Infinity War Cast Surprises Avengers Fans


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Black Panther, Thor, Nebula, Bucky Barnes, and Thanos are all backstage right now. The movie opens Friday, screenings around the country, and here in LA have been sold out for days, so we thought it might be nice to give one lucky Avengers fan here in Hollywood a sneak peek. Now, my cousin Sal is outside on Hollywood Boulevard. What's happening, Jimmy? Where-- now, Sal, right next to us at the El Capitan Theater, they had a marathon of all the Marvel movies. They ran them for like, 29 hours in a row. And you grabbed some-- now, bring somebody in. I know this person was at that screening. Yeah, I'm not sure this one's a fan of the movies, but let's try her out, anyway. - Oh. Oh, yeah. OK. - Hi. - Hi. What's your name? - Danielle. - Danielle? Where are you from? - San Diego. OK. You came up with especially for this? - Yes, I did. - Oh, wow. And how is it-- what's the mood like in the theater? Everybody's pretty pumped. We're still pretty awake, but we've only finished a movie and a half, so we'll see how it is 20 hours from now. Oh. You've already left the theater, huh? Yeah. You know? Well, I think it's going to be worth it, because I thought perhaps you might want a sneak peek at the Avengers today. Is that something that would interest you? Yeah, I'd be pretty interested in that. OK, well follow cousin Sal. That's cousin Sal. Follow him up the stairs, and that is the sneak peek hall. And stick your head through that hole, and we will give you a special-- What happened to her head? Hi. All the way-- No hands. No hands. There you go. There we go. Hey. Hi. It's a girl! You guys are awesome. You're awesome. I love your costume. - That's Lady Thor right there. - Thank you. I'm dressed as Thor. - Yeah. So there they are. What do you think? - Pretty awesome. I'm so-- literally lost for words right now. You're doing great. Is this better than that smelly theater next door? It's not too ripe yet. But, you know-- give it some time. Give it 23 more hours. Chadwick, what do you have there? I have a pair of extra tickets to a screening. IMAX. If you want to go. Uh, yeah. I'd be down for that. - So you gotta take 'em. - Oh, yeah. You probably have to-- - Do I take them with my mouth? Is that how I'm gonna do it? - Yeah, you gotta-- ah. All right. That was-- that was ridiculous. I feel like we caught you guys doing-- hey guys, stay right there. I want to do that again, but next time when the head comes through the hole, I'd like you to all be naked, OK? All right. Just gotta back it up. Let's give-- hey, speaking of fans, let's give another fan a sneak peek at the Avengers out on Hollywood Boulevard with cousin Sal. Hey, how you doing? Hey, what's going on, now? Yeah, you're walking around with a Captain America shield, huh? - I am, man. It's the easiest cosplay I could come up with. What's your name? My name's Michael. Michael. And where do you live? I live in Riverside, California. Oh, so you drove in for this event? I drove all the way. As a matter of fact, I'm supposed to be preaching at my church right now. Oh, really? Well, you made the right choice. Hopefully this isn't going to, like, go out, but-- you know, if it does-- this is it. All right. Well hey, would you like a sneak peek at the Avengers? Dude, I'd love it. I'd love it. All right. Well hey, follow my cousin Sal right up those stairs. Up here. We've got a special viewing hole set up. Stick your head right in there. Don't be nervous. Nothing bad will happen. Hey, what's up! You're supposed to be preaching in church. I know, dude. I know. Father, forgive you. Hey-- help me, bro. That's what's up. Yo, really great to see you guys, man. Y'all should see the effect that y'all have had on people, man. It's legit. You guys are great, man. We also have a little surprise for you. OK. Two IMAX tickets to see the movie. You're going to have to take them in-- - In my mouth? - Yeah. All right. You can miss church again. You can't get out. He can't get out. All right. All right, beautifully done. Thank you, guys. Now get back in there. We have a movie to spoil. We're going to give the whole ending to the movie here tonight. That's right. Do you mind that? Thanks for watching. If you liked that video, click the Subscribe button. And if you didn't like it, well, you hurt my feelings.