Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Jan 25

[Applause] hey guys Jules here for what culture come back again with another episode of the most insane things happening in wrestling right now the show that does exactly what it says on the tin in the most annoying way possible you are very welcome now this week it seems some very odd moments both in the ring and Alton as always I'm here to help recap at the end of the week for you but before we do I wanted to return the favor from last week's episode at the beginning I mentioned about treating yourself well both mentally and physically and I hope that you're still doing that remember just because we're watching people beat the piss out of each other in the ring it doesn't mean that we're not a family here stay say you've got this and I've got to get on with the show so let's crack on and hit that intro [Music] we begin by talking about a pair of outstanding wrestlers who've unfortunately come up against quite a lot of trials in their time in the ee w e the revival 2019 should have been their year what would the company announcing that things were going to change for talent for the better this as he can tell from the fact that it's on this show hasn't happened yet that's despite asking for their released last week on Raw appeared this week to challenge for the tag team championship titles they unfortunately lost cementing them as bottom rung and floundering but there was someone in that ring who actually showed a massive career advancement so much so that they might actually be the best in their field right now and that is none other than Curt Hawkins now Hawkins donned the white and black as the guest referee from the match and you know what he was actually amazing he caught the revival cheating on numerous occasions and managed to actually act like a referee worth his salt and at the end he got an albeit mild pop as he was saved by Zack Ryder possibly hinting that he's gonna reform the major brothers this might not mean much to many but this would certainly be an upswing for the man on a constant constant losing streak and it suddenly dawns on me that the revival might have been the wrong horse to back in this new era of change and it might actually be the dork and the hawk that are gonna be the ones to watch woo-woo-woo maybe the revival that I'm alright [Laughter] when have civil-rights been used in the wrong way oh god Phil I tell you what it's almost like bursting my brain with how clever you are but I'm glad that it hasn't because I didn't want to blind people with how bold I actually am underneath yeah also it's when Seth Rowling uses it to bump himself as a baby face sorry I cut you off there okay I'm gonna do it's actually lush actually pretty cool I like that you've got a planet on your elbow now Seth Rollins had the following to say on Monday Night Raw one thing I saw today one quote that really stuck with me dr. King said the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands during times of comfort and convenience but where he stands during times of challenge and controversy these are fine words words that should resonate within us all words where the WW probably should have stopped up and unfortunately Seth continued my whole life has been a longshot Rollins went on to say I'm not your stereotypical WWE star hope to here Seth honey baby you were the chosen pet project of Triple H in both backstage and storyline you Lawford big opportunities from the off and earmarks as a future main eventer you are most definitely the stereotypical WWE star if the choices of words weren't strange enough and consider that this speech came at the tail end of three men for whom these words might have actually been more appropriate and considered I'm not saying that Seth hasn't struggled but maybe using the words of Martin Luther King jr. to compare a working-class background to the racial struggles of millions of african-americans might not have been the most tactful decision by the WWE at the current count it also means that the double-double you have used leukemia and the civil rights movement to try and get Seth over as a baby face which he already was and people already love him just fine what I'm trying to say is it was a strange segment indeed hey do you want to die several times then you should probably have just watched the moment of bliss segment again award jesus H Christ this was insanely bad on so many levels body shaming bully and victim Alexa and I Jax exchanged vapid smiles as if nothing else mattered it was like this it was like you caught me a disgusting Pig yes but you are also now a heel oh yes nice outfit Alexa did make mention of the fact that she and I were once the worst of enemies but that was what eight months ago ancient history am i right but before nya had the chance to smack her lips and probably every other female talent on the roster she was thankfully interrupted by ember moon and then a cavalcade of women from the locker room all vying from some screen time now shout out to Alicia Fox for delivering one of the worst lines in the entire segment I tell you if she is a captain she is sailing the bloody Titanic this plus the absolute ass Factory that was last week's moment of bliss are taking something truly amazing aka Alexa bliss herself and turning her whole badder than bad shtick into a joke she was once the best reason to tune in to war for the women's division and now she's just a sideline chick trying to squawk over other hands and if that last sentence seemed debasing that is exactly what this moment of pish became AJ Styles had a pop at the shave community this week when he discussed on Steven Crowder's podcast the recent and controversial marketing campaign that Gillette is running at the moment for those of you who have not seen it the company asked if we're really the best men can get or if we're actually just toxically masculine as you can imagine this has brought some great conversations and some utter tripe ones everyone is entitled to their own opinions and AJ had some to share as well and his problem with the advert was that he just didn't understand what the problem the advert was highlighting actually was now AJ is a guy I set in his ways he loves his family yada yada yada but he totally missed the point of mansplaining being shown in this video by asking about what the woman in the ad had said right before the bloke in the advert I put his hand on his shoulders and just taken charge for her what did she say before maybe he was sticking up for her said Stiles on the podcast completely missing the point of the advert entirely it was a moment that probably required her hand to be put on his shoulder in order to explain the situation to him although he probably would have hated that anyway a lovely bit of irony for you there and also AJ Styles misunderstanding a manhandling and straining to understand explaining are you a giraffe [Music] thank you thank you thank you welcome to working stiff where I read out the WWE Universe is erotic fan fiction for you this comes courtesy of real Tyrese Rich and it's called Love Hurts thank you Dolph walked back to the