Inside the Home Where Obama Grew Up in Indonesia

[Music] when a six-year-old Barack Obama arrived in Jakarta Indonesia it all must have seemed a world away from what the young American boy was used to this is the house that young Obama moved into when his family first came to Indonesia 40 years ago at the time these streets weren't paved and many of the houses didn't have electricity yet by Jakarta standards this was middle class the current homes owner allowed us an exclusive look inside a large living room leads into a dining room and an atrium overlooks the kitchen when Obama lived there his family didn't have a refrigerator this small bedroom looks out to the backyard the part of the house Obama has said he'll never forget his stepfather had turned their tiny backyard into any little boys dreams a monkey Birds a dog chickens even two baby crocodiles you used to play soccer here yes was he any good yeah Indre matter while live just a few doors from Obama and remembers typical boyhood adventures so you would get up on the road and fly kites yes Obama was the first African American many of the neighborhood kids had seen and he endured endless teasing about his curly black hair oh yeah here friends knew him as Barry Barry Barry I don't know Obama Barry Soetoro he had taken the last name of his Indonesian stepfather what interest says what he remembers most about ferry who was actually quite chubby at the time was how much he would eat whenever he came to Enders home he'd come over and eat you out of house and home yes yes every day while the streets the boys lived on was middle class like most of Jakarta the stark reality of poverty is just a short bike ride away Obama has said the things he saw in Jakarta will remain with him the rest of his life after Barack's stepfather landed a higher-paying job with an American oil company based in Jakarta he was able to afford to move the family to this house in what's considered a nicer neighborhood they were able to afford not only a refrigerator but some part-time servants Obama's family rented the house from this man's family he gave Inside Edition exclusive access this was a little sitting room this is a small study where friends say Barack did his homework every day this is kind of the master bedroom must admit the house gave the family more room after they moved in Obama's half-sister Maya was born Barack's bedroom was in here and this was Barack's bedroom yeah a room he is likely to remember very well according to Obama every weekday morning his mother would bring breakfast to his bedroom and then tutor him in English for three hours before she went to work and before he went to school yeah yeah but it wasn't all studying brach quickly made friends in the new neighborhood the senior men boyhood friends slummin remembers playing ping-pong with Obama in this room and playing Monopoly with him for hours on this little porch think aha he lost a lot he didn't win all the time in Napoli you called him Barry Barry this friend named sunny says he never expected that his old friend could quite possibly be the next American president it does surprise yes he remembers his friend Barry as funny and adventuresome but says his mother made sure his studies always came first a commitment that resulted in Obama attending to vastly different schools while in Jakarta where he made impressions on his teachers that would last for more than 40 years you really do remember him yes do you know who that is who it's Barack Obama what's he famous for he's he's gonna be a president from America this is the Assisi Catholic Grammar School in Jakarta Indonesia and Barack Obama is on his way to becoming its most famous former student the only record of Obama having attended the school is this old register and look it lists his name as Barry soot or oh that's the Obama took from his Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro he was smart in mathematics very smart in mathematics yes and this is Obama's first grade teacher as it is today in 1968 the school was very crowded forty kids to a class but she had no problem remembering Obama she's bigger and taller with black skin curly hair Obama may have stood out but he was popular an excellent student and even showed signs back then if he's a true politician when he was entering the classroom he would shake the hands of his friends and say how are you and he would greet everyone in the class Veronica via his third grade teacher says Obama wrote a composition saying one day he wanted to be President but didn't say of what country that class register lists his nationality as Indonesian and his religion as Islamic but his teachers say that was probably because his stepfather was when Obama's stepfather changed jobs and moved the family to another neighborhood in Jakarta Obama's mother enrolled him in the bouzouki public school which has a reputation for being one of the best in the city this was your third grade classroom Ianto and I recall their classmate very vividly he was the chubby boy who towered over the other kids in the class area sat here berry Barak sat there and then you set the school's makeup reflects the population of Indonesia more than 90% Muslim not long ago the school became an issue in the presidential race the internet was buzzing with thoughts reports that the school was a fundamentalist madrasah a strict training ground for radical Islamics when you heard that people in the u.s. were saying the school was a madrasah what did you think mr. bloom I said it's unlikely that whoever started that rumor ever set a foot inside the school because if they had they would have found hundreds of smart happy and very independently acting kids former students and teachers say it's always been that way there is a mosque in the school it overlooks the playground and every day at noon the children are called to prayer but it's not a requirement our cameras were allowed to go inside the mosque and observe the children in prayer the boys and girls are separated as is tradition in Islam but there is also a small chapel for the handful of Christian students who attend the school they assemble in the chapel at noon for Bible reading and prayer during our visit the student seems more into badminton and basketball than religious study biga Obama attended the bouzouki public school for less than two years however his classmates recently reunited to take a good luck berry photo and at the FCC Catholic school Obama's third grade teacher prays every day that the youngster she once taught in Indonesia remarkable as it may seem becomes president of the United States you you