Introduction to Qigong Tree Pose Zhan Zhuang Qigong Standing Meditation


Qigong with Kseny


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hi everyone I'm Jenny and in today's video I'm going to talk about chicken standing meditation oh and some of you might know it as chicken tree pose this is the first video of my meditate with me series that I'm going to share with you in the next few weeks so the reason why I wanted to know this series is because I think this tendon meditation is one of the most powerful chicken exercises if not the most powerful I've been practicing it myself for some time now and I've noticed a big difference in my personal practice it really helps to train the mind build strength and build personal power from the dedicated process this video is an introduction to the tree pose we're going to go over the put their line and the proper posture proper breathing to get the most of this exercise so let's begin so begin in a standing position relax your whole body keep your power and your spine upright but not rigid now bring your attention to your feet find all four corners of your feet get grounded feel connected to the earth then from here soften your knees I'd like to think about this you're like right in the metro or subway when your knees are always like a band and bouncy so I like this analogy soften your knees and then relax your hips so you can move your terrible and slightly to lengthen through the spine so I'm going to stay here so you can see just enough for you to have a nice long spine very good and I'm moving up relax the shoulders down and open the back of the neck by moving the chin to the chest again just not for you to feel the elongation and then your head is drawing upward towards the sky so when you do this meditation you want to keep this concept between heaven and earth so position your body upright nice and straight so you're between heaven and always staying grounded through your feet but at the same time always reaching up towards the sky take a few moments here to notice how you feel to find the center to position your body where you feel comfortable very good okay I hope you found it and then raise your hands up to about our chest high so keep your shoulders down round your back so your chest will naturally sink in it's almost like you're holding a big bowl that cover in the back your chest up in front of your arms this position that sometimes also referred to as three circles so one circle will be doing the between the chest cover in the back and not a circle will be placed in front of our knee so your knees are not going in the X letter it's always kind of staying a bit out so you hold it like a ball between your knees and the third one is placed under your tailbone so don't work your Reston you feel that support so three circles three balls three round shape figures okay so going back to the standing relax you're soft on your elbows your elbows are lower than your shoulders and keep your wrist relaxed so they know down they not often no term and like a natural again why slightly round it I think is relaxed looking at each other and here again take a few moments to find the position and check in with your body if you need to you can shift forward a little bit and then go back always staying grounded and connected through your feet and allow yourself to have a few centimeters of freedom you know don't walk yourself don't lock your whole body like you have to stand you know like motionless okay you do you know that really need to move but at the same time you know your arms or shoulders need a little adjustments you can open them and find the softest find this comfortable position the same with that shift in the way even with your lower back you can do that very gentle circle you know to loosen up and then go back to standing again remember to keep your head upright the crown of her head is pointing upward your spine is nice and long okay it's normal to feel tension in your legs different aches and pains so that will go away as you practice more so may take a couple of months and might take longer but don't get discouraged it takes practice to master this meditation but the results and the benefits at holy water okay and then bring your attention to your breath so we're not doing any movement here so your breath should be calm so breathe slowly and deeply into your belly keeping your chest for relax let's take a nice deep breath through the nose and then a exhale through the nose as well keeping us all one more here and exhale very good to come out this position just bring your hands closer to the chest down in the center of the body and relax by the side notice how your body feels already very good this was a short introduction so chicken tree pose I really hope you enjoyed it and join me in the next video to practice together for one minute thank you for watching and enjoy [Music]