let's not beat around the bush get the hell out of here this video has been brought to you by Nord VPN get 75% off a three-year plan at Nord VPN comm / Dominic's and use the code Dominic's for an extra free month if English is not your native language you may think it's difficult to learn well as someone who grew up speaking English let me just say yes yeah you're you're absolutely right English sucks it's confusing there are too many rules and too many exceptions I before E except on Tuesdays and during full moons or something the birth of my channel literally begins with the video of how I hate pronouncing the word rural and now I'm gonna complain about idioms idioms are a group of words established by a usage as having meaning not deducible from those of the individual words blah blah blah basically figures of speech alright example raining cats and dogs meaning it's raining heavily it's raining a lot but it has nothing to do with cats and dogs who thought of this morbid metaphor they could have chosen rocks barrels tires anything else that was heavy and not alive if someone told me it was raining tables and chairs outside I'd be like oh man that's some heavy rain I should probably stay inside but if I found out cats and dogs were falling out of the sky I'd be like what the are we waiting for Jeremy we gotta save them idioms help us express simple feelings in a more Illustrated and colorful way and yes I did look into the origins of these sayings but personally some of them just don't make sense up front turn a blind eye or refusing to acknowledge something which you know to be real pretend as something didn't happen like when you catch your sibling trying to sneak out of the house after being grounded and then they threaten you not to tell on them or else they'll punch you in your sleep you turn a blind eye also that's that's blackmail okay I get the blind eye part but why do you need to turn it if you're already blind you won't be able to see anyway whether or not you're turned that's redundant either turn or be blind they both accomplish the same level of visual ignorant if it was turned I blind now that makes sense ah it's it's just more morbid eat your heart out to feel great sadness often used as a taunt towards someone to encourage jealousy or regret my goodness another gruesome idiom it's bad enough that I have to take my heart out to be able to eat it but then I gotta eat it this expression is often used with the name of someone famous as if to make them feel jealous of your accomplishment hey what do you think of my painting Wow look at that eat your heart out Michelangelo am i right I'm already dead in a pickle to be in a troublesome situation look you could have picked a ditch a well a chimney anything that could contain a body but a pickle hey I got your message ran as fast as I can what's wrong just help me out no questions asked it's all downhill from here used to signify that the situation will only get worse from that point on but going downhill is the best part think of all the things and activities you do going downhill skiing sledding biking hell walking none of these are fun going uphill I guess in its defense the idiom could mean being out of control while going downhill but honestly you could be out of control at any level of steepness I've fallen up the stairs just as much as I've fallen down them tickled pink to be delighted yell Reggie got anything good for your birthday yeah actually my parents finally got me a switch wow you must be tickled pink yeah you're right I I guess it only works for white people wouldn't be caught or seen dead used to express the extent of which one would never be in something particularly clothes places or situations which I don't understand because when you're dead you shouldn't be able to feel anything let alone embarrassment findi look at her top I wouldn't be caught dead wearing something so ugly uh oh don't worry I'll make sure they don't find your body happy as a clam an exaggeration of happiness the complete idiom is actually as happy as a clam at high tide because that's when they're least likely to be attacked by predators but many go with a shortened version in reference to how clams look like they're always smiling nope I disagree it's just the angle of which you're looking at them if you look at them from this angle it looks like they're frowning and rightfully so because I like clam chowder and being delicious is not a compliment you should be smiling about goody two-shoes used to refer to someone who always does everything right and follows the rules to the point of annoyance often used negatively well I did you guys a favor and read the story of goody two-shoes to see why let me summarize it for you Margery mean well and her brother were two homeless orphans Margery grew up only wearing one shoe one day they meet a rich gentleman who buys her new clothes and a new pair of shoes she was so excited and grateful that she exclaimed it to everyone she met earning her name goody two-shoes she believed the rich man was good and wise because of his great learning and so she learned to read and help teach all the children in the village to learn as well she prevented a man from being robbed and murdered because she warned him after overhearing some men plotting about it she saved numerous animals from being abused by people she was so wise and good that some idiots accused her of being a witch and put her under trial she proves everyone wrong and continued being the goody two-shoes badass that she is why is this used to make fun of people I strive to be a goody two-shoes and you should do piece of cake or pie an easy or simple task there's nothing simple about a cake there's so many different ways to make a cake I guess if you don't care how it tastes baking a cake or pie can be simple but if the quality doesn't matter then you could easily just use any other food as the idiom wow that cake looks amazing did you really make that yeah it was a piece of steak what eat your heart out Duff Goldman is that a famous chef or Baker that's a no-brainer okay Matt just wanted to know if you made it and Bob's your uncle okay weirdo hey hey hey hey hey what are you doing they already know Nord VPN is sponsoring this but if you're unfamiliar with Nord VPN it's a virtual private network service that helps protect your privacy and security online ensuring you browse the net anonymously with no data logging using military-grade encryption with thousands of servers in over 61 countries a lightweight user-friendly software Nord VPN lets you virtually be wherever you want in the world have more than one device and no problemo you can protect up to six devices at once no way you're pulling my leg yes but I'm telling the truth and hurry because this deal will end in early September if you've been on the fence about it now's the time to decide the ball is in your court again that's Nord VPN comm slash tommix with the code 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