Introduction to ARCH331 Construction project by Dr Hourakhsh Ahmad NIA

dear valuable students of alania himbula and russia university welcome to this course with the title of construction project as you may know that the main objectives of this course is to somehow prepare your projects that you have already done in your design residues to prepare them for real constant clear construction areas to give logic so accordingly you will be able to somehow communicate with your constructors with the language that you are going to do we are going to discuss with each other and develop this semester so in this course the students are expected to comprehend structural requirements study solution methods obtain information about the construction process of the building materials and components learn how to draw architectural details discussion about the structural problem of designs that they could use during architectural design studios so we will discuss with this guy keyboards in this semester and the evaluation the main objective will be prepare whatever you have designed as a building to in a language which is understandable for the constructor so the the output of your project we will configure that it will be able to get acceptance from municipality and the chamber of architecture whatever your architect that you are whatever you are going to design so that's why this is one of the main the main con let's say course core course that you are have and you are building you are you you will dealing with that course let's say throughout your uh entire life of academic academic and professional life because you will see how to design a project in the scale of 150 120 so we will work let's say on the scale of 150 the requirements that we need to design for of course will be different than system design and partial design which is going to and let's say uh to work with the scale of 120 so during this semester we will work with these principles of construction um designing in your plant sections and elevation whatever you have as a drawing so we will start with foundation by classifying the different foundations and design techniques in each and every foundation with their access what are regulations to design the axis system whatever we have in horizontal antarctic vertically when we're defining the shear wealth and let's say implementing taking let's say one of the principles of design let's say in municipality we will look at them to see how we can design let's say mostly we are working with this course uh the residential complex residential building so we will give you a plan a role plan of let's say a residential building mostly fourth floor together with ground floor which is uh let's say it will be designed by for interest and maybe some stores in front of it and we could work with the regulation to see how many percentage of the land we are going to supposed to build and how much let's say we will have for the let's say yard so um we will check with this regulation and let's say the setbacks from each side you know that in each neighborhood and english city might be different so we will check with each other and these rules and regulations then we will go to inside the building to design the scale of 150 and one a plan in the scale of 15 and 20. so we will look in each other we will precisely and the architects we will check as an inner room or the space organization of the furniture even the details and materials that you you are going to propose for each and every room how we are going to let's say um or how able to write this um bunch of information in in a brief in such a way that completely understandable so we will somehow deal with this information in in this in this course apart of apart from that we will talk about let's say the balconies rules and the mission of designing consoles balconies and roof so that we mostly we will work with each other with cylinder types of roofs and also gable roofs which is common in albania so these are a little bit harder than flat roofs that's why we will be excited they really try to somehow uh work with this one to prepare yourself for your professional life so this is we consider that the course that you are going to have the last project in such a way that prepare yourself for your professional life and expectation from you from what you're whatever you are going to gain from this course you have to implement them in your uh design studio that this design interview that you are going to have this semester and institute that you would have in the next upcoming semesters i wanted your graduation uh let's say projects apart also based on that you will be able to prepare and get ready for your final objective of your academic career to be an architect so we will uh we will work with each other uh to uh to understand the principles of design in a systematic way the scale of 1520 to be able to let's say prepare your project to to get validation and proof from municipality so this is your main core will be your main core course so my uh for your entire life so please take its service enjoy with it which is very important maybe in some days you may put towards some in some unless a project you may need to stay 48 hours without sleeping so without enjoying it that long you will not be able to somehow unless uh this you will not be able to somehow have connection with your project so it will it might affect negatively to your spiritual value that's why my suggestion is please try to find a connection to to enjoy this project and i i will also do my best to let's say to encourage you to contact videos let's say project in a more sense sensitive and sensible way [Music] by as you may know of all we have the strategy that i'm going to suggest for you this semester will be somehow i think you know we have 15 classes in each classes we we will have a let's say some lectures and based on lectures i will ask you to develop a plan that i will give to you for upcoming sessions so based on that session since you are a bunch of students are 20 so in each class i will the expectation from from you is to submit your project to advanced system and based on your submission i will pick some um uh for session two for example uh for students then the other session for students the other session for students to do the matter of time and we i will explain the problem of uh that let's say project so you need to fully attend to the project and be fully attend to the course lectures which is going to be online so you will be able to take the to understand those problems that exist at your friends classmates the projects or you will find your own let's say projects problem to solve that so that's why due to the matter of time we may not be able to go in each session for 20 students we will choose just four and we will mention those the problems of the students of four and you you have to be attending the class take the objective and the problems of that let's see whatever i'm explaining on that session and implement the problems uh that have mentioned try to solve those probably your project and this process each session will continue to meet there and in the midterm you are going to submit let's say all the plans of the floor the scale of 150 150 with full details with full information with no problems in it so and after midterm uh where we go to let's say talk about the sections and elevations and systematic details and working with the system retires the scale of 120 uh partial details how these are working with each other during sms i will be with you to i will support you and i will try to somehow to encourage you to apply the principles of construction the language of let's say architectural language language of construction in such a way that the constructors will be able to easily read your project to to be able to apply your design in the construction land so ladies and gentlemen here valuable students please take care of yourself stay safe and good luck in this academic semester you