If WWE Was Being Honest About Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House

[Applause] hello all of you lovely people Jules here for what culture calm and I don't know about you but I've been absolutely blown away by the changes that we've seen Bray Wyatt undertake with his new firefly funhouse gimmick that he debuted recently on Raw now to say that's WWE in 2019 managed to resuscitate the Bray Wyatt character through a single segment it's as mad as saying like that Virgil be the new universal champion or Shane McMahon landed a punch with any believable impact and yet somehow it's true the skit itself was incredible stuff car crash watching at first glance but one that belies a true creative endeavor that may annoy as many people as it in trances yet whether it's gone over your head or not it's certainly been turned by this blast of primary colors and it is this color that really sells this segment it washes away the the beige promos that flood the WWE I mean think of the time when it's not been all oh I'm so angry and mad and here's a black-and-white image of me working out with metal music in the background this is the exact opposite yet it still carries with it this sense of horrifying danger that voice that starts things off by saying we're really glad that you're our friend and this is a friendship that'll never ever end meant that even before Bryce steps out this sinister undertone has been put in place and the constant balance between being a kind and reassuring figure too threatening and dark was brilliantly portrayed by Wyatt and his new appearance now Wyatt has been the WWE boogeyman for years yet when he entered through the door of the Firefly funhouse wearing a beaming smile in a flash it morphed into this piercing glare of menace and shut the door behind him with a - loud thud it just set up the entire skit of a man who was on the verge of insanity yet still instills within him this battle to be a better person this violent energy that's barely contained what I'm trying to say is that everything fell off this after all was a horror villain masquerading as pee-wee Herman and mr. Rogers suburban getup I especially loved the moments where the old bridge seemed to resurface with his whispering to himself in his hands in his guttural moans making the screen appear to lose focus it is clear that this transition is creating a war within him making these jarring tones even more intriguing in fact you can just look at his gloves to see the two contrasting ideals which read hurt and heal however he's not alone this he's brought with him penny or Pam either which it was a bit unclear with the line then we've got an unnamed rabbits who may have just been there because it was Easter after all but the most interesting reference of all is mercy the vulture who as many people have pointed out is a nod to Waylon mercy who inspired Bray Wyatt original gimmick isn't that nice oh no wait it's terrifying and then the master stroke a double-barreled atonement now he said adopting a stance of like guilt and sadness I used to be a very bad man he looked downward and he gulped and the children booed him in fact they continued to boo him for longer than you would have thought necessary because this isn't just a fake kid saying they didn't like the old eater of worlds gimmick it's Bray himself acknowledging that the fans were tired the man who promised the world and yet delivered a no gate said at best which made his a literal shredding of the old self or the chainsaw even more believable you forget the buckets of blood the Lisp it's lined readings of sister Abigail the maggot projections the exploding TV monitors hell in the cell holograms the constant empty threats the ceaseless gibberish the hokey lighting effects the refrigerators the spooky silly children I mean the list goes on of his mistakes but yet here he is atoning for all of them this entire segment was a masterstroke on the double wu's parts it's incredible tonal dissonance of the presentation mirrored this new characters divided mind this was pure nightmare fuel and so much more effective than any of that swampy bio dross that he'd been kicking out before and you know what people are finally talking about him people who care where this is going this isn't just a man who's going to eat the pin this is a figure who at this point of recording could go the distance and it was elite acting - it takes a ton of effort to make discomforts look natural I mean it's not gonna win any Oscars me it's the WWE after all but it stands as being one of the most believable things that the company's got going for it right now which is mad when you consider the actual content of this I mean the video of this skit has done numbers and I mean a few days ago you wouldn't even be thinking about Bray Wyatt let alone watching his matches now it seems people can't get enough of him but let's just like strip away all of the set and look at Bray himself he's in a career-best shape even though he's I'm asking a bit of it with that dad sweater he looks healthy he looks mean he looks refined he looks dangerous this is threatening to be his best run with the company to date as beyond all of the Husky Harris's and the cult leaders we now have hope for a balance between in-ring ability and for him to actually make good on his threats put simply he has achieved what he always wanted he's absolutely terrifying and if the WWE you were being honest about it they'd acknowledged that this genius creation is something which they are barely capable of in 2019 this sort of incredible reinvention doesn't come about through brilliant matches and feuds this comes from 5050 bookings hokey tired crap and almost punishing any fans who like Bray Wyatt the swamp daddy to the point where the talent had to go hard or go home it took five years for the double W to kill Bray Wyatt's but at least they have given him the green light to redefine what he is you know what maybe I maybe we're wrong maybe this is gonna be crap maybe he's just borrowed from Adult Swim infomercials and just has become a plagiarist and he'll simply fall foul the moment he steps into the ring we joked about recently that this could just be leading to a firefly funhouse match which is just the Wyatt compound covered in party streamers where the cockroaches are like googly eyes it could go that way and it could be monumentally shite however one thing is clear under the old gimmick Bray was dead he was exposed I mean after all if you pretend to be a supernatural character like the Undertaker you can't have that talent lose so much each loss each taste of the pin don't Lutz the horror to the point of parody you become a joke and an even bigger one when you're back on TV the next night telling people to believe and follow the buzzards as you take on a new opponent who you might again lose to so in the Firefly funhouse Bray took a chainsaw to his old doughy self and sliced him in half and don't you think that the WWE needs to take this symbolism and apply it to the main roster early signs point this to being white on a career-best and don't worry we'll be sure to document each Daffy makes but just remember there are more than one meaning to the word push in this industry and whether we'll be seeing Bray Wyatt join the fireflies or simply become one of the security guys in years to come it's now up and up to the bloody swaying thumb of Vince McMahon but just remember though Daniel Bryan has flourished as a heel character because of the creative freedom that he was afforded and therefore if the WWE were being honest they put the world right in Bray Wyatt's hands and there we go thank you very much for watching that was if the WWE was being honest about Bray Wyatt and the Firefly funhouse I truly truly enjoyed this skit and I know I'm not alone with that so fingers crossed that there's some good things coming for Bray Wyatt a massive thank you to Michael's Sedgwick for helping me write this and you know what to you at home for watching seriously we couldn't do this without you so let me give you something back and that is a small piece of advice be kind to yourself all right both physically and mentally you owe it to yourself to treat yourself as best you possibly can and if you've got problems then talk about it trust me people care a lot more than you might think as always I've been Jules you can follow me at retro J with a zero over on Twitter you have been awesome never forget that I'll speak to you soon bye know what culture my name is Simon Mannering today I have an announcement so big so huge it's gonna shatter the very foundations of your life to the point you may need to phone up a friend and say I don't even know who I am anymore I have just heard the news have you heard the news I've heard you out there I've seen you've been commenting I've read your tweet and I can now officially let you know that if you do enjoy raw ups and downs if you do enjoy Smackdown ups and downs that now you'll be able to set your watches to them you'll be able to make notes in your calendars cuz we're gonna have an official time for when they're gonna go live I know massive so ups and downs for war will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT that's bridge time every Tuesday and they will go live at 2:00 p.m. GMT every Wednesday just like this you don't have to be aimlessly walking around anymore going what do I do I want to know what going up and what got down what Seth Rollins little what AJ Styles is up to now you know 2 p.m. GMT Tuesday 2:00 p.m. GMT Wednesday's ups and downs coming at ya in the face I really thought I just said retract that keep moving on and I hope to see you there soon and I hope that we build an audience so big and if I ever wanted a marching army anywhere in the world I could and we'd call it the ups and downs army because I haven't come up with a bad name