Iran Desert Food Disaster Food Tour GONE WRONG in Central Iran

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Mohammed II still uses it today to provide flour for his family and neighbors are we gonna grab some of this wheat today yes and then we're gonna head to my mother's place where we gonna bake some bread so we're here cuz as your mother yes and she's here to show us how to make a local bread what is a bread called the bread is called cookie sheet poppy cheese is a traditional bread of this region made from wheat grain and known for its herbal toppings like SAP flowers a popular substitute for saffron is it really imitation saffron yes that's amazing it starts with the dough combining ice water salt and yeast then flour and kneading it until it's smooth got some great sound effects coming up this bread the dough is left to rise for a couple hours exactly 12 hours alright let's come back in two hours psych we already did it two hours ago guys what do you think first we didn't plan ahead we have another poll right over here Wow even the mole crew from the yeast and the color change to then portioned and dip into an herbal seed mix including fennel safflower caraway and sesame seeds [Music] we'll bring this bread for our dinner in the desert but before we continue on our journey Muhammad's mother invited us for lunch first of all thank you oh you got it throw your phone you got a phone call you take a phone call you know they're people here just like anywhere else we're starting our feast with pickled garlic turned black from grape vinegar and pickled for over seven years it can be used as an antibiotic or an appetizer oh nice very sour I like that it's very much like a pickle and then the texture is very soft to reduce the cholesterol the bad fat views because for our main course we have two dishes first challah juice one of the more intimidating foods I've experienced in Iran starting with cash a fermented dairy product similar to curds that smell like sour milk she soaks the dry curds with water to create the cash in the separate pan oil onion mint and turmeric then the cache then minced walnuts I'm gonna try this out this is the most enjoying it is a very unique flavor kind of sour but also chalky for me it's a harder food to get used to I think if I grow up with this I would be more accustomed to it but it's still very new to my taste buds it's like the first day of school in my mouth [Music] dish to Ashkan a Rob a an are a sweet soup made from pomegranate paste she starts with oil onions flour turmeric and mint on the side a mix of pomegranate paste grape molasses in water put it all together simmer and eat Cheers he's more I like that that is a sweet adventure little bit sour very sweet and I see that too common theme like a lot of sour foods frozen your Indian cuisine is important to get some energy without having sugar inside their food which is not very healthy well for me that was great I feel very well-balanced thank you very much for this incredible meal and the opportunity to sit down with you [Music] now that we've picked up our bread for tonight's feast we need our protein we are in a farm with heaps of very moved animals just beside us they're watching us it's a very long necks and there are geophys don't hurt your house yes okay do I need any safety tips Before we jump in yeah nah it's pretty cash some animal behind this wall a rare food of Iran yes we're gonna find out now let's go oh my god it's an ostrich farm in the middle of the desert what is going on Iran is the second largest ostrich meat producer right after South Africa is this a common food in Iran it's a special food for special occasions when's the last time you ate it three months ago two months ago it's not like turkey that you might eat it back in u.s. don't worry yes I handled that are these good pets yeah they're pets for now but eventually these are gonna be someone's dinner in fact they're gonna be our dinner tonight ostriches are bred not only for food but the skin is used for leather the fat for skin care products and the feathers for dusters so everything gets used yes are they smart and not as much as their beak I think they're like stepped on a bucket and then they all got freaked out this is groupthink at its finest all right I'm gonna go chase her on these ostriches and then we're gonna take off besides just simple just past the edge of the city our final destination the desert these dunes are well-suited to all types of nighttime activities it's your local drive-in theater treehouse and lookout point all in one and what happens in the dunes stays in the dunes including a little bit of reckless driving all its like a sandy rollercoaster half a sport and half an accident waiting to happen it doesn't get any better than this this evenings desert feast includes a local delicacy called p2 Utah is like a traditional way of making the meat only using the fat of the Sheep start with a sheep fat base add mutton tomatoes potatoes and wait on the side Mohammed prepares ostrich kebabs simply marinated in lemon juice and onions stuck on skewers and roasted on an open fire well Mohammed check it out yes we're really doing it that's right yeah today has been building up to this point flour from a camel mill you're doing a great job in here you're doing great work bread from Muhammad's mother like are you an influencer of bread well I'm happy to promote your Instagram after this meat from an ostrich farm a Setting Sun in the background it seems perfect right we're just getting blasted with sand everything so the sand does that is that part of it does that add flavor that was another both of the fun but we were not like their career if you ever have the idea of doing a barbecue in the desert remember to check the weather forecast or maybe don't set up camp in the eye of a sandstorm I've never eaten in a dust storm before it's like a whole new experience for me due to unforeseen circumstances the wind has added some unwanted desert spice to our foods listen we from a lot of videos eventually something will not go as planned the most important good all right why do we eat alone or with something you can just make this will sign your here we go anything the veto is good I like it man the texture it has a granular nature takes a little getting accustomed to the bread very delicious I love the herbs seasonings on top if speaks to my heart how do you avoid this usually I think we just pitch a tent on the serve it inside the tent oh that's a good idea you should do that I'll use a bit late for tonight okay I might pitch a tent later on tonight though [Music] [Applause] [Music] before we pack it up I want to savor this moment a little bit longer with our well-earned ostrich kebabs caked with desert sand and here it is inoue-san right we got try one yeah how do you support we went to a farm I had it ostrich kicked me in the back it's kind of like revention away let's go for it that's pretty good I like the lemon on there I'm gonna listen he's got some desert seasoning on there for sure but that has a very good taste it's a little sweet the lemon and onion you put in there definitely comes through it's like hearty it's not like chicken at all we did a lot of cool today see good thing we've filmed a lot of stuff you never know what's gonna happen in the end the trick is to just let everybody in on what's going on instead of just being like no it's not it's not sandy at all [Music] the traditional desert food of ours on a was born of necessity in the centuries preceding electricity your refrigeration how do you preserve food condensed and dry your milk so it lasts months instead of weeks used condensed grape molasses that will last ages even dry bread is rehydrated to make it palatable in soup geography and climate have a way of forming eats regent's pallets and that's especially true here [Music] Mohammed yes would basically did it you kind of wanted yes thank you for introducing me to so much unique food traditional modern and otherwise here in the city of arsenic for us 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didn't make it into the show [Music] where did thank you [Music] when you think you know [Music]