun and that leads us into the changes in the sensors right it's we've all seen those pictures uh it looks like the front of a porsche 928 uh you know those two headlights at the top there and uh they my understanding is that that's giving it a 270 degree field of view and while that's not 360 that's a big deal for tracking huge deal and so i'm hoping that uh that that we'll get a better version of tracking and be more capable in that regard and my understanding is obstacle avoidance will then work in sport mode which is a big deal and i'm hoping we'll get a really fast sport mode is what i hope because i like i like flying drones and speed uh so let's see other than that you know there's all the rumors about uh uh om3 or excuse me not om3 uh ocusync 3 os3 i don't know what well they call it o3 i guess they call it o3 so what we used to call ocusync is now simply o3 uh so that that you know obviously i'm not so worried about distance uh i i mean i'm not sure that your battery would allow you to fly the ranges that they're talking about i i'm trying to remember what it is it's a 12 kilometer something like that i mean way further than i would think most of us would ever want to fly a drone but hopefully what you get with that is a more powerful signal for better penetration so that when you're if you happen to be behind a tree or a building or something like that you still are going to get a good signal with your drone that's that's the big deal to uh to most of us so uh that should be good and of course there's that one inch sensor how could i forget that yeah the one inch sensor i've never owned a drone with a one inch sensor so i'm looking forward to it typically i fly at midday so it probably isn't that big a deal to somebody like me but uh if you're flying in low light situations that's when that one inch sensor is a big deal so uh you know i've had uh people tell me that this air 2s is really kind of taking the place of the uh mavic 2 pro and then whatever the new mavic when it comes out whether they call it a mavic 3 or something else it's going to be a more professional drone that is kind of more replacing the inspire line that they're discontinuing so we'll see who knows dji always surprises us and that will surprise us uh in a positive way so uh yeah for sure i'm gonna get that drone in hand and i can't wait to get ahold of it because it's perfect for somebody like me it it kind of fills uh checks all the boxes uh for things that i like so yeah looking forward to that so uh the other kind of big deal lately has been all the stories about the xiaomi theme x8 mini drone now that is a drone that will compete with the uh dji mini 2 uh and it has some additional features it has some tracking and some i'm trying to remember what all some other features that they're professing that i know a lot of people really wish they had uh tracking on the mini 2. honestly on that little drone it's not something that i was worried about because it doesn't have obstacle avoidance that aside if this drone has it and if it works well it'll be good so on my computer in front of me here i kind of put up a a screenshot from a video a guy evidently calls it an unboxing but yeah anyway he's got the uh the femi mini and on the box uh it's the the one thing that stood out to me is that not only is it in four digits will it shoot in 4k but it will shoot in 4k hdr uh which of course we know it's not going to be true hdr it's not going to be 10 bit on the feed mini but still if it improves the picture i'm all for it whether it's through an emulation or the real thing uh it works for me so so i'm looking forward to that obviously it's gonna have a three axis gimbal they're saying an eight kilometer range there again a little mini drone like that who's going to fly to 8 kilometers not me i can tell you that but it you know i guess it's available and what you're looking for is that nice uh strong signal so that you always have good fpv and a good signal with the drone now they call it a drone in the 250 gram class and really with the battery that it initially ships on here the standard battery they call it it's going to be 258 grams so it will not be under that 250 gram that is so important now later on they're going to come out with a a a lithium polymer battery for it that's lighter and will put it under that 250 grams so i'm sure there's a lot of folks that will be interested in that personally i'm going to just go with the lithium ion that it comes with i don't care that it's 258 grams i i have a part 107 license so i'm going to put my tail number on it no matter what uh so that's just not such a big deal to me now if you're living in canada or europe or particularly the uk as well getting under that 250 grams is a big deal so you'll want to keep that in mind with that drone and they're also saying a level five wind resistance which would be welcome uh those mini drones as we know uh the the original dji mini original mini uh had some problems in the wind i mean i thought it did okay but it could not handle very strong winds the mini 2 of course you've seen on my channel it shows us that it can do pretty good and some pretty strong winds so if this little guy can do the same thing it'll be a great drone and i already have one ordered in fact i got the notification today that it shipped so i'm looking forward to getting that one out and and showing it to you as well and and for me uh you know i'm a big fan of the mini 2 but it'll be just be fun to have another drone in that category to to kind of compare and then the other thing that's coming up and i'm going to pull up my calendar here to see i believe yeah on it is april 23rd friday april 23rd hubsan has announced that they're going to introduce a new drone now it's just we don't know anything about it at this point and uh you know the speculation would be that it would be perhaps a mini drone because that under 250 gram weight class because that's very very popular now for good reason for a really good reason a lot of folks like to get into that that 250 gram class in the united states if you're a hobbyist you don't even have to put a sticker on it you don't have to register you don't have to do anything and you know like i said again i'll go back to the dji mini 2 wow what a capable product that is and for most people that is really all the drone you need so with that when they entered whatever they do i will order one of those as well because obviously i've reviewed all of hubsan's products uh recent products on my channel and will continue to do so and i think it's relevant uh those are the kind of things that i really enjoy reviewing so let's talk a second for uh some of the other things and and i've been reviewing uh some really lower you know they're all gosh i they're i guess you really have to call them toy grade drones when they're under that under 200 range uh and and some of them are really yeah they're really tough to recommend even for somebody that just wants to try out a gps drone i recently uh reviewed the sg908 zl sg908 kun or i'm not sure how they pronounce it k-u-n and uh that was really disappointing and i just had a tough time recommending that for anybody on the other hand i recently uh did the sjrc f11 and for drawn under 200 you know what it had nice stable three axis video on there wasn't the highest quality video you wouldn't expect it in that price range the video was a little bit grainy but it was nice and stable there was no jello a good flat horizon and