Interesting Experiment With Cooked Rice


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I want to tell you about a little experiment my wife and I tried about 5 years ago after moving into our new home. we both recently read a book called the "The Hidden Messages In Water" about a man who studied the crystal shapes of water after being exposed to different circumstances he found that water after being exposed to positive words like "LOVE","WISDOM" &"TRUTH" froze into very beautiful and very attractive crytals but on the other hand you find the very negative words and the opposite effect forming very ugly crystal and since their bodies are made out of around 70% water this learns alot of credibility to the idea that the words we use and the words people use to us can actually physically manifest in the way we look and feel so here's the basic idea of the experiment My wife and I cooked up a whole pot of rice in the same container on the same day we took three different mason jars and we divided the rice into each of those jars and seal the lid on tight the only thing that we did different is that we took labels and wrote different messages and attach them to the different jars one jar was full of love and positivity the other jar was labeled with hate and other negative comments and the third jar was left completely unlabeled now what we're supposed to do is talk to the jars everyday expressing love and affinity to the one that was labeled positivity express hate to the one that was labeled negatively and completely ignore the one that wasn't labeled at all, what actually happened was we set these things away on a shelf and completely forgot about them after 6 months when we came back to check 6 months later this is what we found Can u see a noticeable difference between the positive and the negative energy here? what's really interesting about this is that these are just from labels alone we didn't talk to these we didn't spend any time with were we didn't give them any different types of energies we just label the jar, set them away and forget about them i think thats a pretty start contras now the one that wasn't labeled at all you can see it turned a little discoloured I'm a little bit surprized because I would've thought this would be the most disgusting one out of all of them, Because I thought negative attention would be better than no intention at all you can clearly see the results of our experiments here and this is something you can try at home as well what's really amazing is we actually have these jars for 5 years now and they haven't changed any different colors since then they just kind of hit that 6 months mark and then stopped so the interesting thing in this experiment is that the words you say or the labels you give people make a difference of how they actually turn out I think based on this experiments there is some credibility to the idea, the book "Hidden Messages In Water" strongly supports the idea that the words you use affect the crystal shapes that water will take being someone who likes to experiment I like to put that to the test and these are simply the results of our experiment here so very simple experiment but very pro found food for thought, Thanks for joining me in this video guys I'll be looking for you in my next one talk to you then "BOOM" RANDOM HAPPENS. Good stuff alright lets go feed this to the chickens You guys want some rice ? are you hungry? You want some ? chicken makes noise "TUCK-TUCK"