Interchange 1 3 Yard sale

Hey Mariela how do you like this huh Oh mister oh come on it's only a dollar do you really want it Todd no I guess you're right hi can I help you oh no thanks anyway we're just looking Oh Todd come over here just look at this lovely old necklace yeah it's okay it's not just okay Todd it's very nice oh look at this bracelet excuse me how much are these let's see how about $15 for the two of them it's not bad and how much is this watch oh this one this one is $25 I'm Mariela are you kidding $25 for an old watch well this watch is old but it still runs how old is it I don't really know but it's very old it's lovely I'll take it do you want those - yes I'll take these two great Sarah is that my mother's watch what I don't know it's my mother's watch it excuse me this watch is not for sale I'm sorry Sarah could you come over here please I'm sorry hey Mariela look at this Todd toilet no