the drone was easy to fly controlled well flew like you would expect a gps drone to fly didn't have a lot of range but in that class of a drone you wouldn't expect it to and i like bringing those to you because what i recognize is that there's a lot of people that want to get into the hobby that are reticent to spend even four or five hundred dollars on a drone and if they can start off on something like that yeah great you know it gets them into the hobby and gets them going so that's why i review those drones and i have to admit some sometimes i get some of them that don't fly well and have a lot of problems and that's not a lot of fun reviewing those drones but the fact is i want to show them to you so what do i have up coming uh i do have the uh the yeah zl has got another one the sg907 uh that looks like it's a little bit smaller does have a three axis gimbal on it so i'll have that one soon and we'll hopefully that's uh will be a little better than the uh the uh sg908 so we'll see we'll see when it gets here the other one is uh uh the the the folks at banggood uh i of course begged him to send me uh the uh femi mini and they wouldn't do it i couldn't get him to do it but they did said they would send me the femi a3 now i've had the a3 before and it was such a disappointment to me it was a drone with so much promise the femi a3 uh is a it's not a folding drone it's a fixed arm drone it's got a 1080p camera and it has a built-in fpv screen on the controller a couple of problems i had with it at that point when i ascended there was a problem with the lens and the lens fogged up and of course what's the point of having a camera drone if uh if as soon as you take it up uh a hundred feet in the air the lens fogs up and you can't see anything uh the other problem i had with it was that little screen was really really difficult to see even in the shade it just simply wasn't bright enough in the sunlight to frame your shot very well so i'm looking forward to getting it uh and seeing if they've improved it right i got rid of the one that i had a long time ago so they're sending me another one i'll look forward to it we'll do a full review of it and and see how that a3 is and why was i interested in that i'll tell you why because it's priced at about 230 bucks in it and if it's improved enough if they fix that lens issue primarily it's probably a drone that i can recommend and for somebody again that doesn't want to spend four or five hundred dollars on a on a mini class drone let alone you know a thousand dollars on something like the air 2s it might be a good option uh for for somebody and in fact i know people that have taken some pretty phenomenal drone videos with that drone so i look forward to getting that one and we're bringing that we'll be bringing that to you the other thing is i purchased a uh insta 360 uh go to and as you can see i haven't even taken it out of the box yet uh what i hope for that is is that that will allow me to give you some little diff a little different camera angles uh i've tried using a hat cam you know mounting a gopro on a ball on a ball cap it's just so heavy the thing ends up falling down over the top i i just struggled with it i've never been able to make it work i know some people do uh but i'm hoping that i can uh put clip this thing it's got a clip and put it on maybe on the rim of my ball cap and maybe get some little different uh angles of video drones in flight while i'm while i'm uh testing them and then uh the other thing this thing has got the the magnetic pendant that you wear around your neck and then the camera can stick about to your chest so that might be another kind of different angle that you could we could get when we're doing certain kinds of uh drone videos so anyway looking forward to that and i'm not i haven't decided listen i i'm not a camera expert like a lot of guys and so i mean i can unbox and show you but it's really from an amateur's perspective there's so many people that do such a good job on drones like this so i'm excuse me on cameras like this so i don't know if i'm going to actually make a video of the camera itself or not we'll see the other thing i'm going to show you is something that i i'm just really i think i'm going to get away from on the channel uh and every once in a while i'll get a company that'll want to send me some kind of electronics and and these people nice folks they sent me this solar-powered security camera and it's a wireless thing uh what does it have to do with drones in idaho quadcopter nothing really but i accepted it so i so i will do a video and a review on it and uh you know it'll be kind of cool to put it on the on the front of the house but i'm i'm not gonna i'm going to i made a conscious decision i'm going to quit doing things like that and and you guys have seen in the past i've done uh some mobile phone gimbal uh reviews and so forth and they just i i'm not gonna do that kind of stuff either now if a company like dji in fact i'm recording this on the dji uh osmo uh mobile 4 right now uh if dji came out with a gimbal maybe i would but what i'm saying is some of those other little off-brands and stuff i just don't think i bring a lot to the table there and i don't know that that you guys are that interested in that stuff too now uh with regard to cameras you know it depends on what it is it's just like this guy i'm sure there's some interest in and if i do a review of this i will do it from the perspective of making drone videos and and flying i guess i should add the other thing that i was thinking about this is that if i could use that little magnetic chest thing it would be kind of cool uh when i'm out drag racing in my corvette because then i can get the perspective it would show what's on the dashboard which i think would be kind of cool so anyway we'll see we'll see where we go with that uh but the other thing that i will likely continue to do is action cameras like if dji came out with a new action camera i would probably review that again it would be from a very amateur perspective uh you know there's a lot of really professional guys that do some really good job on that stuff uh but i would want to show it from just like i said how you would use it in conjunction with your drone etc so gosh i guess that's about it i think we've covered about everything so that's what's going to be coming up in the immediate future and what you can count on is that i will do a ton of comparison videos with the various mini drones and so forth and do some uh comparisons of the features and that sort of thing and i've been talking to some friends of mine about doing some collaborations with the femi mini about each of us kind of doing a different part or a different feature of it so we'll be doing some things like that and then of course like i said that that that error 2s is just going to be so much fun so i know there's going to be a ton of stuff that will come up on that and and what you can count on on channels like mine and and you know ron brown and and some others is that we won't just do a single video on a drone and then put it on the shelf we'll continue to follow up as they make changes to the product and feature different things and do some comparisons and that sort of stuff so i guess that's about it this is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content please consider subscribing to my channel i appreciate you taking the time to listen to me today and of course we'll see on the next one bye now