If You Need To Focus WATCH THIS by Jay Shetty Weekly Wisdom SE3 EP1


Jay Shetty


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how often do you get distracted research shows that we distracted every 40 seconds when we're sitting in front of a computer or we're on our phones we spend over 47 percent of our time when the browsing the internet or on our mobile phones procrastinating and we check our phones around eighty six times per day put your hand up if you check it more than that so it's no surprise that we all face distraction we all experience distraction we're all plagued by distraction but often we think that the opposite of distraction is focus we think that we need to become more focused we think that if we're focused we'll feel less distracted we feel that if we're able to draw our energy in a certain direction and force ourselves to absorb in an activity then we won't be as distracted but this is just not true the opposite of distraction is actually not focus the opposite of distraction is wait for it attraction let me explain what I mean when we're attracted to something we completely fixated we're completely absorbed we are almost addicted and obsessed to that visual that song think of a time when you saw someone that you found attractive I'm guessing you couldn't take your eyes off them think of a time when you had a song and you had it on repeat all throughout the day no matter if there was drilling outdoors there was a being demolished nothing could distract you from the sound of that voice and that be I know you can hear it in your head right now what we really need to do is increase our attraction when we are attracted to something when naturally focused we're naturally able to be present we're naturally able to bring our attention and our energy to that task that project that person when we're distracted and don't have that attraction we're naturally all over the place we end up feeling lost confused and end up for Krassin ating as you can see we are procrastinating and distracting others so now I know you're thinking how do you get attracted to things that you're not attracted to we all have things in life that we love to do and we all have things in life that we have to do I'm sure you have a long list of things that you have to do and you're thinking Jay I'm not attracted to any of those things whether it's doing your accounts whether it's taking the trash out maybe it's even your job it is my job so I've got a tip for you a little trick a little insight that will make your mind understand and believe that it's attracted to something let's take the example of your job it's something that you have to do it's something that you may not be attracted to when you ask yourself why do I go to my job maybe the answer is it pays my bills maybe the answer is it allows me to take care of my family maybe you studied for years and feel that your job at least engages you for that whichever one your answer is that starts providing some value to why you do that activity when you know that you recognize that you are attractive to be there because it serves a particular purpose you start become attracted because whenever your mind says to you I'm bored I'm distracted I'm unfocused you say no I'm here because it puts food on the table I'm here because it pays my bills and takes care of my family I'm here because I studied and worked hard for this you are able to increase your attraction to even the things your tote the unfocused on now if you found yourself distracted on focus for too long that definitely can mean that you need to find more meaningful fulfilling work but no matter what you do no matter how much you chase your passion and live your purpose it will still be things you have to do on a daily basis that you don't find interesting and naturally you will feel unfocused and distracted for that ask yourself this question why am I here why am I doing this and you'll find the mind will start to become attracted to that activity task or even that person [Music]