If WWE Was Being Honest About Unhappy Talent

[Applause] hello all of you beautiful people Jules here for what culture calm and today in partnership with legendary writing force that it's Michael situated talk to you about the rigors of being under the employ of the WWE now in case you've been living under a rock for the past six months or so there have been countless examples of talent requesting releases complaining online about conditions and treatment and even more directly just calling out their employer for not knowing what to do with them now it used to be that the WWE was the be-all and end-all for wrestlers the holy city upon which everyone made their pilgrimage and WrestleMania was like the shining light from above yet while this year's WrestleMania was certainly a huge high point for fans and the chosen few wrestlers destined to make good on their promises it was still a hugely bloated event and one that was even marred by threats of walkouts now Sasha banks attempted to walk out over mania weekend feeling let down by the WWE's decision to strip the boss and hug connection terrible name there of the women's tag team titles that she effectively helped dream into existence I mean Luke Harper had astutely followed the successful precedent set by ty Dillinger in publicizing his desire to leave he appeared to thank WWE and a heartfelt message and it just reads like a challenge it doesn't read like he was being thankful he's saying yeah come on then release me do it Alexander Wolfe was a bit more cryptic in his Twitter message now he actually has landed in NXT UK but it's goodbye WWE sign-off seemed like a desperate plea from someone who just wanted to go anywhere anywhere that wouldn't just posit him as a security guard I mean imagine that imagine that you're gonna be told that you are the next big thing to be shown on TV and then you end up as Shane McMahon's personal private security force that gets torn to shreds by The Miz ouch a present the WWE is in a state of inversion now usually we hear about the company cutting people who desperately wanted to stay a spring cleaning if you will now though it's the other way round with voices calling out to be let go however should we really be surprised I mean the ee w simply cannot push everything performer at the same time yet they seem to promise that they will I mean look at the call up situation in NXT plucking the next would be stars and then just plonking them into a already swollen roster how is that ever gonna work in practice now those that have been called up from NXT to the main roster have tasted success in that brand and that success has actually created an expectation amongst fans and when you've got an infrastructure and a flagship where virtually every character is meant to be championship-caliber how can that be possible you use to start at the bottom and work your way up but under this new framework people debut at the top and then plummet to the bottom and it makes sense on paper that you become a small fish in a bigger pond once you're done swimming with the tadpoles but in practice and in audience expectations not seeing the likes of ricochet and Alistar black elite to the top of the main stage is strange and even worse for the people like and Girardet whose ethnicity was meant to be something that the double W was going to use as an inroad to the South American market and yet now what's he doing however even when these talents win they seem to lose they lose what made them so popular in NXT and through scripted promos overworked matches and underbaked attempts to get their gimmicks all packaged nicely for people to paraphrase and purchase we end up with the same tired rolls simply being filled by newer faces as a result wrestling talent the world over are learning to say no or at least no more I mean look at the likes of Kenny Omega and the young books as a perfect example both opted not to sign with the double w/e earlier this year and our incredible draws in their own rights and within the w/e I mean we've got the revival title ensure Myka Maria Kanellis the club Dean Ambrose all have officially or allegedly requested a release in some form or another and made very public mention of this across their social media platforms they are all acutely aware that progression is impossible that investment is futile for fans and talent alike beyond WrestleMania 35 which we'll get to in a minute when did you as a ee w e-- fan I'll share the triumph of a main roster superstar it seems that triumph itself isn't even the plan and even if it was sorry pal Vince McMahon just bumped you off of the show and radhe is a good example of this he was building momentum in this firecracker program with Rey Mysterio and it's now gone Chad Gable and Bobbie rube turned heel on the post WrestleMania Raw but then gable moved to SmackDown in a shaker band it's gone ec3 was managed by Drake maverick on a post WrestleMania Smackdown dark segments teasing a partnership with this guy and then he shows up without him by his side on Monday and braun strowman has legitimately killed him and it's gone it's almost inexplicable and nothing is ever given any time to develop its immediate results or it's immediately in the bin at least to the double w/e and they've created this sort of gridlock every named act the genetically superior