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Dia duit agus fáilte ar ais In this video we're going to take five random words beginning with letter A and explain what they mean from Irish to English and give a sample sentence or two to go along with it So let's start with this word here Adhlacóir this means an undertaker, adhlacóir Tá sí ag an adhlacóir she's at the undertakers The next word then is Ádhúil this means lucky - Ádhúil Ní raibh sé ag cur báistí, ádhúil go leor It wasn't raining fortunately or luckily, ní raibh sé ag cur báistí áthúil go leor Another word for lucky is Ámharach Nach ámharach an mac é? Isn't he the lucky one? next then we have the word Áisiúil This means convenient or useful. Áisiúil. Tá an t-óstan áisiúil don aerfort the hotel is convenient for the airport - Tá an t-óstan áisiúil don aerfort Our next word then is Anlann which is the Irish word for sauce or perhaps dressing? Anlann Ná cuir an iomarca anlainn orthu Don't put too much sauce on them Ná cuir an iomarca anlainn orthu Anlann sounds similar to another word Annan Annan is the Irish word for pineapple So they are quite similar sounding but obviously very different meanings Anlann is sauce and Annan is pineapple And finally we have the Irish word for Australia which is An Astráil and San Astráil is in Australia Is aistear fada é ón Astráil it's a long way from Australia Is aistear fada é ón Astráil Ceart go loer, anois tá mé críocnaithe, alright now I'm finished, tá mé críocnaithe, now I'm finished Thanks very much for watching if you enjoyed this Please give it a thumbs up and you can also subscribe for more videos just like this slán go fóill agus go raibh maith agat.