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2020 had a lot of running stories in terms of celebrities and one of the biggest ones had to be with ellen degeneres mainly what started as a simple jerk move in terms of how she treated her employees at the beginning of the pandemic turned into a full-on expose about her treatment of employees and guests and that she treated them all like dirt throughout 2020 people spoke out about her bringing awareness to what she did and now 2021 is continuing that trend with trisha paytas coming forward to talk about what she was told not to do with ellen i'm gonna break it down for you but first do me a favor leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel now let's get started do you want to win an iphone 12 maybe a macbook pro how about 500 cash all you have to do is comment the secret hidden message somewhere in this video that's it oh and leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel so we can keep affording these giveaways winner will be announced at the last day of each month thanks for watching and good luck number four her time with ellen let's jump right into it and get to what trisha paytas said about ellen so awful like literally would not talk they tell her don't look in her eye and then they told you that yeah they're like don't look in her eyes don't touch her she was doing her podcast show with teddy fresh and they were watching all of trisha's appearances on tv before she was famous by her own admission she felt she was cringe because of how she acted and was all bubbly and such but as they got to the part about ellen teddyfresh asked her if any of the executive producers had hurt her in any way referencing how three executive producers had been fired after the ellen scandal was outed as a whole she said she wasn't but said very candidly that ellen was a now if she had just said that that wouldn't have meant much because that could have just been her saying that she didn't like ellen or something like that but as we would find out ellen and her team were very strict about what trisha could say or even do during her time with ellen oh i'm not supposed to touch you because i go like this and i'm like oh i'm not supposed to touch you like you hear me saying it because before they're like don't oh and they think you're a weirdo but they're the weirdo and she openly confirmed that one of the longest standing rumors that had been going on during the scandal the don't look at ellen directive now if you're unfamiliar with this many guests and legions of workers both past and present noted that when it came to ellen you weren't allowed to touch her or even make eye contact with her for one reason or another according to trisha if she touched ellen in any way she would be quote pulled off the show mid-card we don't care yeah they're like if you touch her you'll be escorted off like mid show we don't care i was like okay and then i touched your ass what a diva you're just ellen you're just a tv host now it would be easy to dismiss this for one person's interpretation on things which was very much ellen in her team's defense however as tricia and teddy played the clip she referenced how she did touch ellen on accident and said i shouldn't touch you and when the clip played that's exactly what happened it's right here see i'm touching her right now all right um you said i shouldn't touch you yeah yeah i need a book or something i i have a i have it thankfully she wasn't pulled off the show and was able to do her bit with ellen but it's something very curious for sure and not something that ellen wants out there for one reason or another probably the biggest one is that she was very much hoping that this workplace scandal she was a part of was done and over with but apparently not because if more people like trisha come forward and admit to things like this with video evidence like trisha had in this case more action might be taken against ellen number three the scandal continues the scandal involving ellen degeneres is one that has been talked about to death so we'll just keep it light and focus on the main things that were called out about ellen first there was the pandemic issue which was when the pandemic started affecting hollywood and ellen had to host her show from home which many late night hosts did for the record however ellen did it without alerting her crew to what happened she hired non-union workers to help her run the show from home because they were quote cheaper and she didn't even inform her full-time crew until later that they would only be getting half their salary until the pandemic was over so yeah major party foul at the start of the crisis then people started talking about how ellen treated both her guests and her workers including one complaint being dredged up from 2018 that noted that ellen treated everyone like peasants a source close to the production confirming to nbc news warner media has launched an internal probe into the award-winning daytime series and that she would force tension in the workplace by having everyone work late while she was out doing parties or events or how the crew would be invited to a certain thing and she would only take the people that she liked and so on add to that there was the executive producers who were misogynistic and racist towards the women of the various teams especially the african-american women one of whom tried to file a complaint and was punished as a result amid reports alleging a toxic work environment the source also says the show's host ellen degeneres is not part of the investigation not to mention all the workers who told tales about ellen clearing rooms just because she wanted to be there without