Inkscape Basics Wrapping Text Around A Circle


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[Music] this is Nick with logos by Nick comm and in today's tutorial I'll be demonstrating how you can wrap text around a circle using Inkscape so let's go ahead and get started here in a scape the first thing we want to do is create a circle so we'll grab the circles and ellipses tool and hold ctrl and shift in the keyboard and click and drag to create a perfectly round circle like that we'll grab the select tool and I'll just put this off to the side this circle is gonna be what we wrap the text around so I'll go ahead and grab the text tool over here click on the canvas and I'm just gonna write in some text here it's better to use caps all capital letters when you're wrapping it around a circle it just works better that way I'm gonna right wrap your text and grab that the select tool again I want to make that a little bigger by holding ctrl and shift and scaling that up then I'll grab the text editor over here and I'm just gonna choose a different font I'll go with leat gothic go ahead and click apply hold ctrl and shift and scale it up a little more and here we have our text and I'm just gonna make this red for now and what I'm going to do now is with this text selected I'm gonna hold shift and click on the circle and go to text put on path and as you'll see it wrapped the text around a circle so what would I want to do now is rotate this around so I'm not gonna rotate the actual text and I'm not gonna rotate both of these together I'm going to click off of us to deselect everything and I'm gonna click on just the circle and rotate that so I'll click on begin to get the rotation handles and I'll rotate that around until we have it sitting where we want it to be just like that and once you're finished once you have it positioned and you want to get rid of this circle if you try to get rid of that circle it's a good it's gonna remove the text from the circle like that so what you want to do is click on the text and then go to path objects a path and that will finalize it as an object and now you can get rid of the circle like that so also you can go to text remove from path and that will take it off of the circle so let's say you want the text to be going the opposite way like on the inside of the circle right here well with that we can just go to a whole controlling shift and scale that up a little more I'll take the text to select it hold shift click on the circle go to text put on path and as you can see let me click off of it and take just the circle and rotate this around let's say you want this text to be down here at the bottom but as you rotate it around it's on the outside of the circle what if you want it on the inside of the circle well for that you just flip it horizontally or vertically flip selected objects horizontally and now your text is running on the inside of the circle here now if you notice the letters are a little too close together when you've run the text on the inside of a circle so what I like to do is click on the text and go to the text tool right here and over here where it says spacing between letters just increase that hold up that arrow to increase it a little bit grab the Select tool take the circle rotate it around a little bit position it how you like it and if you want to make sure it's exactly positioned you could go up here to these these little increments of measurement and pull out a horizontal guide and bring that down into the circle right there and then you could rotate you can see the tip of the W and the tip of the text you could rotate the circle until they're equal equally distant from the blue guideline right there and then we can click on the guide click on that little guide and just press delete to get rid of it click on the text convert it to a path object to path and now we could take the circle and get rid of it and that's how you could take text and wrap it around a circle using Inkscape so if you have any questions let me know and as always thanks for watching [Music] [Music]