Inside a US air base attacked by Iranian missiles BBC News

as each round came in the concussion in the shockwave would just kind of rocked the buildings and it would push doors in and push them back out this is one of the areas damaged in the blast it was a military barracks and many soldiers here had only a few minutes to evacuate to nearby bunkers before the missiles hit me and my partner we hit the floor and we felt the big the big boom and it's just they got real they got real real quick you you're just like them I hope the next one doesn't fall on me it's just everything just crosses your mind I was a muscled human I was scared yet so we did get some advance warning by a couple hours we weren't sure what the threat was at the beginning if you compare that previous yeah it seems funny it seems like somebody was throwing pebbles at us after after the after the missile so the next day I was saying that you know if we faced any threats it would probably be just Rockets and that was the first time in my career that I caught myself you know categorizing a rocket is just a rocket it's clear had the u.s. not received advance warning there would have been casualties they targeted living quarters they targeted known structures that were occupied and so I don't think that they had any hesitation to inflict those casualties where we're at is where my room used to be I was annex camp it's pretty much where I used to sleep talk to my family whenever I wasn't working where I would unwind the other thing I will tell you is the way that the attacks were organized the way the volleys were set up they were spaced out and I think it would enticed us to come out because there was a pause after that initial volley I think that they allowed for time to pass after the initial attack for us to come out make on-the-spot assessments start looking for potential casualties and then the next wave of missiles started coming in so I think that was very deliberate we understand that the threat is still out there I would say that we're at a strategic operational pause but that could change any moment the threat goes down we're ready to get back to work and defeating Isis and everybody remains committed to that I came here with the mentality that we're coming here because of Isis and then a couple months in I'm like okay now there's a there's somebody else yeah you you