Internet and Its Uses

Internet and its uses lofty goal in this lesson you will learn about the following internet users of Internet main components of a webpage important terms related to Internet in the previous class we used Internet to search and collect pictures besides this what can we do with it min date nowadays Internet has become common we use internet for several purposes let's read about this Internet the Internet is a worldwide collection of computer networks cooperating with each other to exchange collect and share data using a common software we can share information in a variety of forms over the Internet using telephone wires and satellite links network of computers a computer network is an interconnection of various computer systems located at different places and network of computers may consist of two or more computers users of Internet there are many reasons why people use the Internet the ability to communicate with people all over the world quickly and economically has made it very popular some of the popular uses of Internet are searching you can get information on any subject there are various websites available for searching information WWL calm WWL device calm online education you can study online with the help of e-learning websites some elearning websites are or line education calm shopping you can also do a lot of shopping on the Internet you can also buy or sell old or new girls WWWE bay dot n w wo LX calm reading newspapers online you can read the latest and old news by browsing newspaper website calm playing online games you can play free interesting online games calm wwg dos net backslash videos for kids communication you can send or receive emails having text graphics sounds and videos anytime anywhere you can chat with your family members and friends reciting away from you ww you calm yahoo messenger WW Gmail calm gtalk WW msn calm msn messenger WW rediffmail calm WWE live calm in winter Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin but paul budget is the creator and lead developer of g'tok main components of a webpage there are some main components of a webpage worldwide web w-w-w-whoa wide web is a collection of various web sites these sites collectively form a structure similar to the spider's web over the Internet and are therefore called WWE website a web site is a collection of web pages containing related information it is like a book having where's chapters on different topics hi a webpage has many things such as links to a topic which may be in the same page or on a different page these links are called hyperlinks a hyperlink can be a word and icon a picture or an icon that moves the user from one webpage or website to another the mouse provider becomes a hand pointer on a hyperlink homepage a homepage is the main page for a particular website when we open a website it is the home page which opens up important terms related to Internet webpage a document where the information is stored is called a web page these are designed by web designers a web page can contain any form of data information that is text images and graphics audio video or links to another pages web browser a web browser is a software that is used to access information on the Internet some popular web browsers are Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari main parts of Internet Explorer title bar shows the title of the open web page menu bar shows various items for operating webpages and internet settings toolbar has cut short buttons for various operations on the web page back button this is used to go back to the previous page forward button when you move to a previous page click the forward button to view the next page stop button it is used to stop the downloading of the current web page from the internet refresh button it is used to reload the page from the internet the shortcut key for refresh is f5 address bar it is a very important part of any web browser the website or page address is typed here when we click the Go button or press the Enter key the web page opens which one is correct you