If GSP asked for Khabib Nurmagomedov later in the year would this fight have happened


Chael Sonnen


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I have to give one final thought on on Georges st. Pierre in his pending retirement first off I believe it I believe it fully because it was significantly different than any other time George stepped away okay when he walked away from Bisping and that in the championship walked away after Bisping in the championship he did Sam retiring he just said go ahead and get on with this division I'm not looking to go and go through the list and stay at this weight class but he was he was a little bit unclear on what he was gonna do if you back up from that and you look at when he walked away from the belt after defeating Johny Hendricks even Dana was go Kay what is this meet so you're retired and George is like no no no no I'm just not gonna do this for a while it was something like that I'm not gonna do I'm taking a break I'm gonna I don't know what he said when he refused to use the word retire he's very disciplined on that I don't know the reasons why I would predict for you that he's one of these guys that believes in laws of attraction and just didn't want to put that into the universe but either way he publicly was disciplined to not say retire until he wasn't and he came out he just retired now I'm giving you old history I'm getting revisionist history but I want to make this point because he said one of the reasons that he's officially calling saying you know what I actually wasn't ready to be done I wanted to go down and I wanted to fight khabib you hear about this champ champ thing I was looking to be champ champ champ I wanted to try my hand at khabib and I can make the weight and I can do it but he says I got khabib on board unfortunately it doesn't take two of us to make a fight you need three you got to have the promoter I don't have a per order on board and when I looked at that I kept that surprises me that's a huge fight that's a really really huge fight and even if you think well we've been bitten by George in the past and we let him go up to 185 and he walked away from the top so what that's ancient history people I'm time having to tell you guys that cuz you forgot it happen and it just happened it's a big PR mess it's a big Pro what are we gonna do oh it's a log yeah we got to go find two guys we're gonna go fight for a belt because the belts fake that's the storyline and guess what that's two days of media at the most it goes away really quickly I think when you put that in conjunction with ninety days of great media of positive fan interaction and of excitement and emotion leading up to could be versus George I think it makes but that's my own opinion but let me say this I just wanted to offer that for anybody that's not following a story this is the point of me talking to you guys right now I think if George would have done this and we can only look at this in hindsight right we're forced to look at it in hindsight because it happened I do believe that the timing if it had been different may have worked out for George I think when George is sitting down and saying okay I want to fight khabib he had some timing issues there cabeza for nine months is in the principal's office Kabhi before were to take him at his word is going to sit another three just because so that puts could be bout for a year I realized there's some time sir but what are you gonna do if you're the promotion what are you gonna do if you're Dana hey George let's sign a fight that's gonna happen in a year or is gonna happen in ten months in a best-case scenario I don't even want to run our current champion out there on a media tour while he is telling the world I'm not gonna fight I can't let him out there on a media tour well the Commission's are telling him he's got to scratch out a check do a PSA and sit in the corner with a dunce cap on I mean it really is a little bit of a problem so I would just offer for the world and we'll never know we'll never know the answer the closest we'll ever get is a speculation that we make off of this video but let me give you another scenario George st. Pierre six months from now let's call it July goes and talks to Dana and says you know what I'd like to come back and I'd like to fight khabib oh and by the way khabib is going to be ready to go oh and by the way that brings us to November oh and I should also mention you happen to have a card at Madison Square Garden I noticed you don't have a headliner for yet different scenario can't tell you for sure that Dana would change his mind but I can tell you that now it would make a little bit more sense than proposing this to Dana and this wasn't even today guys one other clue George he'd been trying to do this for a couple of months a couple of months back was before they even got in front of that Commission who was dangling a potential suspension in to perpetuate we just had no idea there was no way to sign and book a beep for a fight against anybody okay at that time and we'll never know how this would have played out we'll never know but I do think that it is very interesting because I think that it is going to be one of those cases of in the future what did we miss don't forget George wanted to fight Anderson at one point Anderson wanted to fight George we didn't get it Anderson wanted to fight John Jones at one point we didn't get it and I think as we look back over time maybe maybe there are some mistakes there maybe we should have solved that maybe it should have a better riddle that we all just have to sit down and talk about well George would have taken khabib down oh no could be could be Brussels with guards way bigger than that and he deals with that that's what it's gonna have to be we're just gonna have to talk about it and fight about it but I would offer for you potentially I'm right if we would have revisited this or at least visited it we can't revisit it he's now said the r-word retirement this would have happened this summer I think those talks might have gone somewhere