If you want to see Conor McGregor fight Cowboy Cerrone youd better speak up


Chael Sonnen


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if you want to see Conor McGregor take on a cowboy you guys better get your ass to work and I'm not kidding I'm talking to you guys if you want to see that fight you better go out there and make your voices heard because something Fugazi is going on and I do not know what it is but I can back up to Australia when I was with Donald and that fight was a go they didn't have the contracts done I understand all those things but he went on stage boom he made the announcement everything was cool in the gang Conner had responded was all done by social media we all got it okay boom let's just get a date and go and where there is smoke there is fire in this sport 99% of the time but now there's a new narrative and it is not only that Connor vs. Cerrone is likely to not happen it's now as far as Cerrone versus Ayala quinta is being discussed to happen by the way not for nothing amazing fight I'm just wondering how we got to this point it's not as though and maple it no matter how difficult Connor is being I'm sure he's a pain in the ass I only say that because every time it's the same song and dance yeah we got this fight oh yeah we got to talk to Connor in the car I gotta have a piece of the company yeah there's something ridiculous that isn't gonna happen but it is a portal for him right he ends up sitting down hands up renegotiated contract that has already been negotiated and signed and agreed and dirty or underhanded or not he gets his way so not a whole lot to see here but the point I'm trying to make is Connor is going to fight somebody so if it's not gonna be the title so Bebe's the champ hasn't been stripped out on suspension whatever's going on there in terms ampionship about to be figured out between Max and Poirier Conner's going to fight somebody so who's gonna fight why would it not be Donald that appears to be the fight that all of you I'll throw myself in that mix the media that for everybody everybody wants to see so I'm just one where we even even if we're dealing with the hassle that is Conor McGregor and don't forget this isn't a work by Conor this isn't some hustle for media attention you guys do that all the time but then that's fine what I'm saying when Connor comes out and goes hey I want a piece of the company as absolutely backwards as that is worthy the inmates take over the inside llem in his mind that's how business works when Connor got some stroke and got some running his name got out there and everybody wanted to be in the Conner business that's the way they came and presented it to him hey Artie can I get a meeting with Conor yeah set up a meeting boom hey Conor put your name on this do this and we will give you a piece he thinks that's the way business is done he doesn't know any different I'm not making fun of it he thinks and he has example lucrative good examples to prove that he's right sokka's winema this is how business is done I participate I give you my image I give you my likeness I work hard I put in a lot of time you give me a stake I never write a check that's a versus done you write the check sometimes sometimes if for some guys it's not by the book it's not usual in fact it's unusual it would be a bad proposition in most cases for somebody to come in and supply that but in Connors world that's the way it's been done so for him to just lend to the examples that he has amazing that what all of you guys do don't we just lend to the examples that we have so no he's not going to get a piece and no he does not deserve a piece and no yes the only way to get a piece with the fellow shareholders is to write a check not to devalue and break him off something but you still have to play this game so if we're going to play the game we're gonna go through all of the levels that you have to go through for a guy to get a contract sign even though he has a contract I still argue that we do it for caught Donald I still argue that the most interesting fight out there right now with the players that are available is Donald if I'm wrong I will be wrong if you guys think that I'm right you guys are the ones that are gonna have to decide this you're going to have to speak up and be heard