If you call someone out DON’T TALK ABOUT THE MONEY


Chael Sonnen


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falesha Spencer I believe I have that name right for sure Spencer Canadian gal tough featherweight had a fight one was her debut she then called out Chris cyborg I like that I've got no problem with that I don't have answers for you guys on where the featherweight division is going to go Cris cyborg reportedly has one fight left on her contract now that's very relevant and even though you guys are spare me the details Chael don't get lost in the weeds just let me know when people are fighting I get it but sometimes these details are totally relevant when they're against other politics and bureaucracy listen that division was created for Chris cyborg that we were told this Lorenzo Fertitta was paying her salary at Invicta to keep her busy and keep her active and Invicta just simply couldn't write the checks Lorenzo steps in because I think we have something here we're eventually gonna pull her over we're working on a division let's keep her active and let's treat her right Invicta I'll float the boat never got credit for it I'm not positive that Chris cyborg even knows that and has ever thanked him but that is how much Chris cyborg was behind the development of the 145 pound class for the women so the relevance is if she is going to go got one fight left on her deal if she doesn't come to terms and have ability to extend to that contract that a whole division could go away don't forget the champions already left a lot of people do forget this Amanda Nunez is the champion but she moved up and weight she prefers to fight at 135 and the way she sees it she has more parity and more opportunity and fights a little better at 135 I think that's very arguable pretty arguable where Amanda fights the bet but this is what she said so she's sliding back down to 135 point being if you do away with the division you don't really have the same problem they say they would at flyweight where you're getting rid of an active champion champions already gone in many ways you can debate what I just said but in many ways so it does come down to where's that division going to go now let's go back to Spencer because I really like the she called out cyborg and I I saw no problem with it a lot of people thought she was just trying to get attention maybe I don't know if that was her goal maybe she was maybe she's a competitor that's how I prefer to take it maybe she's looking at that division and there was no other meaningful name to say in the microphone so why not just go after the Queen again I could be wrong that's how I interpreted and I liked it now I want a critique one thing she then went from this to talking about money she said if I'm going to fight Chris cyborgs than I'm going into me you need to be paid what other people have been paid to fight cyborgs and I know some of those numbers that because they were disclosed for example and she made her examples she is well within her right as a prize fighter to go out and try to earn a prize I would never stop or encourage her to not do that she did nothing wrong she did not make apples to apples to comparisons though the girls who she named who did have disclosed very handsome sums to fight Chris cyborgs were also fighting Chris cyborg at the time that Chris was the champion of the world so now you know it's going to be a world title fight and you also know it's going to make a main event that's very relevant to what somebody's worth is within this industry I can assure you if they go fight and that's next it will not be for a wheeeeel championship and I can also assure you it will not be a main event so you didn't make an apples-to-apples comparison but what you did to me that hurt me as a fan okay I loved this Spencer had the courage when she watches I won't think any part of all jails giving a hard time not at all I'm just sharing my personal reaction to that my personal reaction was whoa how cool was that she's willing to go right after the Queen after only haven't been in here one two how cool I'm miss gals like that when you then bring up the money publicly go do God do the money dance just make sure you do it quietly when you do it publicly it now gives me whether I'm accurate or inaccurate but it leaves me with the perception that it's a cash grab and sometimes in fighting it is believe me those girls that you were comparing yourself to that went in there against Chris cyborg it did the job4 a little CAS H yes absolutely it was a cash grab they did not have a chance to win they knew that they walked out there if I'm gonna get humiliated I'm gonna take a beat and somebody's gonna have to write me a check I get it that is a part of the business but if you are undefeated in the UFC even if it's only I want to know and if you say the Queen's name and you get her to accept which she quickly did even said we'll do it at your hometown a can't a boy we've got something special there what a unique opportunity for Spenser what an incredible matchup for cyborg possibly even some signs for the rest of us as fans as to what is to come with the entire damn division and frankly Spencer did nothing wrong she has the right to then ask for the money that's why you asked for those big fights to get yourself more attention closer to a title further down the card and ultimately a bigger paycheck Spencer did nothing wrong she just should have done it publicly publicly if she went out like she did made a demand and got the Queen to bite which she did she's winning oh you won Spencer you won in the highest ways the highest ways it was a sincere call-out that got the reaction you wanted that was yes your comparison to the other girls no you're not right fine you're still on the right track just save the aspirin private room it's the only thing I would ask as a fan I don't want it I've heard so many people say you know all the way back to I was a little kid I'd fight Mike Tyson was having fights guys we're getting 10 and 15 and 20 million dollars I'd fight him for 20 million dollars ha ha ha they were serious they really would they go out and they get busted up and they'd wake up in the hospital they'd have 20 million dollars they were serious how hard is that that doesn't show an elite skill or even an elite courage I think I could giant I could open my front door up and just point anywhere and find somebody hey would you fight phaidor yeah I'll do it for a million dollars right so even though that is a piece of it I fully am aware that it is I would just encourage you and this is only for me I'm not really giving you a business dinner this is just for me as a fan I still need to believe that this is competitive in nature that this is based around conflict or this is based around competitive skills for a like-minded dreams in a division I do not want to see that you are business partners I do not want to hear about the money I wish you guys all the best do it in a quiet room