Information in DNA points to design John Lennox

what we've got in the biological macromolecules is something that physics and chemistry do not know in the sense that you've got a signalling system you've got a code you've got a translator of the code now in every other area where we see anything like that the inference upward to intelligence is instant and immediate it seems to me without going further into it but if you look at this cell as an information processing machine it then can be simulated by a Turing machine which is a kind of abstract computer and all of your computer gates will no junk in junk out and that I think is borne out in the sophistication of what the cell is and what it does not chemistry and physics do not have the capacity to produce these things they can't reduce them by evolution because evolution can't get going until you together so somehow it has to happen and people have been working on it knives since 1953 when Miller and Urey won the Nobel Prize because they thought they discovered the secret of life nobody knows that is the confession of how life started all I would suggest to you tonight ladies and gentlemen is that if you look at it whatever mechanisms are involved the very nature of the entity that we have now come to understand is part of the carrier of life the thing that it seems to me to instantly shout at you is that whatever else is a pole there is a designing intelligence behind it you see what we've got is a choice it's between in the beginning where the particles and energy and somehow they came together to produce elements which summarized them together to produce macromolecules which somehow came together to produce life which somehow came together to produce consciousness which somehow came together to produce morality which sometimes crowd came together to produce the idea of call for this God doesn't exist or if in the beginning was the word death and all things were made by him that is mass energy are not primary they're derivative and that makes sense isn't it fascinating that the longest word we know has been given to us in some of our lifetimes and it's the genetic word that determines the human genome we recognize instantly that short words are the product of intelligence what keeps us back from recognizing that the long words are not products of intelligent tools could it be a prejudice that the solution has got to be an unguided naturalistic process why is there such pressure in that direction because ladies and gentlemen it might did not start by an unguided natural process that is the end of materialism as a philosophy that's a very high price for so to say thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music]