Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Feb 8

[Applause] hello everyone yes jaws is off this week so everybody's favorite sorry boy Phil chambers is here to take you through all of the insane things happening in wrestling this week hit the intro [Music] so let's kick things off with Priscilla Kelly as you might remember her from a certain tampon spot that kinda sent the wrestling Twitterverse into a little bit of a meltdown well she's back and this time she's gonna she's got our back she got she got yeah at the ultimate bar brawl in Atlanta Priscilla let's say experimented with her further bodily fluids it was a late night show a bar show it's held exclusively for adults she puked all over the face of Eli ever fly while her husband Darby all him yelled kick his head off well she didn't do that but instead yes it bears repeating she shunned 'red all over this guy's face no you might deem this as a kind of desperate attempt to maintain a social media buzz but let's face it that is the world we live in and come on is barfing all over a fellow professionals face really that much worse then WWE jobbing Dean Ambrose out to nyah Jets before his imminent departure and at least this was the actual finish I mean in 2019 there are just two finishes that actually live up to the name and that's Kenny omegas one winged angel and he'll Priscilla Kelly spewing all over her opponent's face and that's it this wasn't so bad I mean it's not as if she drops her pants took a crap in the toilet took a picture of that crap and then let's say sold it for $5.00 yeah yeah okay so onto something worth yeah something truly disgusting and not that noise now Ajax makes every time she picks up the microphone but an independent wrestler selling pictures of her own poop after depositing it in a toilet bowl I mean what was the thought process here yes it's the Super Bowl today ball toilet bowl I'll sell pictures of my poo shot see Blackheart whom you may or may not remember from tuff enuf is charging five dollars for that exact privilege yeah the interesting spin on merchandise isn't it but no one's really gonna pay that are they wrestling plans aren't the stereotypical marks that Edge and Christian likes to portray them as are they they're just normal people like us right well yeah one of them I hesitate to say us actually bought a picture of her poo poo $5.00 I mean kinks are kinks some people are turned on by basic intercourse or this delve more into a sort of fringe fetish territory but this is it's it's not exactly a video of her like defecating which I guess would actually involve a human being no this is a picture of a turd in a toilet bowl FYI wrote one mystery buyer I am doing this to support you not because I am some weirdo now a quick Google search tells me that Schatzi owns a store on pro-wrestling T so this person could have just gone in there and bought one of her t-shirts as merchandise goes this is only well slightly less well than that Eric Young plastic beard that TNA tried to flog to syphon Daniel Bryan's popularity okay so I was kind of excited about the frankly wonderful development in wrestling match of Restless selling pictures of the poo that I jumped in the studio written yesterday to record this completely forgetting that it was the aw double-a nothin ticket announcement party last night and I kinda have to talk about that so there was a whole bunch of announcements the biggest obviously being that Kenny Omega has actually signed with aew as of an executive vice president as well just like Cody and the books but they also announced a few matches we've got hang on page versus PAC which should be amazing we've got SCU versus SEMA and two of his Oriental Wrestling Entertainment trainees and let me tell you now if you haven't already been and checked out OWA on youtube go now watch them they're incredible it's ridiculous flippy crazy kicks they're just so athletic and just so fast and it's just it's mental it's not like anything you will have seen before it is well worth checking out also setting up a few matches as well Chris Jericho faced off against Kenny Omega on the stage that looks like they're gonna go Jericho Omega 2 is probably the main event of the evening and then the match I'm probably most looking forward to is the lucha Brothers Pentagon and very Phoenix against the young bucks that's just dream tag team match territory now this in itself isn't really insane we kind of expected it to happen we assumed Kenny was going to sign with aw because all these friends are there it would have been insane if he'd actually taken WWE up on there after but with all this that's happened and with all the bill to this event it kind of looks like a double you could practice what they preach and actually change the world now the tickets aren't even on sale yet but Meltzer said in the observer that just under 12,000 ticket code requests have already been submitted now obviously it's still early days they've got a long way to go but aw could legitimately be the biggest threat to WWE since WCW and for a company that hasn't even put on a show yet that is insane but WWE promoted Jeff Jarrett on the road to Wrestlemania is a strange development I mean even stranger was the introduction made by his roadie only it's not his roadie it's the Road Dogg who couldn't have looked and sounded more like a god damn douchebag if he were a flame shirt frosted his tips and hung around outside of the school gates he's still saying words like shiznit in 2019 he looks like Tesco value fred durst 'i thought wow sets correction to Becky Lynch on Twitter when she when he said it's not the pre-show it's called the kickoff show he thought that was a heartfelt work of a company man hoodwinked into thinking that every match matters and everyone's a winner even stranger was the sight of Jaret dressed up in his misogynist Galip of 1999 even though he was playing through his hips of the new generation bit I mean even stranger after Jarrett threw down the gauntlet Road Dogg said and if you ain't down with that we got two words for you we so I guess Jarrett has now joined DX in addition to holding memberships with both the NWO and the bullet club even stranger was elias's new heel roll because he turned heel two weeks ago for no other reason than to feud with Jeff Jarrett and after this match two baby faces ganging up on him like Shakespeare opera or ballet WWE creates compelling good-versus-evil content with larger-than-life characters Stephanie McMahon October 2016 according to the credible Shawn Ross sap of fight for calm the Viper Randy Orton has told his colleagues that he is theoretically open to listening to an all elite wrestling contract offer yes this is insane for valid reasons this is the guy who'd get a WWE title push if he was caught sharing a cigarette with a minor outside of a house show we barely performed at a guy WWE has for years and years paid main event money even when the only gave could be found in a divas handbag and this guy Randy dive Orton is entertaining the idea of punting WWE right in the head Randy Orton this is also insane when you consider the practicalities of the move the idea of Orton under the management of Cody in the books is just piss funny imagine Kenny trying to coax a anything out of ordinary entities of chin locks in mahajan Orton solemnly shaking his head from side to side as Matt and Nick Jackson run through the amount of super kicks that they're gonna have in their match imagine Orton scanning Joey janella up and down and wondering what the hell has happened to this business it's amazing it's worth it just for the banter alone get your checkbook out Cody and that's it thank you so much for watching I don't often get a chance to be in front of a camera and say this but honestly thank all of you so much we have the best job in the world and we wouldn't be able to do it without each and every one of you so thank you thank you thank you and speaking of you last week we asked you to book a match between Lance Storm and bull Buchanan and this is my favorite one so this is from Tobin and he says Lance Storm vs. beau Buchanan in a three stages of Hell match storm cuts a promo in which he promises whoever beats him gets a shot in the Canadian porn industry of all things right to censor can't allow that and answer the open challenge so they decide that Buchanan should go up against storm they ball for about ten minutes when suddenly a familiar music hits it's the godfathers one and he is ringside the lights go out and in the ring stands the whole train who seduced his right to censor storm climbs up two stages but waits and looks down down in the ring Buchanan dances with a mysterious woman but gets kicked in the balls by her it turns out that she actually is nyah jacks Buchanan's balls are injured and storm wins the match by forfeit so thanks to Tobin for that I guess and since Jules isn't here I am going to pick for you lovely people right a fantasy fucking match between Cactus Jack and Scotty 2 hotty leave that in the comments below and we will read out our favorites at the end of next week's show and that is it thank you again so much for watching follow me on twitter at fill my chambers thank you to Michael Sedgwick who writes the article for this go and watch more videos like the video leave a comment all that shit subscribe to don't forget that all the YouTube things click the notification bell to be notification and I'll see you soon thank you so much bye