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[Music] hello folks this is echinacea from inspire I start commented available to talk about the Infinix s5 Pro so guys let's start with the unboxing for the Infinix sy pro this is the official box for the same this is one of the latest budget smartphones by Infinix and inside you get this smartphone and it has a very nice glossy back you also get the normal charger for this one on the inside simply rejected to the microUSB cable for this one along with the documentation warranty card user manual and you also get a deep you go for the smartphone along with the screen protector which is a plastic one we have the smartphone in the green color it looks pretty good and it also gets smudges easily at the back which is really glossy looking further about the building design for this smartphone at the bottom you get the 3.5 mm jack the microUSB port along with the speaker grille and the microphone hole and if you look closely on the right-hand side there is the power button and the volume rocker the camera set up at the back does protrude out a little bit and at the top is the camera mechanism this is one of the cheapest smartphones to come with a power camera mechanism and it comes with a dedicated micro SD card slot so guys talking further about the building design the display for the smartphone is a six point five three inch display which is a Full HD Plus display IPS LCD panel the best thing about this one is that is no punch hole no not whatsoever and it's a full view display on the inside it comes together mediatek helio p35 chipset which is not really the most powerful chipset around out of the 64gb you get around 53 gigabytes free it has almost every sensor required for a great smartphone experience and it also comes with the 4000 mAh battery which is okay for your day-to-day usage but if you are a heavy gamer you would find that the battery does not last long it comes with a custom Android skin known as X OS and it does have some bloatware apps some of the apps can't even be disabled it has a good feature known as smart panel which you can slide from the right hand side of the smartphone and access a lot of your shortcuts in different apps etc the other good thing about this phone is that you can disable some of the bloatware apps but that's a pain for a lot of users and they shouldn't have been there in the first place but still they are an Okie way to earn money for a lot of smartphone brands and make sure that their product is cheap the smartphone is available only in a four 64 GB variant and out of the 4 GB you get around 2.5 GB RAM free a lot of times it supports cam 2 API full but it would be tough to I am working wishing for immediate except said wide when support is an l-3 level and apart from that if we talk about the bottom chin it's slightly mid not really that huge but slightly makes so you would notice it sometimes but otherwise the space fabulous and there's also dedicated gaming more present here which kicks in every time you are playing some games granted auto san andreas on maximum possible settings does lag a little bit sometimes you can play something like Call of Duty on low-end high frame rate settings low graphic quality settings but then the gameplay was good enough and there was no lag whatsoever no hiccup whatsoever you can play games on this one for a long period of time but in pub G only smooth and medium settings were available and there was no extreme framerate option or even ultra frame rate option and that was really disappointing for a gamer like me I felt that the overall gameplay was good enough and overall experience is also good enough but the lack of good high frame rate setting does make sure that it's not really that much enjoyable for a lot of people so that's something that I would have enough to see changed you can use something like GFX tool in order to have a better experience while playing something like pub G the storage on the inside is emmc 5.1 and that's not really as fast as the UEFA storage but good enough for the price point and if you talk about on to to benchmark score it's above 1 lakh which is a respectable score not really that bad the he DP 35 is not really a hard-hitting chipset but still it's ok to get your jobs done talking about the camera setup on this when it comes to the 48mph 1.8 primary camera sensor our 2 megapixel hip sensor and apart from that the front camera is a motorized pop of 16 MP sensor the user interface except rice ok for a lot of people and it also comes with different modes beauty mode portrait mode but what I found bad about this camera was the fact that the selfie camera for this one had some weird exposure issues and it was over brightening a lot of my selfies etc and there's the AR short mode which allows you to put in some random effects on your photos and apart from that overall the back camera is pretty good but still the front camera is something which needs a little bit of work and these are also display animation effects for when you open up the pop-up camera as you can see the front camera has some issues but the back camera is pretty good at all has a dedicated 48 megapixel mode and the front camera did have some issues with the exposure and was not able to nail the images properly that's something that I would really want to see fixed in some future OTA updates but apart from that the overall general camera quality was pretty good for the smartphone especially considering the fact that this is a budget smartphone it also comes with bluetooth 5.0 support there is a 3.5 mm jack there is a finger ad on this one suppose USB OTG this smartphone is priced at around 9999 for the 4 64 GB variant and if you really consider it in dollars it's just around $130 or so and that makes it a really lucrative device so guys this was it for this video and yes he liked this one don't forget to smash the thumbs up button and do subscribe to inspire eyes for more awesome videos like this one and guys no matter what you do stay inspired to rise [Music]