locker room to get changed out of his wrestling attire when he ran into Randy Orton hey Dolph why such a rush Randy I was hoping to run into Kody Dolph said while walking away slowly Dolph you're too man for Kody you need someone like me Randy I asked you out four times already Dolph said with tears making them like blue eyes turning dark blue that's how it's written that's great Dolph I told you why our relationship wouldn't work I have a wife and a daughter Wow I wish you the best of luck now I have to go while sprinting to the locker room something in John Cena's locker room caught Dolph sigh the voluptuous ass of John Cena changing with nothing but his chain on his neck Dolph was instantly mesmerised isn't that just the work of God Zack Ryder said while rubbing his cock I never knew how hot John was Dolph got so excited to see that body his cock got rock-hard Dolph blacked out and busted into John Cena's locker room Dolph what you doing in here I hey John I was just saying hi and we'll continue that next week now I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret don't ever go after Vince Russo it's what he wants for a start because you've given him attention and if we starved him of it then the bro bro bro might go go go also his fan base is quite rabid and will leap on any negativity thrown at him like a pack of horny dogs all this stems from Rousseau believing that he was never ever wrong in his creative blunders that somehow the weakest moments were actually his strength and even when he confesses for some sort of tribe that he came out on WCW he manages to turn that into a positive much like the display he put on recently on one of his podcasts he claimed that turning Goldberg heel was done because it was the only logical thing to do miss casting his top star was the only logical thing to do logically it made all the sense in the world to push the green as do shit wild can and tank Abbott beaver cleavage wasn't a bad idea because according to him it didn't happen it didn't happen mate because it was a bad goddamn idea I don't know how he's done it but he somehow come out of this confession with armor thicker than when he went in and once again I have been worked by Russo what a swerve am i right I'll tell you what it makes me want to swerve off a bloody cliff and there we go those are the most insane things happening in wrestling this week thank you so much for joining me and Phil thank you so much for just being yourself with your lovely lovely fish no problem but you know that I can't close a show any other way than by reading my favorite comments from last week's episode and you might remember they're in our match of the Titans we chose Gangrel and Molly Holly to have a match and you guys had to fill in the blanks that's better Molly Holly alone I'll read out the first one and then you reel that second one and we'll close on a third one the first one is from Gail Ken Millie Rock who said the arena goes dark Molly hoary Molly Holly you can do it again the first one comes from kaio-ken Millie rocky says the arena goes dark Molly Holly terrified in the middle of the Ring she hears that awesome vampire music hit and a gangrel on the stage I didn't write it in this way I'm just reading exactly as it's written he makes his way towards the ring and as he enters the ring Molly grabs them like she pleads for her cousin's crash in hardcore holly to come but Gangrel laughs as the arena goes dark when the lights come back on it's none other than edging Christian the brood is back only it's not edging Christian instead Gangrel has turned crash and hardcore holly into vampires and restored the brood twist I know right Molly Holly runs away in fear Gangrel wins by default crashing halt at crashing Gangrel spit blood into the air and hardcore holly stares into the camera because he's so fun look how fun hardcore holly is I was that I chose that specifically just for that last hide of like Bob Holly I'm very fun guys okay what do we got here from grim Fang grim the Fang King right okay Gangrel has returned spreading like a plague his evil is seemingly unstoppable as he turns the entire midcard roster into his fledglings from the newest brood okay over the course of a few weeks we watch as he wreaks havoc upon the roster and the WEA universe as he and his band of vampires squash everyone in their way in throw away matches until molly holly shows her hair she is others together all of the women who are no longer being utilized correctly and they form the Lost Girl Oh the Charmed Ones are some other throwback TV show restaurants Lost Girls yeah Lots girls actually works quite well stick with you girl and then they begin vanquishing the vampires in backstage segments using garlic cloves and steaks until the payoff match at them at a pay-per-view where Gangrel storms the arena and calls upon his brood who surround him in the ring but just after the bell rings we all realized something isn't right yeah the garlic and stakes have returned the roster to their former selves and they turn on gang go beating it mercilessly until molly hits the molly go round out finisher come on as if you don't know Bobby Habib finishes and gets the pin right now the best thing about that is it leans so heavily into this sort of silliness of vampires it's like but they're all back to normal guys and we close with mr. spiffy who says Gangrel returns to the ring now sporting his pwo shirt that stands for porn world order he uses the hypnotic powers to seduce Bayley into the porn world order Molly arrives to save the virtues of Bailey before it's too late Molly versus Gangrel is set for Wrestlemania well I know right it's got big mystery to them all I know if Molly wins Bailey goes free if Gangrel wins Molly must headline PWS next feature video which Gangrel has titled Molly goes around Gangrel dominates most of the match lasting about six minutes the ref takes a bump Gangrel is about to hit the Impaler on Molly when the lights go out when they come back up the hurricane is in the ring he chokeslams Gangrel Molly goes in hits the molly go round for the win after a slow Heaven s kinda lover they added that bit in there hurricane puts a cape around Molly's shoulders and mighty Molly rises again love it how brilliant is that thank you so much for writing those ones in I would like to do a show dedicated to doing these because they do take up quite a lot of time but we are gonna be doing another one for next week and I'm gonna choose the Big Boss Man nice well in honor they said to be kind of works out quite well because this guy anyway okay in honor of the nicest guy in the world Simon Miller I'm gonna choose repo man oh that's actually a great combination so yeah you guys choose the match stipulation what happens we will read out the best ones on next week's episode but until then thank you so much for watching you can follow me at retro Jay with a zero over on Twitter and at Phil my chambers you have been awesome and never forget that and we'll see you next week bye I've got state local Sedgwick thanks Mike the Sedgwick how long do is this just a fill time in case it doesn't hit ten minutes okay