Interview Boyfriend South Korea talks about Obsession Best Friends and Rest of 2014


the AU review


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This is our 4th year since we debuted We travelled overseas a lot to perform there. It was a great experience for us to meet different people. The largest change made after 3 years is that we have a lot of fans in many countries Yes we did make a lot of changes from our previous performances We were freer on stage. And we performed as a rebellious child on stage with rough gestures We did spend a lot of time recording this song We practiced a lot for vocals and raps of this song and studied a lot as well For choreography, we want to show a fancy performance by using LED chairs We did wear more manly clothes than ever before. So there were a lot of changes this time. So there were a lot of changes this time For me personally I like a freewheeling style and concept of performance like Obsession As I'm a man I like darker style performances Emphasizing a manly beauty than cute and charming performances I actually like both of them so I like a mixture of the two styles of performances For me I always want to do powerful performances After performing Obsession I would like to do cute style of performances again like we did in the past. For me I like a freewheeling style of performance I would like to do more songs with the same concept again in the future I also really like our concept for Obsession In the future we would like to show more matured and sexier performances on stage. There are different responses regarding our new style of performances There are clearly likes and dislikes of our new style However our fans still like us and our concept for this time Some people would like to see us to be in a cutie style We would like to perform in that style again sometime in the future Please look forward to seeing next performances Amazingly it was first time for us to visit Puerto Rico We were the first K-Pop group to visit there The weather was extremely hot there and about 2000 people came to our show Crowds were cheering Everyone knew our songs and sang along to our songs They sang along to all our songs for the show Although they speak different a language they do that for us It was really touching I would like to see a kangaroo Australia is famous for kangaroos. I would like to shake hands with kangaroos there I haven’t been to Australia yet There is an open field where sheep are running around. I would like to visit there to watch it. For me personally I want to perform with members of Best Friend in Australia together on stage Also I would like to see a koala Yes it is almost the last time for us to perform Obsession on stage After we finish our performances in Korea we will perform in other countries Also we prepare our new Korean album. Please look forward to watching us soon Best Friend is like a vitamin to us which gives energy They make us smile when we are very tired Best Friend is like a girlfriend We always feel great if we are with them That’s our ‘Best Friend’ I think that Best Friend is our family We feel happy when we are together with them They are precious people to us I think that Best Friend is best friends to us There is no friend like them and they are like life companions to us They see us growing. They are really people to get along with forever Best Friend is the only one who we can get along with We always want to see them every day They are always precious people to us We always want to hug them Best friend for me is like air We can’t live if there is no air to breathe There will be no Boyfriend if there is no Best Friend We received a lot of letters and messages from our fans in Australia to our SNS accounts We really do! There are fans we remember from messages. We would like to visit Australia We always think about it We are not sure when we are going to Australia yet If we go there we will do our best to show our best performance and give you an opportunity to make a memorable moment with us Please support us in Australia