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the champ is here I'm joined by none other than Ali Malay mcFarland Alima Lee what's happening girl nothing I'm just you know doing interviews all day today I got my training in this morning and then for the next like 10 hours straight just well good for you I mean that's part of being champ right hey tell me what what does training look like this this close to a fight we're still a couple weeks out yes right now it's just all about the weight cut like I'm doing the scale right now before I get to fight in the cage so it's just weight cut you know no heavy sparring no heavy anything really is just focusing on I'm dropping that weight so right before you came on I was given a recap of Poirier versus max Holloway from over the weekend did you get to see that fight I did yes and what's that like for you you know I'm of course to tie in to max being from Hawaii what's that like for you I mean you feel close to that you get nervous when max is fighting absolutely nervous but I'm definitely invested in all of his fights I'm invested in really like all of the Hawaiian fighters but especially max cuz I just think he's an amazing champion he's amazing for the sport and for Hawaiians and for the 808 state so I'm definitely always tuned in I'm always invested and he's just I'm so proud of him you know I think he again he's an amazing champion and and he went out there guns blazing you know he fought like a warrior and even though it didn't he didn't come out with the win like just how he responded to that to the loss was was incredible also he had a really cool post the next day congratulating Dustin so yeah it's just a testament to what a great person he is yeah I agree with you and you know the reason I ask you that is because he came to your fight when I got to go to your last fight in Hawaii before that fight started Josh Thompson told me he said man you you've never been in a building like what you're about to witness you're never witnessed loyalty and support for one's own if you will like you're about to see that I thought Chad I've been in all sorts of buildings you know I've heard excitement I've heard people cheer come on and it was exactly what he said it max all the way was amongst the people there and I said Maximus car you just here to watch the fight he said no I'm just here to watch the Li Millay and but it was that same kind of load and I don't even know if you guys are friends or training if I don't know what it is I just know it doesn't matter you guys back one another it's very cool I'm trying to give a compliment but I'm jealous since I don't go through that in North America they're not afraid to boo me or not cheer me it's different for you and it's different ways you guys stick together it's very honorable and and it's funny because we don't train together you know I'm up in the mainland but we have all of the Hawaii fighters we have this camaraderie with each other and it doesn't matter what promotion you fight for we're gonna be watching your fight we're gonna be supporting you we're gonna be giving you guys shoutouts you know fight week and the media and so yeah it's uh it's a different type of bond that we all share and I think it has a lot to do with we're so proud of each other and supportive and that unity of being Hawaiian fighters so yeah it's it's nothing but love for for all of them now tell me how does it work for you I can just tell you for myself my career started as a fan I'm still a fan and my career will end as a fan and when you fight on a card and you fight late on a card like you do when you're defending championships and everybody's show up to see you what's that like when you're in the back and there's a fight that comes on that you really want to see do you keep that monitor going do you keep warming up while watching it or you you just have to put a towel over that screen and zone it out I'm actually told I'm watching it I love especially when there's girl fights you know I just love watching them so yeah I don't I don't really get you know I know a lot of fighters their adrenaline gets pumping too much so they don't want to watch the fights before but I was totally watching it especially at Bellator Hawaii I really wanted to watch all the local fighters and they were all on the prelims you know so I was tuning in I was on my phone like in the car or watching on the Bellator app or the disown app and then yeah once we got once we got into the locker room I was still tuning into the fight it doesn't affect me I know it affects other fighters but I can do it without getting crazy I'm the same way as you and I would rather see it than not because one I am a fan - I want to know what happens three to your point sometimes there's people at your division what a great time to scout before at least for me sometimes there's performances that inspire you or motivate you or make you think okay tonight's gonna be so bad if they could go through that I could do it too yeah and actually so one of the fights I think it was like two or three fights before me was um Nieman Gracie's fight against Edie Bruno yeah and that was such an incredible fight to watch and afterwards at my locker room was actually adjoining the Brazilian locker room which is like all named in them basically all the Brazilians that were on the card and they're all celebrating after their fight you know with the champagne bottle and everything and I had to use we were sharing the bathroom so I have to walk through to get to my bathroom and so I ran into Niemann and he was like girl jiu-jitsu don't forget you use it to it so he was giving me a pep talk before my fight I'm like yeah yeah you're right and then afterwards we saw each other again right before your guys interview actually and he said I told you girls jiu-jitsu so like you're right it does there are certain fights that do get you really pumped up and so I enjoy watching them I tell you he got on my radar that night I did not think you know he was eight no and he had an impressive record but if you look at the opponents I just didn't think he was ready for this and he jumped in this tournament which showed a lot of courage but you're gonna have to take that however the draw comes and he got dealt from the bottom of the deck I mean Edie Ruth was the dark horse a lot of people fighters maybe yourself included but we thought he could win this whole thing all of a sudden Nima's gonna be fighting for a world championship in his very next fight should he win that and win the whole tournament then he also has definitive championship which as you know is a big deal within the industry and not to mention he wins a million dollars I mean I don't think there's anybody in Bellator right now with the contractual opportunity as big as Neiman's no I don't think so either I I mean when I first heard that that prize money I'm just like can they start a flyweight what about me yeah yeah well it's funny you say that I was in a tournament while that was going on and we didn't have that that 50 cent and that champagne well however that whole thing worked that wasn't part of it so that is something really cool for the next crop speaking of same night that you're gonna be fighting Fitch is going to be fighting Fitch could come in and spoil this party with his with his style Kennedy so I'm not like a huge anime nerd or fan you you talk about how your fan and almost like okay and now I am but I really I didn't start watching him ma until I started fighting which was only a couple years ago so I to be honest I like actually didn't know who Fitch was until he started fighting for Bellator but I I do from what I understand from