anyone else the don't look at me rule that many have cited beyond trisha paytas and one former worker even noted it was a badge of honor to make it a year given all the turnover and backstage trauma and as if all of that wasn't enough workers couldn't take their birthdays off or go see a doctor if it meant them missing work so yeah this scandal was huge and it took over much of 2020 ellen was even rumored to be getting her show cancelled because of her actions but that didn't happen as for ellen right now well number two getting through it arguably one of the most tragic parts about this whole scandal with ellen isn't that it happened though that is indeed incredibly tragic or even that ellen blew it off in terms of her public apology and then there was an investigation i learned that things happened here that never should have happened i take that very seriously and i want to say i am so sorry to the people who were affected that she did on her show by which we mean she made constant jokes about the scandal deflected blame and so on but rather that even after all this time she's still trying to make it about her and not about the people she and her team hurt for proof of this you need to look at a recent interview she did where she talked about how she got through the workplace scandal and noted that if it wasn't for her wife portia she probably wouldn't have made it through like she did it broke my heart i couldn't have gone through everything i went through without her allows degeneres it was a horrible time in my life and she was a rock she kept me going and tried to help me put things in perspective she went on to gush about her wife we've grown together as a couple and we really considered each other and put our relationship first says derosi by doing that you become a lot more solid i can't imagine spending time with anyone but her adds degeneres we think the same things say the same things at the same time finish each other's sandwiches no sentences we're in a rhythm that's easy portia also had some kind words about ellen i just got to a point where i chose love over anything else this was a once in a lifetime feeling says the actress who married degeneres in 2008 after same-sex marriage was legalized in california and ellen really did help me through it by just being there and making me feel more comfortable about who i am like there was nothing wrong with being gay i think that's the first time in my life i felt that was true now on one hand this is all very nice to hear and the fact that they're on the cover of people magazine's love issue is gonna turn some heads but not all for the right reasons number one the only perspective that matters this is the ellen degeneres show i am ellen degeneres my name is there my name is there my name is on underwear the biggest telltale statement from the interview between ellen and porsha is the line about porsche helping give ellen perspective on the toxic workplace environment scandal now some would argue that as her wife it was porsha's right to go and put a spin on things to try and cheer up ellen and we would agree with that to an extent except portia was very vocal during the scandal about ellen and her character and even started a i stand with ellen movement on social media that got a lot of attention from celebrities and die hard fans of ellen she even in some posts admonished those that tried to criticize ellen for what she had been cited to do well it's fine to go and support your spouse or partner or whatever you have there needs to be a limit especially when that limit means putting down those who have been hurt by said partner this wasn't just one person calling out ellen it was scores of them and while ellen had plenty of support from celebrities just as many called her out for trying to maintain that be nice persona brad garrett for example noted that all of hollywood knew about ellen's antics and personality we have had a lot of conversations over the last few weeks about the show our workplace and what we want for the future we have made the necessary changes and today we are starting a new chapter others backed him up on this and yet many like porsha are trying to still paint her as a nice woman and soul when clearly that's not the case doing this doesn't just show bias it diminishes the suffering of those who used to work for ellen and her team some of whom left the entertainment industry for good because of the treatment put on them and some were very turned off by the apology by ellen during her show because it was demeaning and meant they couldn't get closure and the fact that people magazine would go so far as to put ellen and porsha on the cover of their love issue kind of paints the wrong picture because it's giving ellen the chance to change the narrative and focus on her brighter parts rather than owning up to all that happened what happens in a scandal is meant to define you forever and as trisha and others have shown ellen's driven to keep her positive side in the spotlight and do everything she can to go and put the rest of it out of sight consequences be dang said that i am not who i appear to be on tv because i became known as the be kind lady but with that being said there you have it everyone a look at the various things that trisha payta said about ellen degeneres and how it all lines up with how others spoke about ellen do you think that these reports are going to continue to come out until ellen is out of the daytime talk show position do you hope that ellen faces more serious consequences this time around who do you think will speak out next go ahead let me know in the comments down below be sure to subscribe and i'll see you next time on the channel