Improv Group Stars Performers With Down Syndrome


Inside Edition


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[Music] the first this is such a sense of loyalty to each other and to the group as a whole they truly love each other they've become brothers and sisters there's been a couple relationships that are formed [Applause] Emily King is another performer in the Ohio based true founder Rob's knew his passion for the program stems from his love for his ten-year-old son Henry who was Down syndrome yeah obviously all started with my son and I think he loves if I he's gonna be the first cast member with Down syndrome on Saturday Night Live but you better a little bit so you think him but that's that's yeah that's always in the background and as long as I have you know as long as that is a part of me which is always will be then that's where my commitment level Falls that commitment to help his performers grow professionally and personally that I thought man if you could get if you could teach these skills to the down syndrome community their work and social opportunities could just blow up these performers crushing the comedy scene one sketch at a time for Inside Edition calm I'm Justine Bray [Music]