Im Quitting Touring NOT CLICKBAIT

I've done about because people don't like wanting something he that is to me Miranda and no this video is not click vain it is true I'm quitting touring I have one more tour this year one more bus tour here's the city's own coming to to make it a big farewell goodbye to taurine I'm gonna do the biggest and best show you've ever seen all new songs all new dances all new walking standing sitting all those things will be new if you've seen my show before you haven't seen this show it's going to be brand new and it's gonna be the last shows I do it ain't over a long time just think what we're gonna really miss my show so much we're gonna miss all the screaming more fan but we're gonna miss my model we're gonna miss my green cape that gets fluttered with the blue very much I haven't Orion over to freaky morals for like 10 years and it's been really amazing because I'm amazing I need a break a break so I have a lot of projects coming up I need to focus on that you might teach you more than taurine I need to eat snacks that's my list of things to do instead of twine so as you can see I'm very busy lady and I have a packed schedule thank you very much so make sure to get your tickets to my show this is your last chance also little tits bit of advice you're going to definitely want to be at the show in Washington DC at the Kennedy Center because something really special is happening that day that I haven't announced yet but I mean I don't see it really soon and you better freaking go two lanes I'm just saying okay so anyways if you are waiting for me to add a date in your city and it's not gonna happen phone also don't forget to get this new shirt I have the link is below you can't get it anywhere except for on the Internet's and basically once they're going on they're wrong you can't get at my live show so this is so special in ancient anyways I hope you guys like this video I'm really excited about the new endeavors in my line I don't even care that I'm not torn ever again so doesn't even bother me so you love you guys bye [Music]