Instant Pot Vegan Yogurt One Thing by Spruce Eats

[Music] so Rachel what are you going to show us to make today so today we're gonna make a cashew coconut yogurt and it's so amazing to be able to make something at home that you really thought you had to buy all you need to do is start with cashews and you literally put them in a bowl with water and weave them just so for at least 6 hours but I like to leave them overnight the longer you leave the cashews soaking the more creamy and smooth your yogurt will be that's great yeah buddy really loves a chunky yogurt yeah of course not so then what you do is you take the cashews and you just strain them cashews are great they're heart-healthy they have lots of fiber and fatty acids and essentially this yogurt is going to be dairy-free so you're just gonna put the cashews in the blender put in coconut milk so this will make your yogurt really thick and decadent so we're just gonna blend up okay I think it looks ready there's no visible chunks we're just going to pour this into a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for two minutes and you just want to make sure that it gets cooled down after the microwave to between 90 and 110 degrees okay before you put in your yogurt starter culture so it starts to act on the milk and turns bacteria into more probiotics so basically it's a good stuff it's a good stuff for your health and mix it in if you don't have yogurt starter culture you can also use store-bought yogurt to get those probiotics going and then we're just going to pour this into our jars this is just clean at this point you can mix in pureed fruits like berries or peaches or even some melted chocolate to give your yogurt some flavor so the next thing that we're gonna do is we're just gonna put a little bit of water about two to three cups in an instant pod or a slow cooker and put it on saute for 1 to 2 minutes just a little bit just a little bit just to get it hot and then what we're gonna do is put covers on our yogurt and place them in a pot at this point your instant pond is off you turn it off for the night and you and loud the yogurt cultures to incubate and the yogurt thickens and becomes yogurt tomorrow morning there's breakfast exactly so here is the yogurt and we're gonna make our own parfaits here that we can bring to go to the office because I know yeah we work together I like a little bit of everything I don't know what your preference is I like berries and also something crunchy at the end of the day there weren't really too many steps it was pretty easy you can really customize that to your palate and how you like it exactly if you liked this video make sure to watch more one thing videos on the Spruce eats calm