money'd heal the extraordinary luchador the demon the heart on the sleeve baby faced a massively muscled MMA marine all are wildly different right yet their characters are almost indistinguishable in quality appeal and purpose within the WWE and it's all because consistency is key to the stockholders it's not about one man or woman breaking the curve it's about bringing everything in line so no one is rocking the boat out in an entirely cynical way you could argue that we were given those three big wins at mania just so the WWE could instill a new order once more it's out of the hands of MMA superstars and back into the hands of WWE lifers something that Fox is probably very happy to deal with but what about Kofi well here's the thing right as much as we helped make Kofi mania happen originally it never was going to for all intents and purposes it was meant to be Ally mania if that was ever gonna be a thing and the fans will do fee into the main spotlight and my god the DS is earth to be there but the WWE had no plans to actually put a title on him and it makes you think next year Becky probably won't be headlining mania Kofi might not even be in a singles match and we'll probably be taking on the the Viking lifestyle choice or whatever they're calling themselves at this point the reason for this though is simple because things tend to go backwards not forwards after huge victories in the w/e and that's said before it's not about bringing the group up but reining in the shooting stars so they become part of the curve just look at this for example Shinsegae Nakamura went backwards following WrestleMania 34 no Jax went backwards Jinder Mahal went backwards Bray Wyatt entered mania 33 as WWE Champion and I mean well to be honest he's actually in a better position now that he's been in ages but he only got to the funhouse by going through the doghouse it's almost like Toby doobies global raid has backfired spectacularly it stockpiled a nuclear arsenal on a talent but it offers no way of justifying this spend and this isn't just me blustering on look at the dipping views look at the huge swell of people complaining online this is the meme error of the WWE and the roster is just sick of being the punchline something needs to change but frustratingly it won't or if it could it can't think of it like this the WWE has all the money at once to buy all their shiny marbles it can you know it doesn't have the pockets to carry it and so what it does is just stick each and every new purchase anywhere it can Smackdown raw NXT NXT you came main event to the sport child it doesn't matter who's buried in the mix or where they go as long as it has ownership it's not even about the game at this point it's about the fear of other people even playing so it takes all the best pieces yet in its pursuit to own it loses ownership of the individual and actually gives more power to the likes of aw TNA and other promotions as these pockets they're gonna split eventually and then it's gonna be a good old-fashioned free-for-all and as long as the mystique and the money remains the W isn't going to stop this method it will tell any newcomer that comes through their doors that they could be the next big thing but as soon as the ink is on their bit of paper they're making promises the exact same promises to the next person in line in an effort to keep everyone sweet they are making those lost in the crowd sow on the company and if the WWE was being honest it simply wouldn't be in such a rush to Hoover up talent instead it would let what it has gestate find what works trim the fat if needs be as harsh as that might sound and invest in talent for more than a bloody month if Triple H's speech at the Hall of Fame is anything to go by they are so so painfully aware of independent promotions and how much they are trying to keep the ball in their own court through snarky put-downs but if this company continues to glut on talent without offering any crumbs it is going to starve the main roster of meaning satisfaction and ultimately patience and there we go those were our thoughts on if the WWE was being honest about unhappy talent let me know what you think about it down in the comment section below because as always this is a dialogue and I would love to hear what you guys think but speaking about being unhappy let's have a little quick chat about that I hope you whoever you are whatever you are getting up to right now are well and treating yourself as fairly as you possibly can both physically and mentally and if you have any problems if you're struggling with life it is okay to take a step away from stuff get a bit of perspective get a bit of a breather mentally just step away from the situation because in our society everyone just pushes that success is the only way to be well successful it's simply not true just be fair to yourself and just say sometimes I'm gonna need a better help because I trust you because this is the thing I promise you people do actually care trust me anyway a massive thank you to Michael Cedric for helping me write this and to Phil chambers who's probably going to be editing this hi Phil hope you are well as well you can go follow me at retro Jay with a zero over on Twitter and as always I've been Jules you have been awesome and never forget that I'll speak to you soon bye