Im even more interested in Eddie Alvarez after his ONE Championship loss


Chael Sonnen


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the psychology of the sport is something that is very fascinating it's the same as any business it's the same as whether stock market moves right yeah you got a good product in you guys some good management management you think your expenditures are gonna exceed your profits or not look it all comes down to the psychology of the buyer can you motivate them work or or can't you I see companies out there that got inflated prices all the time they can't even turn a profit that are operating off of nothing but borrowed money and their shares are going up because they can continue to inspire the imagination of the consumer it's a very interesting thing in the fight business there are some pieces that must be there if you want to have a big fight totality guys any kind of a personal but a grudge if it can be nationality culturally inspired which comes along very rarely but if you can do that if you can have a parody you haven't seen there's a number of things that are easy they're guaranteed their successes and they're easy you can have a good guy and a bad guy just like any film or any other form of entertainment the white hat blurt versus the black hat it's simple it's easy and it's understood it's also a recipe for success there are other times where you don't know and the one thing about this business is two plus two never equals four you can bring an athlete in a guy or a gal it checks all the boxes you're looking for from talented to youthful to well-spoken too handsome to charismatic to beaut whatever it could be right go right down the list and for some reason they're a dud it just doesn't work you will have other guys who have empty boxes where of the ten boxes that hey this is what I've got to have it I can make that person to start they get four and they got six sitting empty and they go on to light the world on fire and you learn something there's always something out of the box but it's just two plus two never equals four there's just not a straight-line recipe that you can fault there's just good ideas I will offer you that back story because I'm feeling that way with Eddie Alvarez right now today Eddie Alvarez just got beat convincingly nobody beats Eddie Alvarez nobody beats Eddie Alvarez convincingly for some reason his stock went up with me for some reason I'm trying to identify what it is I'd be curious if you guys agree with me but I am now more interested than ever in Eddie's next fight I would like to know if you guys agree and I don't know why I don't know if it's because I wanted hated Eddie just fall off the cliff is it all over was the change to the new promotion the wrong change was the weight class and some of the ramifications and some of the way that they do things from an organizational standpoint the wrong way to do things Freddie Albert is that what this is or is that he going to come back with a vengeance like he has every time in the past did Eddie just need one to shake off Howard me remind you he did that in the UFC he came over from Bellator he came to the UFC he stumble in his very first fight and he was a top top five ranked fighter in the world don't forget he came back from stumbling in that fight to capturing a world championship this is a guy who is shown it before is that what it is am I am I just so curious as to whether it's the comeback story or something the other way I don't know but there was something about that fight and seeing the vulnerability in a guy who is nearly invincible nearly bulletproof over a very long career you know Eddie also never gets recognized for that Eddie really had the hard way to the top and I know about it because I was there with him I also had the roundabout way to get into you know the eye of the camera if you will before the media before all of you guys I was with I mean we traveled the roads Oh doc of Costa Rica Trenton New Jersey or somewhere in Pennsylvania where the hilly Trenton New Jersey I had that but we track we did all of these things you know and I get into the Ultimate Fighter I'm coaching the ultimate fire big opportunity look any others is in the stands these are there just to watch the action I'm looking at good Eddie if I would have known you were gonna be here I'd have got a jersey for you and you'd be on the Cochise that's Eddie Alvarez come on he doesn't he doesn't always get that credit a lot of people don't realize how far he goes back they don't realize how many times he's had to eat ball how many times he said to reinvent himself how many times he said to pull himself up off the canvas they don't always realize that when I watch that fight I don't want to take anything away from the opponent I will just share with you I'm not overly familiar with whose applaud it is to the point that I've seen the fight and I couldn't produce the guy's name for you right now I'm just I'm just not aware that's on me not on the opponent but when I watch that fight I don't want you guys to get lost in this in case you did not see the fight Eddie Alvarez lost a fight Eddie Alvarez stopped any honors in the first round these are the headlines and that is factually correct but if you go watch the fight Eddie Alvarez lost well less than one second of that fight well less than a second a millisecond one punch came in went right into his eyeball I mean he's got an orbital he's in the dice it's a whole big thing he said and I quote I was blinded by that punch and you saw it you saw the fear you saw what you saw go whoa how you get to a doctor I don't have time to deal with deal with you right now pull I got some other thing I got to go do well let's go ahead and wrap this one up but in its entirety he only lost a millisecond of that fight one Mills a punch got right through so keep your eye out for that but I will tell you for reasons that are unknown for me Eddie Alvarez his stock went up my interest in Eddie Alvarez has gone up because of the result of that match I don't know that there's another time that I can recall that I've had that same reaction