what I've seen okay he's a veteran of the sport he's smart he's a calculated fighter you know I'm he'll I saw his fight against Paul Daley and I'm just cracking up at them because Paul the whole time was like but so I mean I I guess that's pitches styles you know taken down ground-and-pound do what you gotta do to win so I but again I don't I don't know enough about him to make a good prediction yeah yeah and I'll and I'll tell you this and I don't know that I want to make one either other than everything you said for your assessment of Fitch is accurate and then add to that he's also very big he did a little bit of time at middleweight up at 185 pounds so he slid back down he's good with the takedowns he might be able to frustrate Roy I don't know that I'm picking him but it's relevant to what we're talking about because whoever wins that not only leaves with the championship but then they draw into Nieman Gracie yeah and that will be an interesting matchup because again we saw we saw Nieman's display of jiu-jitsu that night at Bellator Hawaii and it was phenomenal I mean I actually had Ed Ruth winning the entire thing also so to see and Ruth this amazing wrestler national champion kind of getting worked like that in jiu-jitsu on the ground that was pretty incredible so yeah Nieman's ground game is no joke so I'm excited to see either of those matchups okay so let me back up to one thing you were talked about earlier you're talking about you know with the fight less than two weeks away that first you've got to get through the the opponent which is the scale how do you go about that and the reason I asked you viewers always find this so fascinating that an athlete can cut ten pounds in ten days or 12 whatever it may be but how do you do it I started to learn some tricks over the years from the water loading I got into the the baths when I was working with Mike Dolce I found that a lot better than our old wrestler methods of putting on plastics or sitting in saunas but what do you do so our our whole system is like we try to cut the most amount of weight using the least amount of energy possible so yeah we're not we're not running you know in sweat suits trying where my coach actually gives me the option he's like alright you can either fast today you know and just do a little bit of cardio or you can eat but we're gonna do this this and this you know and then I always choose the fasting portion like fasting to me is really not that bad I'm actually quite accustomed to it at this point but yeah we do the water loading method we do salt baths but we just try to use the least amount of energy possible fight week so does that mean does that mean on fight week training is out or do you still break a sweat so I still break a sweat for sure like will do will do mitts or I'll do some like light running on the treadmill but I'm definitely not doing anything more than that like nothing more than probably like an hour and a half a day okay and when you talk about fasting how many days were you fast I'll typically fast two days at the most two days tops but even then like I'm still like picking a little bit like I normally have my trail mix so I'll pick at that like throughout the day and then the day before wind is when I'm like I don't have anything but again like this is something that I'm totally used to I actually do a lot of sweat lodges in preparation for this and fasting is a really large component of that so again that's that's I just fasted on Sunday the other day and it's just a lot of people think it's unhealthy but it's actually super healthy for you and it helps reset your body clear you out detoxify you so it's something that that isn't too bad for me now I love the fast the day before weigh-ins because of the fantasies that my mind goes to of what I'm gonna have after I make weight what I'm gonna have when I get back home for the entire next week when I'm sitting around and not going to the gym I actually look forward to and it's painful it's a hard thing to do is you're staring at the clock and counting the hours down but there's an actual Highness that comes over me because I'm so looking forward to digging into that whatever the craving is do you feel that isn't that fun it is I mean I have all these posts saved on my phone already but I'm gonna eat I know exactly where I'm going to go afterwards what I'm craving but like you said there's like this strange Highness that comes over you and I think that like cutting cutting weight and and fasting and all of those stuff like being in the in the tub it's almost like an outer-body experience it's like you're transcending you know so I it's just something even though it sucks it's so the afterwords is so worth it yeah okay let's fast-forward the fight is I get a calendar in front of about 10 days in front of us III do believe that V is a very tough opponent but I'm not convinced that she brings anything to you that you haven't seen before what is it when you watch her that you think okay here's where I need to be careful definitely not getting sucked into her game which is standing and banging like a lot of her opponents that she's faced all of them just were okay was trading with her standing in the pocket and treating and you know an opponent like her she doesn't care about getting punch in the face she was getting blasted by Denise keyholes who the belt or kickboxing champion and she was getting blasted did it faze her she just kept coming forward you know she'll come forward with a split I busted lip and she'll just keep coming forward so I think a lot of her opponents they get sucked into her game and so that's what we have to watch out for not giving her any chance of course like my coaches they're very confident in my striking it's come a long way and they think that I would be able to beat her on her feet but why even give her that opportunity that's kind of you know all she's gonna not Bank on but like that's what she's best at yeah and no matter how far we come in this sport it still does come back to that basic grappler versus stand up fight almost every fight comes that way one one wrestler won five rather would rather get it to the ground and the other one would rather stay on their feet it just seems to always be that classic matchup and quite frankly leeway I never get tired of seeing it and I'm not one of those fighters that has an ego that's like oh I'll show you guys that I can strike like no not at all I'm I'm very good with staying true to my grappling and my submission submission wins and I don't care if that upsets people or whatever I don't have to prove anything to them because I already got the belt all right girl I know you've got a busy week I know you got a busy two weeks enjoy the rest of camp enjoy the wake when you're fasting by the way will you think of me think of me eating a club sandwich with french fries and a coca-cola big enough to swim in would you do that okay when you're in the sweat lodge starve it just just picture old chill out there okay but I'm gonna see you in San Jose I very much look forward to this contest and I thank you for your time all right guys that is the champ Ali Malay mcFarland and she's got a big fight coming up and she really does know how to deal with pressure one thing I wanted to say more is a compliment to her but it slipped my mind so I'll tell you guys the mayor of her hometown has officially named I believe it's September 17th but it is officially now known as Ali Malay McFarland day and I got to think that that's a very rare pat on the back for anybody to go through but certainly congratulations a certainly a big honor for the champion of the world right there early Malay mcFarland you