Invasion Of Tonights WWE SmackDown Revealed

[Applause] hello there everybody walk culture wrestling's adam cleaver here and no not your hashtag good after take it back it's not your good afternoon just a quick update for you on a Friday afternoon if indeed you are in America and you're coming out of the afternoon whatever time it is over there or indeed if you're in the UK on your way to the UK tapings of WWE in Manchester tonight for Smackdown live now if you've already listened to both the Smackdown preview and wrestle culture podcast this afternoon we may have made a small tiny joke about the NXT invasion wouldn't it be funny if since there in the UK doesn't actually NXT that invades the main roster tonight but it's NXT UK and the reason I'm stood before you right now for the next three or four minutes very humbly I might add it because it looks like that's gonna happen in a tweet that was first teased by Russell votes and as always to this with a pinch of wrestle boats but then subsequently backed up by the Wrestling Observer I'll just I'll just read that first tweet out for you wouldn't surprise me at all if imperium showed up and the dual tapings today overseas to further the NXT invasion angle hint hint very subtle guys then of course this afternoon's wrestling observer came out and said that yes that is possibly going to be the plan for tonight since they couldn't fly everybody out earlier in the week seeing as they're to tape NXT this week that left them with a bit of a problem there all this momentum from NXT invading the main roster but everybody from NXT was back in Florida and it wasn't really practical to start flying loads of people out just for running spots on one episode of television so they've done what they do in these situations are they have turned to what is convenient what does logistical what is easy for them and they've just remembered out of nowhere that they have a UK NXT brand and on it are many stars who work across both sides of the Atlantic including of course Imperium led by NXT UK champion Walter now we know what you're thinking on Amin just coming on here to read a tweet out and say that the Wrestling Observer said it might happen and no no of course I wouldn't do that to you I would not be standing here right now and I'll give you more information let's I could give you an insider nugget let's say I give you a pure hot fried sighs of what culture factoids and what I can tell you it's cool - what culture is that Michael Hamlet didn't turn up for work today and Michael Hamlet looks exactly like Walter ago Walter is going to be on Smackdown tonight because that's where Michael handfull it is there you go so yes there you go if you're either going to the show tonight or you're watching on catch up in either the UK or the United States look out for stars of NXT UK expect Walter expect Imperium expect God I don't know let's say Kaylie ray and Tony Storm Tony Storm when the myun classic Caylee ray is the NXT UK Women's Champion and people who watch the main roster probably haven't seen too much of either of those so that should be really really good and hey why not get your predictions in the comments for how many people who were previously signed by wcp do you all affiant will appear on the show at any point I'm gonna go for five now let me know what you made of it all in the comments below and of course I forget to like share and subscribe but in the meantime thank you so much for watching this is me clocking out on Friday afternoon where is my pint and I'll see you soon goodbye